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  1. We have filled the Fleet Manager and COO positions. South District Manager position now open
  2. Hey all! We here at Envoy Virtual have opened up some new staff positions and pilot openings within our hubs!! We are in need of: - CIO: Chief Information Officer- Community outreach, VA promotion, etc. - MIA LSA: Miami Lead Station Agent- Lead Station Agent, previously known as Hub Manager, in charge of the Miami hub, accepting and denying pilot applications and PIREPs, as well as trying to grow their hub and grow the Virtual Airline - HRM: Human Resource Managers- Tasked with Human Resource responsibilities such as overseeing the VA, helping process staff and pilot applications, handling any conflict that may occur, and also helping wherever needed. - GFX/WFX: Graphic Design/Web Development- Graphic Designers create banners and promos for the CIO or Social Media Team to use to promote the VA. Web developers must have professional experience developing websites in CSS, HTML, and have knowledge of PHP. - FLT: Fleet and Scheduling Staff- In charge of updating the current Envoy fleet in the VA system, as well as updating any schedules in the system. **We have spots open in ALL 4 of our hubs (DFW, ORD, MIA, LGA) and have an equal need for pilots within each hub.** If you are interested in finding out more information about staff requirements, or want to apply, send an email to us at staffapplications@envoyvirtual.com and join our discord server at https://discord.gg/zbqGqkT To apply for a pilot position, please go to https://envoyvirtual.com/index.php/registration We also have social media! We’re on twitter and Instagram with the username as @envoyvirtual. Have friends who like Envoy or American Eagle regionals? Send them the registration link and the discord server link too!
  3. Hey all! Envoy Virtual is looking for some people who like Regional Flights to join the team! We have spots open in DFW, ORD, LGA, and MIA, and have some staff options available too. Staff Positions Open- MIA Hub Manager ORD Hub Manager Events Coordinator/Planner Social Media Manager Human Resources Manager Requirements for being staff- Be willing to be active (do a minimum of 5 flights per calendar month) Be able to handle conflict type situations in a professional manner Be willing and able to advertise (within community guidelines and VATSIM rules) our Virtual Airline, and keep your hub active (if a Hub Manager) Have at least 10-20 flights within a span of 2 months for the VA Be in good standing with VATSIM and/or other Virtual Airline, Flight Simulation, or Aviation communities. If you are interested in joining us as a pilot, go to www.envoyvirtual.com and sign up. If you are interested in joining us as staff, please also go to www.envoyvirtual.com and sign up to be a pilot, and make sure you are able to meet the staff requirements before you apply. If you do meet the requirements, email admin@envoyvirtual.com to set up a voice interview with our Executive Staff.
  4. Hello all, I previously had a scenery by a Patrick Finch for KCLL. Great scenery, but an update by someone else was made that updated the runways and taxiways and stuff. There's a custom terminal that he created and put into his scenery. I want to import that terminal into the updated scenery. Every time I import it, it either doesn't show up or shows up as a shadow when I use the "top-down" view in FSX. Is there a way to get this dang terminal to show up?
  5. The site is still active but he barely answers his emails. I wish he would make night textures for this!
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