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  1. Actually, the avionics themselves SHOULD come on with the AVIONICS switch. Engine displays like EICAS typically come on with BATTERY power. In fact, most real-world aircraft will automatically cut power to the avionics bus when the engine(s) are started thru a shunt in order to protect the electronics. For example, in the Learjet 45, the procedure is to turn on the BATTERY switches. This provides power to DU2, which is configured to show EICAS information, and allows the crew to monitor during engine startup. the Avionics switches, when turned on, power up DU1, 3, 4 which show navigation info as well as basic PFD info on 1 and 4. So, the simPlugins is acting correctly regarding avionics on= avionics on. It just might need to allow the Engine gauges/EICAS to come on with BATTERY power. :-)
  2. Glad to see you write this. I've read this many times regarding real-world systems that have Flight Level Change not working very smoothly and "hunting" as well. Therefore, when it doesnt work so well in the sim, it's actually kind of realistic :-)
  3. Hello all I'm sorry to announce that I've just learned that Mr. Tom Allensworth has passed away from a terminal illness earlier this morning around 5:30 AM. I was notified by his sister who is a family member (aunt by marriage) of mine. I'm sure that there will be more information forthcoming as folks are made aware, but please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Her message to me was "Tom passed this morning about 5:30a. Thanks for your prayers and kind words. AVSIM meant a lot to him and I'm sure he was aware of the support he from the AVSIM community". Hopefully a moderator or someone else at the helm will take this message and post it appropriately. Edit- Here's a link to his announcement of the situation a few weeks ago for those that may have not been expecting his passing. http://forum.avsim.net/page/index.html/_/pri-news/words-i-need-to-share-with-our-community-r2864 Also, Thank you to those who have worked diligently to keep operations on-going.
  4. I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have a perception of sliding when moving around on the ground in FSX. FS9 (IMHO) handles this much better. I am now tempted more than ever to try the Turbine Duke.
  5. Whoa! Very nice shot.
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