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  1. apollomaker

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    Hey Warhorse47 --- went and sampled the Skysong sound package. So nice I immediately picked it up and installed. Wow, real radial sounds that are great. They do a nice job. Thanks for the tip.
  2. apollomaker

    Carenado S340....anyone have it?

    Yes, the condition levers should be able to cut off the fuel and the engines should spool down. But they don't yet. There is what I think is a "get it out the door" after thought and they put in a click spot near the bottom of the right engine condition lever slot that shuts off the fuel. They should fix that and have the levers work right - sure they will since the fuel cut off postion is marked by the cut off position. Happy flying.
  3. apollomaker

    Weather Radar

    Hi Kowen -- thanks for the reply. I did some more tinkering by removing the GTN750 install, and it appears it is the case that the radar and the GTN750 are exclusive of each other. The radar did function to a small degree. The functionality is very erratic and unstable. The range selector switch does not function. Finally the range arcs were corrupted and hung up and the radar would no longer work even to its sad state. Oh well. Here we go again. Hopefully Carenado will fix it. It is a mess. Thanks again for the feedback. Awaiting installer version 1.1 with fixes.
  4. apollomaker

    Weather Radar

    Howdy All --- have been trying to find info on the WX radar and am striking out so far. I have installed the GTN750 and all working fine there. But under what conditions does the WX radar function?? Does the GTN750 installation preclude the radar from working? Comments please. It would sure be nice to get the radar working while the GTN750 is working!! Thanks!!!!
  5. I don't have the plane yet, but how about turning the fuel supply off?? Just a thought.
  6. apollomaker

    Anyone seeing glide path with GTN or GNS?

    Hi Ryan and All --- well the plot does thicken. With the problems I was having just getting the ILS indicators to show deviation of any kind, I have bitten the bitter pill and am going through a COMPLETE reinstall of Windows 10 and P3Dv4.1 from the ground up. Once I get that all working then I will reinstall the F1GTN750 with several planes including the Cheyenne III and see what happens. I was seeing some other wierd behavior off and on with P3D so it was time for a "house cleaning" to be on the safe side. Will keep all posted as to what results I get. AAARRRGH!!!! More to follow.
  7. apollomaker

    Cheyenne III Discrepancy List Thread

    Thanks for the feedback. I will do some experimenting to find a solution.
  8. apollomaker

    Cheyenne III Discrepancy List Thread

    Hello All --- well after delaying my ILS testing, it proved to be disappointing. Seems the glide slope and localizer functions are not working. The indicators come up, but there is no deviation function. I had loaded the GTN750 earlier and decided to reload the entire aircraft and did so. This did not fix the problem with the ILS functions. Tested fully stock install and with GTN750. No joy. Also, I am running P3D ver. 4.1. Tested other Carenado aircraft just to make sure, and those are all working fine. Anyone else seeing the same issue??? Thanks
  9. apollomaker

    Autopilot Issues

    Hi Ryan --- thanks for the feedback. Yep, that is pretty much how it looks. I did some more tinkering with it and at least have it working Everything else seems pretty good. I have not tried any ILS approaches yet, manual or automatic but that is next, Nice looking plane as always, Thanks Again.
  10. apollomaker

    Autopilot Issues

    Hello All --- well, still struggling with the AP, mainly the pitch controls. Went back to the Cheyenne II to check it out and see the same thing there. So here we are on the Cheyenne III and having a hard time. Is it me, or am I missing something in working with this AP. The system is working fine with lateral nav on the GTN750. Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Bob EDIT: I did learn that the altitude/VS control on the panel does have primary control over flight pitch during active AP and it appears to be functioning OK. The issue now remains about flight pitch during manual piloting mode, When I get back to flying the Cheyenne III will check it out, As reported by others, the radar altimeter is not functioning, Any comments about pitch control during manual mode appreciated, Thanks!!!
  11. Hi Lmaire --- I downloaded the 690 tonight and have spent a small amount of time with it. To respond to your comment about the ITT, at first look, it would appear that the ITT gauge is incorrectly marked as EGT. Will test it with a start up sequence tomorrow but this is a fair guess. So far, the plane is looking and performing nicely. Regards.
  12. apollomaker

    NGX Nosegear Animation

    Thanks for the heads up flyfed !!!
  13. apollomaker

    NGX Nosegear Animation

    Seeing what I am seeing?? Once airborne, the nose gear animation "pops" up or down. Main gear appear to be OK. Not a big one, but its all about the PMDG reality and detail we all love. Thanks!!!!
  14. apollomaker

    PMDG P8 Poseidon P3Dv4 - Incorrect Eyepoint

    New install of the new NGX and have the same issue with the Poseidon eye position. Staring at the back of the seat too. Will try the eye position as well and see if that is the issue.
  15. apollomaker

    A V4 Newbie Questions

    Hey Nytro --- thanks for the comments. Well, I guess we are stuck with a major genesis in switching from 32 to 64 bits. I just hope that major investments like lots of Orbx scenery and PMDG aircraft, for example, are not wasted. It will take time I guess which will give us time to study the impact and make hardware and software adjustments accordingly. It will take LM time to tune the product as well. Anyway, we are off and running Cheers!!!