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  1. Julianca94

    Microphone Config or Voice Commands

    Finally fixed, after reintalling the audio drivers its working. But it only works with the headsets configure as the default audio device in Windows and the FSX, i dont know why. But at least I can fly the aircraft with the FS2Crew. Thank you for the help.
  2. Julianca94

    Microphone Config or Voice Commands

    It is possible, but im not sure about it, any idea how to find it out and correct it?
  3. Julianca94

    Microphone Config or Voice Commands

    No, I dont see any pattern. It could work at any time. Is very unusual because The other stuf works perfectly except que voice commands.
  4. Few days ago I changed my Pc to an ASUS ROG,after installing The Q400 and The fs2crew im having problems with The voice commands. Sometimes when i start The fs2crew The voice commands works other times it simples dosent. All The configuiration Is ok, The voice button Is ON, I use USB headset, The microphone configuration Is set, The Microsoft Is set to English-US, the microphone is not muted,I did The speech reconigtion training profiles many times. The OS is Windows 10 Home. Anyone can help me with this problem?