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  1. mongo44

    Sad Day

    My sincerest condolences for your loss. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  2. According to her obituary in the New York Times, Martin Luther King convinced her to return to Star Trek for the second and third seasons because she was a role model. She also worked with NASA to recruit minorities and women. I think she had a great life, and I'm sad she is gone. Mike Gutierrez North Hollywood, California
  3. I just got my bluray copy of "Godzilla on Monster Island." I know have all of the new and old Godzilla movies. These movies for me are like a old, favorite blanket as I remember watching them on TV, growing up in the Bronx in the 60's and 70's. The same is true for all the Abbot and Costello movies, the Munsters, McHales Navy, Hogan's Heroes, and, of course, Star Trek. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  4. I attended an elite prep school -- The Lawrenceville School -- in New Jersy between 1974 and 1978, receiving full scholarships for all four years. I went to Cornell University, an Ivy League school in upstate New York, between 1978 and 1982. I Received grants and scholarships, so I essentially received a "free" college education. I also was not spoiled by not having to pay for my education, as I followed up Cornell with a law degree from the State University of New York, at a substantially reduced rate for in-state students. I personally believe that if a person has the qualifications to be admitted to elite schools, that person should not be denied the opportunity to receive attend the school because of price. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  5. Opps! I did not realize the verb I used was "not allowed". Mike
  6. This just isn't right. I saw the Mig-15 on flightsim.to last night, and now its up for sale on Simmarket. Someone went through all the trouble to create this for free for people to enjoy, and then some jackass commandeers it for sale. I don't post often, but this word not allowed me off!. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  7. My favorite is the AT Simulations Focke-Wulf P.149D. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  8. Hi: I think that there are two ways to accomplish this, based, in part, on this video: 1. I downloaded FSUIPC 7 Beta for MSFS 2020 last night. According to the instructions that came with program, you can copy an FSUIPC&.ini file from another set up (like FSUIPC6 for P3D V5), and it should carry over your settings. I haven't had time to use this yet. 2. From the video, every controller located by the program is assigned a default setup which cannot be overwritten. When you change from the default assignments, the program asks you for a new name for the profile. You can set up a profile for each plane and then save the profile for each plane with a different name. At the top of the controllers screen you should see a separate title bar for each controller with arrows on either side. You can cycle through the different setups you have saved, and select the one you want to use. Hope this helps. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  9. Because you don't die when you screw up! Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  10. I too have the tweet. To set up the throttles through FSUIPC with my CH Products throttle controller, I set up a profile for the tweet. I then assigned each engine to an axis through "send to fs as normal axis," not "send direct to fsuipc calibration." If my memory serves me, I also assigned each each to "Axis Throttle 1 Set" and "Axis Throttle 2 Set." The next part is important. Go the "joystick calibration" page and click on reset so that no calibration windows appear. DO NOT CALIBRATE. Just leave it with no calibration windows. When I first installed the tweet, I calibrated the throttles to see what happened, and sure enough, they did not work. With this set up, my throttles work fine. I found that the rest of the axis, i.e. rudder, flightstick, work find with normal assignment and calibration. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  11. Hi: I just downloaded and tried to install the latest version of the Lear 35. The plane installs OK into the simobjects folder, but it does not create the FLYSIMWARE LEAR35A INFO folder. It creates a shortcut to this folder on my desktop, but when I click on the shortcut, I get a message stating "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\FLYSIMWARE LEAR 35 A INFO is unavailable." I checked the window/users file. The desktop folder is located at "C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop" rather than "C:\Users\Public\Desktop." Could this be the source of the problem. Thanks. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  12. Hi Bill: I want to join the chorus thanking you for you great mods. I clicked on the link to dropbox in the email you sent me, but a 404 message popped up saying that the file was not longer available. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  13. I commented out "//" all references in the panel.cfg file to "MV_WX" (there are only three, one under "Vcockpit31" and two under "Window05") to prevent the plane from crashing, even though I had uninstalled the Rex Weather Rader. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  14. Unlocking the throttles did the trick. Thanks for the lesson. Mike Gutierrez
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try. Mike
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