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  1. WOOT Nic! (hey isn't it winter in SWE??) :wink:
  2. Not exactly the same issue as you but it is a start. http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6762 Also, asking over there might get a quicker response as the developers are pretty good at helping you solve problems.
  3. Love it Ed! Very real and immersive.
  4. Captain Ed I love that 200F. I didn't notice the odd ball coloured cowl that she used to sport, did you have her in the shop?
  5. As usual....great shots from the flight deck Nic!
  6. I have mine as PDF files and use my 10 inch tablet. You can also use a laptop or second computer.
  7. When you punch in your key and info, a web page should open that gives you the code. (EDIT) It is possible that this function is broken or down
  8. If you go into your account and look under your order it will have the code there for you....
  9. The freeware version has it so that OTDB traffic goes to the new OTHH. Shouldn't be hard for T2G to do this too?
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