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  1. It's no walk in the park, and would require, I think, some careful and diligent study outside of the sim as well -- but yes, it can be done. How can I be so sure? Because it has been done. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJT_CACIZqs. What happens here is damned impressive.
  2. Hmm, my guess would be that Acronis will transfer it OK, but that what is "well-oiled" on your old hardware may not be on the new hardware. With the new stuff, you'll probably want to do some re-tweaking to take advantage of the newer hardware.
  3. Turbine Duke + GTN is a winning combo. One of my all-time favorites. Next thing you should tape is a flight on PilotEdge!
  4. People will say I'm crazy I'm sure... but I run an i5 Haswell OCed to 5Ghz and it's great! I can't recommend it, you understand, but I love it
  5. Yeah true, but I love the turbine duke, love the GTN, and like a challenge
  6. Actually, it didn't... I had just received confirmation from ATC of having passed a couple min prior to this. Was just in the process of parking when this happened and I was like "uhhh...buddy... I don't have reverse..."
  7. OP, Got the same card -- EVGA as well, and you pretty much summed it up. It's a beast, even if it is half again the size of my motherboard
  8. Had literally JUST passed my V1 exam on PilotEdge (yay baby steps!!!), was taxiing into parking, turned left, and this guy was in front of me... not moving... just staring me down... 10 imaginary brownie points for the best caption for this pic.
  9. Looks like you made it fit in great as always, Bert Can I get a copy? Same email address as before
  10. Can't ever have to many aircraft in the hanger, right? So I have the C90GTX... but the C90B in HD looks like fun too. I'm wondering, for those of you out there who have both, which do you enjoy more / which do you find yourself spending more time in? How would you compare the two to each other -- side from the obvious difference of glass vs steam?
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