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  1. Anyone have it? Do the AI go to it or is the place an empty airport?
  2. Can some one point me to a tutorial on how to merge autogen files?
  3. altstiff

    SK0193 Arlanda - Kalmar

    WOOT Nic! (hey isn't it winter in SWE??) :wink:
  4. altstiff

    Snow day

    Nice cockpit grabs Brian!
  5. altstiff

    Just a couple (FS9)

    Love that cockpit grab sir...
  6. altstiff

    TFFJ St Barts is Broken

    Not exactly the same issue as you but it is a start. Also, asking over there might get a quicker response as the developers are pretty good at helping you solve problems.
  7. altstiff

    Low vis Dubai

    Love it Ed! Very real and immersive.
  8. altstiff

    Low vis Dubai

    Captain Ed I love that 200F. I didn't notice the odd ball coloured cowl that she used to sport, did you have her in the shop?
  9. altstiff

    SK1248 Aarhus - Copenhagen

    As usual....great shots from the flight deck Nic!
  10. Almost forgot how great looking this package was.
  11. Neat seeing these old sceneries again. Flew them what seems like a trillion times back in the day. Check out CANUK scenery too as they did quite a bit around the same areas...
  12. Nice shots Sesquashtoo. This is in my neck of the woods. Spent much time between Toronto and Windsor.
  13. Love the panel grabs Ed. Always enjoy seeing those (and your custom ones rock even more)
  14. altstiff

    SWA...turn right heading 180....

    Love the captains view Steve.
  15. altstiff

    To FSX users on the fence for P3D 2.5

    If ever or when P3D takes advantage of 64bit I will move over then.
  16. altstiff

    Dusk in the PNW

    Cockpit grab is awesome Mike.
  17. altstiff

    A tribute to METAL...KMCO-KJFK

    Nice shots Steve. As bland as it is I always loved those bare metal liveries.
  18. altstiff

    SK1040 Umea - Kiruna

    Thanks for that short final cockpit grab Nic. Put me right in the jump seat ol boy!
  19. Pacsim RPLL includes the metro area.
  20. Nice set Nic. Much of a frame rate impact with the VC shadows enabled?
  21. Nice seeing the older style MCP on this bird Nic. (Great pics)
  22. altstiff

    One-Eleven is coming!

    Agreed, Dave Maltby's BAC 111s got plenty of action from me in FS9.
  23. altstiff

    FlyToronto is out

    It looks great but does not include CYTZ as many had hoped for. Not complaining! Just saying!