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  1. I was just in Nashville. I stopped by the old King Of The Road Hotel to see where Bufor Pusser beat up Jimmy Buffett.
  2. 1979 in a DC-8 with CP Air. From Toronto - Prestwick return. Back then you could sit in the cockpit....
  3. It is the low resolution that kills it for me. Not that it is there.
  4. I too am an amateur astronomer, I don't have any fancy tracking gear like you do Bill (I have an Orion XT6). Personally I think the Milkyway looks horrible in the simulator! (Excellent photo BTW!!)
  5. Sadly that utility does not work for me (and many others). It does not merge the autogen as it states...(unless they fixed it?)
  6. For example, some developers when installing custom autogen (France VFR for example), just use their own SPB files. Such as "RoofDescription.spb" and do not merge them with other files. So, if you have say, Iceland X installed, this gets over written with the FVFR file and you will not see the autogen from Iceland X. If I have two seperate RoofDescription.spb files and want to merge them into one file how would one do this? I understand they have a SPB to XML converter and that the FSX DVD has an XML to SPB converter but I have no idea how to use it. Am I making any sense? :lol:
  7. Yup, that's the same question I am asking...
  8. Can some one point me to a tutorial on how to merge autogen files?
  9. Love the paint and the cockpit shot. How does it fly?
  10. I can see now it is totally different. Waffle Flight is 2MPP and Gerard's scenery is 1MPP with Brussles area @ 0.5MPP.
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