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  1. fsafranek

    Can I Sell My Carenado Planes?

    I buy all my Carendo titles at discount during the annual sale. That way I'm not as disappointed although I research them quite a bit before purchasing so I know what I'm getting. And there are usually plenty of mods and repaints posted here to keep them interesting. Working for a couple developers myself I know it is very difficult to even entertain the notion of a refund let alone a resale of something intangible like downloaded software. But best of luck in your own case.
  2. fsafranek

    Adding a GPS unit

    The Commander 114 is now a default aircraft in Prepar3D as of v4.4. Probably just a pipe dream but perhaps they addressed the issue before it was accepted by Lockheed Martin?
  3. fsafranek

    Recent Updates

    Finally got an email today from PC Aviator that the Cessna 402C had been updated to Version 2.5. Better late (very) than never I guess.
  4. fsafranek

    402 livery issues

    No issues from my experience. But what I did notice during install was that the [fltsim.x] entry in the install.txt file read, "model=Main". My installation doesn't have a "model.main" folder. I think this applied to earlier versions of the aircraft. Because I have the GTN750 installed I have a "model.GNS" folder and a "model.GTN" folder. So I just changed the "model=Main" line to "model.GTN" (with the panel line changed similarly) and so far so good. This was also true for some other repaints I added. Hope this helps.
  5. fsafranek

    Cessna 402C update 2.5

    The file size can be influenced by the operating system of your PC. My Cessna 441 v2.3a update via JustFlight is 92,559KB. My OS is Win 8.1. Now if PC Aviator would just get on the ball I could get the month old update for the Cessna 402C.
  6. Yes, V1 textures can work with V2 but you may have to do a couple things first. First, you need to make a copy of the default texture folder and name it something like "texture.shared". Second, add a texture.cfg file in the V1 texture folder that reads: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\texture.shared That how I did it. The V2 model used spec textures. V1 repaints typically don't include them. Therefore borrowing from the default texture folder.
  7. The aircraft bought from Steam might not work in anything but FSX-SE. They encrypt the MDL file. But the textures might.
  8. Yes, I like this one also. Wish they had a G1000 equipped version as well just for the variety. I wrote to support and found out that despite what all sales pages say there is no option to change the gender or either crew member. It was an idea they had that didn't happen. For the passenger door and engine cover I ended up rewriting some xml code to get all three to animate via a click. Enjoying this one.
  9. I don't have the Aerosoft Catalina but I do have their older Twin Otter. That aircraft came bundled with the KLN90B by FS2x (Don Kuhn) . Wondering if the one in the Catalina is the same?
  10. fsafranek

    New Landing Lights

    Actually I went through the manual again and found the lights included to be quite sufficient.
  11. fsafranek

    New Landing Lights

    True but it's no trick to add shockwave lights for example to enhance what is already included in the model. I was hoping to get the coordinates rather than have to spend a couple hours figuring them out myself.
  12. fsafranek

    New Landing Lights

    Nice image for sure. Could you share your [Lights] section for that result?
  13. fsafranek

    King Air panel lighting

    Thanks for the link Don. I know this is well after the fact but I just recently got the King Air.
  14. fsafranek

    Eastern Caribbean

    Looks like you guys had a fun flight planned. I came upon this thread while searching for a copy of "Striking Software: PW Sceneries – Volume 5 The Leeward Islands". But as mentioned above their website seems to be gone and along with it their downloads. I was wondering if anyone knew of another source? Were the files archived anywhere? Trying to get St. Kitts installed correctly.