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  1. I would imagine that it was created from a bevy of dozens, if not hundreds of photos of possibly many different aircraft also.
  2. Seeing this reminded me of how much I loved FS98. I flew probably over 700 hours in that sim. That was back in my heyday as an avid sim user. Of course, I was single and in college and only worked part time, so that had a lot to do with it. I actually was obsessed. I just now remembered how I once or twice drove home on an hour lunch break many miles just to get a 10 minute fix. All this was again, on measly 'ole FS98. Then came FS2000, 2002, and then my favorite of all time 2004. Finally FSX replaced 2004 and now P3D is gaining lots of traction, yet the core engine remains largely intact even with many excellent improvements. I personally believe we will see incredible changes in the next 15 years, but it probably will be slow coming for our niche.
  3. If you're looking for something that can be a challenge to fly, because it's underpowered and will stall without much warning, check out the Lotus L39 like mentioned above. It's fantastic. I love it and am building a sim around it.
  4. All this gets me excited. I'm still flying FSX on a really old AMD 64 3.2 Dual Core machine. Believe it or not, it flies fantastic using GA or the Lotus L39. Not many addons, but I do not need many at this time. Looking forward to building a new machine one day and trying v3.+
  5. Has anyone tried the Lotus L39 in Version 3 yet? Thanks.
  6. Those are stunning! Great job. How's the performance of the airport on frames?
  7. What L39 clip? (edit) Is this it? Both the L39 and F4 videos are great. Thanks!
  8. Very good! I was very similar in these stages, but the difference was that my start with with FS98! Back in late summer of 1998, I bought my first copy of Flight Simulator and could not wait to get home to install it. I had many similar stages of delight as you mentioned, but I progressed a good bit faster. All the stuff about taking off at 180 kts, etc. is so true! That and landing at 250 kts and wondering why I cannot stop. Once I started learning the right speeds, etc. I started looking in the paper manual that they used to give you. I learned about VOR navigation,and then I went out and bought a paper map of the East Coast of the USA. Then I would look up a list of VORs and their frequencies which was in the back of the FS98 handbook, and then plot them on the new paper map along with the frequency and would fly all day long with that method for months until I discovered a freeware GPS gauge that would fly you Direct. Then a few years later someone came out with an aircraft with an FMS, and it just got more and more complete. You just brought up a lot of great memories!
  9. Sure thing. And if you would like to check out JET45, then you can download the demo version for free and fly within a 60NM circle of KICT, the home of Learjet, and fly unlimited in that circle.
  10. Hi Jim Check out the Friendly Panels LJ45 package. It's nice. Those of us building full scale LJ45 sims usually get it just to have a few extra features added like the HDG sync feature, etc. But, if you'd like a full featured LJ45 package, then check out JET45 at http://www.flightdecksoft.com/jet45 ...and if you'd like to see far more LJ45 stuff related to sim building, then by all means go to http://www.hangar45.net , It'll blow your mind :-)
  11. The resolution on those look incredible.
  12. Robert, that is so well-written. Thank you for sharing.
  13. I do not even know why I'm posting to this, but I can say from personal experience that sometimes, things just do not work out, or they become a very long-shot priority in the lives of those involved. I know this because that's happened to me in making and selling things. The nice thing would be to have some sort of communication at the very least. But, I think it's fair to allow yourself to move on from waiting for this until something more solid comes along.
  14. Hi Brian I think you'd be surprised at how many of the smaller (private) aircraft do fly into the bigger airports at times when it's convenient for the trip. Almost all of them have a dedicated (and busy) GA ramp. One of the first things I always do is look at the GA Ramp for payware airports to see how well they are modeled because I never fly big iron any more. Check out Google Earth- that will give you a good look at what the presence of smaller birds are at the big airports you are considering. The main drawback for big airports are 1)landing fees and 2) traffic. Since you'r flying in the sim, you really have neither :-). I do realize you want to make it realistic, but dont forget to have some fun too :-)
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