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  1. I use LINDA with the latest 350i on P3d 4.5 HF3. No problems. I'm a LINDA beginner. Just followed the instructions. Kdub
  2. I can only supply my own story. When I built my Skylake PC, I bought 16GB of 3200 c16 on sale because I didn't think it made much difference and I was more interested in the faster CPU. My frame rates in KSEA were much faster but I had microstutters which I could only eliminate by lowering my scenery settings in FSX. I was not satisfied in my upgrade. I then bought some 3200 c14 and the improvement was very noticeable. I fly GA planes often VFR at lower altitudes and the stuttering is gone at the higher autogen and scenery settings. Kdub
  3. I have started mapping the autopilot to my GoFlight panel. You need to discover the Lvars that the MU-2 uses. It can be done, it just takes time. Kdub
  4. Well, it turns out that 620x480 won't work in FSX. I was able to follow the above method using 1280x960 and produce excellent results. Whew! Kdub
  5. If I ever make another hardware upgrade, like when my noisy hard drive finally crashes, I will contact you. I enjoy the software and don't mind paying twice for it. Kdub
  6. So, I am running on a networked PC and I thought that I would try increasing my memory from 4 GB to 16 GB to eliminate the stuttering voices that I was experiencing. To my surprise Pilot2ATC viewed the increased memory as a new PC and refused to run without a new registration. With a new registration the application does indeed run much smoother. Kdub
  7. I know that this is a stale topic, but I just encountered a problem with my DTA unit and it may help others to hear about this. So after three years I started experiencing screen flickering which made the GPS unusuable. The fact is DTA is no longer producing the 2450, I believe because the LCD screen is no longer in production. I was panicking because I really enjoy the unit. After some thought, I decided to use my nVidia control panel in Windows to set up the specified 620x480 resolution for the LCD and changed my fsx.cfg file to reflect this change. That solved the problem. The LCD is a 620x480 native resolution but Windows doesn't recognize this so using the nVidia control panel custon resolution menu is the only way to set this up correctly. A big sigh of relief for me. Kdub
  8. What about the database? is it the same as the GTN series? Kdub
  9. Yep. I don't worry about performance anymore. I worry about my overclocked CPU degrading because if it fails I can't replace it. The technology that I am on isn't available. If my motherboard fails I will have to buy memory, a motherboard and a cpu, and possibly a new OS if I can't get W7 to install. All for very little performance gain. Kdub
  10. I know that this was an old post, but I have successfully integrated the Flight1 EFD1000 into the A36 cockpit with the RealityXP GNS. Kaydub
  11. @denon75: I'm so sorry that I forgot to post this. I do have I have what you need. Message me an address and I will mail it to you. Kdub
  12. I am pretty sure that I do...I can look when I get home tomorrow. Kdub
  13. Well, I bought one of these beauties and somehow have managed to configure it to run undocked and full screen. I don't claim to understand why this works but after a day of flying in windowed mode I tried this: I configured my primary #1 monitor as usual and configured the GPS as monitor 2 with the extended desktop using the native windows screen resolution of 1024x768x16. I did not use nVidia control, I just right-clicked on my desktop and used the Windows set up for screen resolution. I then added a second line in my FSX.cfg for display resolution. You know, where you have DISPLAY.device.NVIDIA Geforce GTX xxx.0, I added a second line that says DISPLAY.device.NVIDIA Geforce GTX xxx.1 with the resolution of 1024x768x16. This didn't work when I specified the real resolution of the GPS as 620x480. (xxx is your Geforce model, like 680 or 570, etc.) Now, I can undock the RealityXP GPS in windowed mode, move it to the DTA unit and resize it to fit the screen with the title bar as far up as it will go and switch to full screen mode and after about 2 seconds, the DTA unit displays the RealityXP screen perfectly! I love it! Why this works, I don't have a clue! This unit is AWESOME! Kdub
  14. Replacing the lever is not hard to do. If you have a spare lever, just follow the video and it can easily be replaced. I've torn down Saitek TQs many times. Kdub
  15. BTW. I was over at the Beechtalk forum and found a thread on why there are not more 530s and 430s in C90s. It has to do with the inabilty of the 84 EFIS to follow the vertical profile signals from the WAAS units. This negates one of the main advantages of the WAAS 400 and 500 series on approaches to non-ILS airports. KDub
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