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  1. Thanks to Camsim's freeware models I've always felt guilty of having ever purchased Abacus' dreaded, oversized 787 package. (When I mean oversized, I'm refering to its visual model and VC design, it's just awful.) Not to mention Wilco's 777. Nuff said.
  2. Golly Geez! Now what I am I going to do? Just take one from Torrentz.com and register that one? That's pirated software!!Dave.
  3. Thanks! I always looked for this particular file and now I'll be able to buy the FFS 340 by now. Actually BSMP provided instructions for me to port the FFS model into FSX, but since I use SP2, instead of trying to struggle with the default King Air panel and with missing VC gauges, I'd rather have this particular gauge!Dave.
  4. Lemme know if you have any current updates about the Embraer.

  5. The Captain Sim model will crash FSX, because my computer isn't strong enough to run the add-on. Also, the QualityWings model isn't as realistic and still has too many bugs on it, and no virtual cabin appears. Additionally, some buttons are unclickable. The POSKY model's FDEs are close, but when tested doesn't run like what the real thing would have gone through. If PMDG created the model, they have the power to use highly-detailed both exterior and interior models to match real photos, while at the same time making the 757 run llike the real thing. FYI, I doubt Level-D is making progress with their 757, because as you see, no further announcements or previews are made.
  6. When PMDG released a 757 for the Fly! sim, it quickly became a hit due to its attention to detail and high-fidelity systems. Now, more than 10 years after the release, I was hoping for another hit, this time with a beautiful 757 for FSX. I am hoping for a passenger cabin, a fully-functional virtual cockpit, a very realistic soundset, and the "Real Deal" FDEs, known to PMDG for quite a time by now. The question is, are there any plans from PMDG to release a 757 for FSX?
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