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  1. IAF747


    I worked out why the airliner flew west south west. It was to avoid flying over land of Thailand. I suspect this hijacking/theft of a 777 was extremely well planned. I believe that calculations would have been made to ensure the pirates/terrorists had enough fuel to go where they needed to go. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/17/lawmaker-missing-airliner-may-have-landed-in-southeast-asia-for-use-as-weapon/ Malaysia doesn't have a cheap military. Well compared to NZ anyway.... They have Sukhois, MiG29s, F/A-18s..... And US radar had problems picking up the hijacked A/C on 911 too..... Didn't they?
  2. ATC of Makaysia directing pilots to contact Vietnam ATC. Thus Goodnight. Normal as far as I am concerned. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/17/lawmaker-missing-airliner-may-have-landed-in-southeast-asia-for-use-as-weapon/ Then this: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/20/passengers-terrified-fires-lit-etihad-airways-flight-australia A fire could have been used to negotiate the pilots opening the cockpit door.
  3. IAF747


    Rarely I disagree with you Matty but I'm all out here! I think NZ needs to pull its own weight. I think some people totally miss the point with having an Air Force. If you leave it to Surface Ships without an Air Defence shield it's pretty lonely unless in an US Carrier Group. I think a few dozen fighters is about what NZ needs, not 500. Honestly Australia and NZ needs to boost its defence fighters by about 200-300. Traditionally we are ANZACs and that is a close relationship. It was devastating enough to have our boys sent in to battle in Gallipoli and get mowed down. We should be clever enough to prevent that from happening again. I don't get this peace thing where people think that by disarming we will reap peace. It works the opposite. Obama has been making cuts to Defence and Putin goes on the attack. All Obama will do is speak nicely to Putin! Let him take the whole Ukraine, I am sure after a few more like that it will remind many of ancient history when Chamberlain made a "peace in our time" deal with ######! I think younger voters in the US will be getting a good education on super power politics right about now....if they ever did....
  4. IAF747


    This thread is not about banning flight simulators. It is about MH370. If you desire go start a thread on banning flight simulators, but keep to the topic please in this thread.
  5. IAF747


    Under a certain Goverment of NZ about 11 years ago during the Pakistani-Indian crisis NZ were offered a batch (21 I think) of F-16s from the US at a discount yet even then that particular Government refused to purchase.
  6. IAF747


  7. Great post Greg. I'm sure the Spy Agencies of the super powers would be aware of this by now. I would have checked every possible land site by now. But saying this, hangars and camouflage may make it a somewhat difficult task. I would also wonder if a shorter runway or 'hidden runway' could have been used to totally evade S&R and the signals intelligence directorates of world Super Powers. North Korea apparently has a runway in a mountain for fighter aircraft. Iran I would say might be similar since they are mutual friends. Anything could be possible.
  8. Great post Robert. Yes, I agree that I don't think there will be a ban either. The US can't (and shouldn't in my opinion) ban guns, so I doubt there will be a case for this unless it is in North Korea...... I doubt the pilot is responsible here. I could be wrong though as their attitude at letting ladies in the cockpit dring flight shows their disrespect for the rules and law. There are a few agendas at play here and Malaysia is highly politically charged with internal affairs over the last decade. The fact that the Malayian Government wouldn't release information last week on the flight path known is suspious in itself. Why would it do this when other countries have committed resources to finding the airliner. I think the one possibility out of all the posible expanations of where MH370 is and how it got there that hasn't been looked at yet is the Malaysian Government. It is well known that the Government of Malaysia is not truthful. To me it sounds like the Opposition Leader was deliberately put in jail. Not getting into the politics, but that is one perspective I have been seriously thinking is a possibility in all this. The Malaysian Goverment in my opinion has mislead not only the media but foreign powers who have readily offered assistance in finding the 777.
  9. IAF747


    As far as I know the aircraft has disappeared. There is no disaster yet, no confirmation.
  10. Ask nicely for someone to write a post with grammar that is in their own native language is akin to showing a bull a red flag. Dodge it!

  11. IAF747


    Yeah Matthew, I would say insurance companies are going to start pushing up their premiums. Like an alarm system for a car. No alarm? Higher cost!
  12. Great to see the A10s being used effectively. When a lot of baddies are there I think it is highly effective. Now Ukraine has come on the radar screen I believe the A10 should be kept. I change my mind! I I say what a Presidential nominee said before the last US Presidential election, Russia is No.1 priority........ and I'm not getting political.
  13. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/malaysia-confirms-malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-was-hijacked/story-fnizu68q-1226855485378 Well: 1. Iran has been threatening Western targets for years with their Suicide Brigades. http://www.meforum.org/1059/irans-suicide-brigades 2. At least two unauthorized Iranians were on board the flight using stolen passports. 3. The flight was headed towards Iran. To me its not far fetched that things are happening behind the scenes. If you are thinking some simmer is behind this you haven't been taking much notice of world events in the last few weeks, especially with Putin and the Crimea. Does ANYONE remember this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France_Flight_8969 Little did anyone say when the 911 attacks happened after a previous _________ refused to do ______ (no swear words just removing ______s from this thread). But if you look at the above it points to a very serious problem which I shouldn't talk about here as it so easily offends people and trolls just latch on to it.
  14. I think some people cannot fathom limits of technology today. Yes we live in high tech world, but at the very least understand that technology has been designed with the user in mind, not with hijackers or criminals. Depends if the claims of family in China that they have been able to call the phones of loved ones is true or not. Lots and lots of information surrounding this disappearance and there may be a few agendas to deal with as well. Well it's a detectives special treat. I am not too phased by the drama, just let's get bare facts on the table. But of course spy agencies and military signals intelligence services worldwide would be doing it. It's not going to be fun having a large commercial airliner rigged with explosives aimed for a capital city. Even as Iran has previously threatened nuclear strike. Lots of possibilities here and if the aircraft is in the wrong hands militaries world wide would have to be on high alert until they recover the asset.
  15. I'm thinking like you Greg. If I was in CIA Sat intel HQ I would be checking latest sat images between Iran and Malaysia and within all countries in between. My instinct tells me if its not in the ocean it will be at an airport. But this is all based on information that may not be accurate.
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