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  1. MarkRey

    How to speed up AI traffic turnaround?

    Fs isn't designed to handle the kind of AI loads we throw at it. So helping it do so is a multifaceted science with tools covering everything from airport parking and runway useage to ai aircraft themselves. Regarding Ai traffic, here's a few things I remember: Here in the library, fs9 configurator '' can be used to increase taxi speed as mentioned, while Ai Separation '' can be used to improve Ai traffic efficiency. Also Google 'AiSmooth', which often is used in conjunction with Ai Separation, or just by itself. It's still available all over the place.
  2. MarkRey

    Having trouble when taxing via VC

    Don't remember if ACA2005 has this among it's fault finding capabilities, but missing effects (.fx) files can cause this as well. WOAI is notorious for this, referencing non default .fx files in their aircraft.cfgs, like Nick's smoke, or even Shockwave light effects :blink: . Every time another AI aircraft wants that effect, cpu cycles are wasted hunting. Simplest fix is create a copy of an equivalent default .fx file and renaming it accordingly, Or if not too many aircraft.cfgs are involved, just edit them instead. But finding which ones requires a utility like Process Explorer (which is also just generally useful in finding issues which waste cpu cycles within fs generally.)
  3. MarkRey

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    My very deepest condolences to Mr Allensworth's family and other loved ones. May time turn tears of sorrow into tears of fond remembrance. Rest well Tom - you earned it and then some.
  4. MarkRey

    Aircraft Config files

    Relevant aircraft.cfg would be in your Flight Simulator 9/Aircraft/PMDG737-700 (I don't know what PMDG named their old 737 folders but you get the idea)
  5. MarkRey

    Words I need to share with our Community

    I don't know you personally, but my heart too hit the floor. You exemplify the kind of guts I'd want to display in such a situation. Thank you sir for creating a place where I could go to relax all these years, a place of cordiality, discipline, camaraderie and learning. Your steady stewardship has meant more to me than I can ever begin to express. Godspeed Tom, wherever the road leads, strength to you and family in this challenging time.
  6. MarkRey

    Lockheed-Martin's "Real Target Market"

    "Prepar3D Proudly Welcomes Captain Sim" Guess LM likes candy too
  7. Objectively, who says this isn't their 'A' game? Few have PMDG's multifaceted depth of talent and ability to reproduce every bulb, switch and pogo stick inside out. Clearly iFly does a lot of things very well - for instance that fs9 744 vc approaches fsx level in detail, they broke some poly barrier there it seems. Lighting and virtual ergonomics seem to be ongoing things with them, but they listen to and directly interact customers, and are still building their talent. If the 737 evolution was any indication, the 744 is just getting started. Sounds like an iFly defense, but it's not - just saying generally devs should do their individual best and let customers decide.
  8. MarkRey

    Project Airbus Wing Lights

    The model has a 'center' position at coordinates 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 - lights and such are positioned forward, aft, left, right, above and below this position. Forward, left and up are positive, aft, right and below are negative values. In your example 25.31 looks like forward distance along the fuselage, 6.67 and -6.67 are left and right (or right and left - not totally sure), and 1.70 is height. I'd guess for the longer 319 and shorter 321 you would need to experiment mostly with '25.31'. Just backup you aircraft.cfgs and go crazy - that's how you learn this stuff.
  9. There was a pic of their 744 configurator showing some advanced options to help make long haul easier (time compression, automatic fuel config etc). Plus the internal 3d modeling especially is vastly updated compared to PMDG's old model, let alone their own freeware. Then you add all the features of their 737 and more - it's a new plane altogether. Can't say I'll bite however, just not in the market for a 744 :mellow: ..but we'll see.
  10. MarkRey


    It's one thing to be bored during a flight for lack of things to do. It's another thing altogether to be bored with virtual civilian flight itself. Could be wrong but the weariness I think the OP meant is the latter. Typically that person HAS done it all, and over an extended period - I know I have; from choppers to GA to commuters to tubeliners of all ranges. I envy you if you've never been there. Me? Heck just look at my join date.
  11. MarkRey


    Tbh when I was really into it I found longhaul LESS boring because of the fewer cycles, hence the the reduced frequency of the fun parts - takeoff/departures and approach/landings. Lh for me has it's own mystique in simming, it's a bigger challenge (with bigger reward) to plan properly depending on route, weather, aircraft etc etc etc. I planned such trips days in advance where applicable. Plus, despite the 'leash' I DID get a lot of other things done (or just slept) Eventually, it ALL become too much anyway, but we're all different.
  12. MarkRey


    Over the many years it's a recurring theme for some. The enthusiasm you had for putting together an IFR trip is just...gone, and just makes you shut the pc off. Personally I'm among those who find the only real cure is to just stop and do something else. In my case I found trucking to be a fun alternative to IFR heavy iron flight - same principle of hauling something big and heavy but much simpler to execute and interesting sights along the way. Eventually, hanging around the forums, YT etc, the itch comes back, and off you go into the blue again.
  13. XP10 bug has set the bar for flex - we need to see total wingtip to fuse flapping action. Nothing less will do now so FSL still has a lot of work to do, or a bug to insert :Big Grin:
  14. MarkRey

    Best FS2004 Payware

    Not 'better' per se, but the LDS 767 still stands the test of time despite it's age. And ditto on the LSH Maddog. PMDG 744 and these two were often mentioned in the same breath back then. All different, all deeply rewarding in their own ways - very different aircraft as you can imagine. Of course they were then proceeded in later years by the MD11 and now iFly737. If you're just an A to B heavy flyer who just inputs the basics for fms driven flight, ALL of the above can be operated basically on the same level for normal ops (except the md80 - LOT more buttons and levers etc). The differences are feature depths, and very importantly, graphics - the older birds are not nearly as visually detailed, especially in the VC. Good choice with the iFly - features and options to keep you reading for weeks, but still easy to operate at your own level of complexity/comfort as you explore it's depth of features. But when you can, pick up the older birds too - still fantastic.
  15. My post neither questioned FSL's decision, nor implied anything about FSL having a challenge with the mechanics of flex implementation within FSX. In fact, what I said was the opposite - I acknowledged your deliberate tradeoff decision. I then posed a hypothetical about the same deliberate decision on a larger aircraft - that's all. If you've said the performance hit would be worth it in that case I apologize if I missed it - getting on in years. With that I'm out as well. This is indeed a sensitive topic for some strange reason, might as well be a Boeing vs Airbus debate. And I'm a little weary of having to explain what I'm NOT saying despite having been very clear imho. Peace out and good flights to all!