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  1. I know I am probably looking right at them, but did the installer have the Vertx manuals in it?? Don't see them anywhere??? Thanks!!!!
  2. Whatever is happening is well hidden --- 😎 --- hoping to see the site pop up soon.
  3. Been looking at multiple sim-reporting sites. Not a peep anywhere. The beta testing may have found something that needed some tweaking. Anxiously waiting ----
  4. Howdy all --- this is a winner. Not only in appearance but the functionality of the G1000 is a major first. Anyone know where to look for the introduction of the DA62 for purchase??? Any specific availability date??? Thanks.
  5. Hi Dan -- I am going to try your suggestions and see what happens. But, this does not answer my problems in that when my failures for braking/tires are set OFF, they still activate. We should be able to have all failures shut off GLOBALLY. And they should stay off. That is my big problem. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks --- !!! EDIT: Hi again Dan -- well I did drop back and again go through normal procedures for using the autobrake system and that does indeed work OK --- am going to experiment and test it further. Still have the issue of shutting down failure modes but we will get there --- Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the comments so far. But so far, that is it --- no answers/resolutions. Hopefully this will be examined by PMDG and we will have a fix. This should not be this difficult. 😀 I still cannot "TURN OFF" this problem in the FMC failures section even though when I take off the FMC says all failures are "NO" or "OFF". The tires/brakes still fail and VERY EASILY. Oh well, the message is out there --- hoping for some resolution. Regards. 😁
  7. Hello All --- others have entered comments about this general issue but I am still struggling. Basically, I cannot turn this failure OFF. It happens with every new flight of the 747-8F I am using. I am trying to get to a starting point of familiarization with the new plane where ALL FAILURES ARE LOCKED OFF UNCONDITIONALLY again as a starting point. Even though when I start a new flight the FMC indicates that no failures are activated, yet this brake/tire problem happens anyway on landing and it happens very easily. (very little braking on landing). FWIW, I am not running FSUIPC presently. Any comment there?? Some help and comments please!! 🤔 Thanks, Bob
  8. Anxious to hear about the G1000 in this plane. The Alabeo DA42 has improvements in its G1000 --- wondering what might have been done to this one. Plane looks great as usual.
  9. Hey Warhorse47 --- went and sampled the Skysong sound package. So nice I immediately picked it up and installed. Wow, real radial sounds that are great. They do a nice job. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Yes, the condition levers should be able to cut off the fuel and the engines should spool down. But they don't yet. There is what I think is a "get it out the door" after thought and they put in a click spot near the bottom of the right engine condition lever slot that shuts off the fuel. They should fix that and have the levers work right - sure they will since the fuel cut off postion is marked by the cut off position. Happy flying.
  11. Hi Kowen -- thanks for the reply. I did some more tinkering by removing the GTN750 install, and it appears it is the case that the radar and the GTN750 are exclusive of each other. The radar did function to a small degree. The functionality is very erratic and unstable. The range selector switch does not function. Finally the range arcs were corrupted and hung up and the radar would no longer work even to its sad state. Oh well. Here we go again. Hopefully Carenado will fix it. It is a mess. Thanks again for the feedback. Awaiting installer version 1.1 with fixes.
  12. Howdy All --- have been trying to find info on the WX radar and am striking out so far. I have installed the GTN750 and all working fine there. But under what conditions does the WX radar function?? Does the GTN750 installation preclude the radar from working? Comments please. It would sure be nice to get the radar working while the GTN750 is working!! Thanks!!!!
  13. I don't have the plane yet, but how about turning the fuel supply off?? Just a thought.
  14. Hi Ryan and All --- well the plot does thicken. With the problems I was having just getting the ILS indicators to show deviation of any kind, I have bitten the bitter pill and am going through a COMPLETE reinstall of Windows 10 and P3Dv4.1 from the ground up. Once I get that all working then I will reinstall the F1GTN750 with several planes including the Cheyenne III and see what happens. I was seeing some other wierd behavior off and on with P3D so it was time for a "house cleaning" to be on the safe side. Will keep all posted as to what results I get. AAARRRGH!!!! More to follow.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I will do some experimenting to find a solution.
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