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  1. Departing Leadeville's Lake County Airport (KLXV). Highest airport in North America (9,934 ft). Crossing the continental divide for the first time at Freemont Pass (11,318 ft). Climax modybdenum mine. Joining I-70 at Copper Mountain. Following I-70 eastbound. Dillon Reservoir. Crossing the divide for the second time. I-70 disappears into Eisenhower Tunnel (11,158 ft). I-70 reappears 1.7 miles later, just after the divide. Torrey's Peak (14,267 ft) in the distance. Leaving I-70 and turning west at Empire for Berthoud Pass. Crossing the divide again at Berthoud Pass (11,307 ft) Approaching Granby (KGNB). Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance. Thanks for watching!
  2. Thanks, all ! Yeah, the nice thing is, that everyone can make what he wants out of this sim. So many possibilities !
  3. A short flight from Aspen (KASE) to Leadville (KLXV), which is is North America's highest public use airport at an altitude of 9.934 feet. Departing Aspen - already a high altitude airport at 7.837 ft. Following Roaring Fork River on our way to Independence Pass. Make sure to take all the right valleys 😉 Independence Pass (12.093 ft) brings non turbocharged pistons near to their service ceiling. Twin Lakes come into view. Left and right is really high terrain with a couple of 14'ers. Turning north at Twin Lakes On the approach to Leadville Turning final for RW 16 at Leadville Thanks for flying with me !
  4. great set & that cabin interior - whoa !!
  5. N330DG


    Why doesn't FS "massage" :-) the elevation-data between airports and the surrounding mesh automatically? This would have to be programmed just ONCE and would look good ALWAYS.
  6. Very good!!And what URL do I have to call to unlock my access?Just joking...Gottfried
  7. Hi there,What do I need to copy to make a backup of all the data that TP has already cached on my HD? I guess the "world" directory. Anything else?And is this data compatible with further releases of TP (currently using v3). Anything to consider when upgrading, if I don't want to loose any data?Thanks,Gottfried
  8. Tileproxy worked like a dream up until yesterday. Today, after a fresh restart, I got this:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173578.jpgI copied the URL into IE and got this:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173579.jpgAfter I entered the characters into IE, I got the image in the browser. But not in TileProxy. I've heard that the browser gets a cookie that allows him to proceed. Anyone else having this problem? Any chance to get this cookie into TileProxy?Blue SkiesGottfried
  9. I'm a scenery-junkie for sure. And TileProxy is certainly the hottest add-on that's currently available. Here a few shots of my first flights:Confluence of Colorado and Paria River, Arizona, USA (GE):http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173039.jpgMont Blanc, France (GE):http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173040.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173041.jpgThanks a lot for this great program, Christian! I didn't think that it is possible to generate scenery on the fly. But you made it. Congratulations!Blue SkiesGottfried
  10. Hi there,Yes, there is some texture mixup between the TJSJ airport and my hi-res tiles. Can't do anything against it. Anyways, I recommend dialing 117.0 into NAV2, which disables the hi-res tiles, while on the ground and during taxi. Hope, this helps...I don't provide night-textures. I have no night-time imagery. Furthermore night-textures would enlarge the download size further. And I'm afraid of the dark and hence don't fly at night ;-)
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