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  1. Thanks everyone for your opinion. I have looked into REX new SkyForce and I am gonna to wait and see what this new weather engine and textures bring before I spend any more $$$$ in weather addons and weather textures.
  2. Hey Everyone Like to get some options of weather add-ons and textures. I have HiFi ASP4 for weather but I didn't buy ASCA with it. I have REX bought for V3 but there is so many updates and versions I am not sure if there is any upgrades for V4 with the REX products I have for V3. As well there is ENVTEX with a new shader tool. I have do PTA which I am happy with. What are simmers using and what is the best on the market at this time. I know most of this is personal option but it would be nice to hear what is out there. Thanks
  3. I have moved on from FSX:SE but once I went to the steam version never went back to the boxed version. Had no problem with the steam version and it was much improved.
  4. I am flying right now. I will give it a try when I am done thanks
  5. Hi. I am getting a lot of errors as well Using "Run as administrator" Applying preset C:\Users\William\Desktop\MattDavies_v1.1.ini... ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\Cloud.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\General.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\GPUTerrain.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\FuncLibrary.fxh not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\William\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\FXAAResolve.hlsl not found Applying [Tweak main config (prepar3D.cfg)] to Main config file Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Shaders cache cleared Any help would be great. I get this with all my presets
  6. Hi Just bought PTA and it seems like I cant get cloud shadows. I have loaded Paul Davis presets, other persets and I have fooled around with the options and there is no cloud shadows. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the update. I have a question about the 777. I have just bought the 747 V3 and have noticed that the plane seems much more alive then the 777. In that when taking off the plane is bouncing around a lot more while going down the runway and if you operate the airplane close to its speed limit threshold it makes a lot of weird noises and starts to shake a bit. Is this being considered for the 777. I really like this feature in the 747 but I really only fly the 777. Thanks for all your hard work. William Coade
  8. I had a problem like this and it was FSUIPC. I don't use this program anymore so I cant remember exactly what box was check but my problem was the save flight option was active on FSUIPC. It would save your flight every 30 seconds. Once I disabled this my PMDG flights were stutter free. Hope this helps
  9. will release in one week. Cant wait
  10. I like how you can pull the fuses on the PA-34 fuse panel and mess the plane up pretty bad. Nice touch
  11. Well I have had an hour or so taking off at different airports and with different weather. I got what I expected a early release product. I like it a lot. It really has a good feeling to flying the airplanes. The rain on the windshield really felt like it was raining. It felt like it was wet outside something that I have not experienced in any other sim that I have played. I feel like the visuals need some improvement like the landclass textures and the lighting needs to some tweaking as well it fells washed out to me. One thing that I did notice when I was flying the PA-34 is that you can pop the fuses out and it effects airplane. Never messed around with it much after I pulled the fuse for the displays and loss all my screens
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