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  1. I modified the Airlines Codes.csv to include Swoop Airlines WSW. Restarted P2ATC, but the airlines still doesn't show up. Problem? Thanks
  2. This is the best ATC I have ever used (got VOXATC and PROATC-X). Practiced VFR patterns at CYBW. You have to be sharp with the pronunciation, but it is very immersive. With X-plane, this is the best setup I have ever used, and I am just starting to explore the phraseology. Interested to see what this will do with World Traffic. If I have one suggestion, it would be to add a trail for the aircraft so we can see the quality of our circuits. Great job Dave, worth the money and enhances my flight simulation experience.
  3. Thanks for the document, very useful.
  4. Same here. Stuck at the same place (for the default tile): Step 1 : Building OSM and patch data for tile +48-006 : ....... A total of 0 node(s) and 0 relation(s). Obtaining OSM data for way["natural"="coastline"] Done. Anti-virus modified to accommodate O4XP1.20b.exe. Same result
  5. It happened to me today, during the tutorial 1. I paused after gear up. When I returned, the controls were inop and I crashed. Since then, every PMDG aircraft sinks in the runway and crashes. Tried the solution above without success, Sent a ticket to PMDG and will re-install.
  6. Yesterday, I had my last fit with EZDOK. Un gros merci Keven. Easy to install and use. Modern, intuitive interface. I just wanted a software that gets me going with cameras so I can spend my precious time learning about my aircraft, the PMDG 737. Unobtrusive and efficient. Up and running in less than an hour. The best utility software for simulation I have ever bought. I don't post often. When I do, it means something to me.
  7. It's been a while since I have tackled the 737, since FSX. I am happy it's out for v4. I will give it a go. Not sure of the Operations Center function. Is it mostly a livery manager? Thanks PMDG!
  8. Thanks for the news Nickbe. Happy to see it back.
  9. Good to hear Nick. I have been a user since it was out. Pain in the butt to set up at the beginning, but it was the only one out there. Although ChasePlane looks nice and clean, EZDOK v2 has been flawless.I remain loyal to the one who first developed the camera system. Thanks for the info, we'll be waiting for the new release.
  10. The best GA aircraft adorn by one of the best re-painter around, Mr. Attwood! Winning combo.
  11. Wow! Thanks a lot Peter. This is quite an endorsement.
  12. Don't know about FSL or PMDG yet...Majestic for sure and Real Air. Even out of business, Real Air shine, they are well made and simple; my aircraft of choice when I have to test other addons. I like A2A but quite heavy on reasources compared to Real Air.
  13. I am very happy with the Q400, I will make it work with MCE somehow. Question: I am interested in the FSL A320 and the PMDG B737 as a next step learning experience. If I had to buy one aircraft where MCE is completely compatible (FMC/CDU included), which one would it be? I do have a penchant for Airbus. The B777 and 747 are just too big for now. Thank you!
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