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  1. Hi Hamilton, If I remember correctly, I couldn't get F-4 lighting to work due to Estonia Migration Tool running in background. I disabled it by editing the dll.xml file.
  2. Big difference between this one and the heavies of today. I really like the look of the plane and I still see them from time to time in the form of Fedex or UPS at the local airfield. Hate to lose it when the next form of P3D is released, assuming it won't be compatible with the next version.
  3. No problem, Let me know If you have all the settings you need. Good weekend to you as well. It used to be heavy on the frames on my old system so I never really flew it much at all in FSX. With a much newer rig and P3D it's as fun to fly as any big jet. I've been busy updating all of my European airports with a lot of the new releases lately and this jet has performed well at the big ones I've tested so far. I think the FMC upgrade is a great addition too.
  4. Here you go...make sure you click on the image to expand it to a viewable size. I'm also using Maxime's settings (ENVTEX .ini download) for PTA.
  5. Howard, One other thing you might want to check is the power state of your GPU while the sim is running. I had a similar problem a month ago with P3D and it was because my GPU was not staying in P0 but would drop to P2 in the sim over time. this caused a frame rate drop and stutters. This was due to the water setting on high, it's been a known issue in the past and I'm not sure it was fixed by LM. Anyway I dropped my water setting to medium and I haven't seen the problem return. Also be sure and check Rob A's P3D Guide if you haven't already done so.
  6. That is odd that EMT messed up your install and OS, I hate to hear that, makes me cringe when I think of having to re-install everything. It feels like a six month process to get all my addons re-installed.
  7. Alan, Thanks. I know we've never talked before, but I just want to say that I have enjoyed reading your posts over the years, always entertaining and in-depth. I haven't seen you posting on AVSIM in a while, it's good to see you back. Michael, I've never tried installing it without EMT. I understand that you don't want to use it. I know folks have mentioned other installations methods such as setting up an fsx directory, installing addons to the fsx directory, then migrating all of the files/folders over to P3D, but I have never tried it. The EMT issues I have had were with some MILVIZ aircraft. The only other issue I've had with non-native P3D addons is with the CS 767 which always corrupts my default startup scenario. Mohamed, Yes I am using ENVTEX, AS16 and ASCA. I think ENVTEX has totally transformed the skies. I'm also using PTA and the PTA P3D shaders profiles that you can download on the ENTEX site. HDR is enabled in P3D. I'll try to post all of my settings as soon as I can, hopefully this evening. Pedro, I used EMT to install the A300 and the FMC addon.
  8. I almost forgot I had it...installed it a few days ago and have been flying it for the past few days. It's a great plane with the fmc upgrade, works fine in p3d too (I did use the migration tool to install).
  9. Still getting money's worth out of this one. Most of these screens were captured over eastern France on the way to Dusseldorf.
  10. Flight from EDDL-LEBL...didn't plan on taking any screens until I saw this view on approach to Barcelona. Using PTA with ENVTEX & ENVTEX presets, ASN16/ASCA. Justsim LEBL. CS767.
  11. Couldn't resist so I purchased it last night. Definitely not disappointed.
  12. Looks great Bernd, wasn't planning on getting this one just yet. Those screens make it hard to resist.
  13. Thanks Tim. Hey, where in the heck is Sky Force 3D? I can't stand the wait!!! Haha, just kidding, looking forward to it when it comes out.
  14. Well maybe a little bit of fun...and amazement of the talented developers for our community. Thank you all! P3D v3.3.5 / ORBX OLC NA/ AS16+ASCA / REX / VRS / Team SDB / PTA
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