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  1. Agree. Jim, I think you're being disproportionately cautious here, and there is in fact no evidence of the OP being a commercial member, or of being in anyway involved in the mentioned software. He was simply asking if anyone has had any luck buying it. If he was involved with the product, it'd hardly be a good advertisement telling everyone on AVSIM that he's sent his money and received nothing! Also, all I saw Jim (Skorna) doing was speaking up about something that didn't seem right. (He said what I was thinking, and probably a lot of others). It takes some courage to do that - especially on AVSIM. I don't see that he was trying to "embarrass" you or anyone else. Again, I have to agree. This is an ugly thread, and well, we all get it wrong sometimes - even the best of them. I feel this member has been treated poorly here.
  2. I hope the move goes well Shuai, don't worry about working on the PC-12, we're happy to be patient and look forward to any future improvements you make (I like Artur's idea for the GPU). You really have transformed this PC-12 from a mediocre 'flying texture' to something with ever-increasing realism and enjoyment. Thanks!
  3. I've made similar observations, and to be honest, althought I love PMDG products, I've made a conscious decision not to visit the PMDG forums here any more. I see defensiveness, people belittled and condescended, a gung ho attitude to responding the paying customers, and well.... I just don't like it, so I've voted with my eyes as it were. :smile:
  4. Lovely atmospheric shots! Is that the CS C130 ?
  5. Don't do that at the account of louisdecoolste...... I've yet to ever see him post anything positive about anything! Just read the dialogue above between him and Flyfox. Clearly, no-one's viewpoint is valid if it disagrees with Louis'. It's a great addon. Consider the price. And it does a heck of a lot more "right" than any of the recent Carenado releases do; at significantly higher prices! ==================== Points of arrogance, conjecture, and projecting his views to everyone else, highlighted in red below. So just to be clear; 1). Flyfox's views are irrelevent and invalid according to Louis - purely because he is 'late to the party'. So only those who buy at release are entitled and capable of having a view then.... <_< 2). This addon is far from 'abandonware'. Review the thread, and see how many other people are referring to it as abandonware, other than louis. 3). Louis suggests that 'most would agree' that this aircraft is worth 50% what it is offered for. See any evidence of others having this view in the thread? ........ the aircart costs $34.95 (£23), so Louis is suggesting it should sell for $17.50 (£11.50). A pretty laughable suggestion really. Louis clearly expects Level D Sim accuracy in this aircraft, for $17.50. At the end of the day, the visuals are great, the sounds are great, the FDE ain't bad, and the systems - well they're not fabulous by any stretch - but they're adequate for the pricepoint and target audience of Alabeo aircraft.
  6. As a hard critic of Carenado's recent releases ......... I bought this C404 from their Alabeo stable, and I love it! ......... it capitalizes on everything that Carenado/Alabeo are good at, in my opinion. And with RXP and GTN compatibility, for $34.95 (£23 quid in my money), it's far far better value than any recent Carenado release. Best Alabeo release to date.
  7. Wow what a co-incidence, I flew this route (but the opposite direction, Male > Diego Garcia), just a couple of days ago. And there was me thinking it was such a 'far out' route that no-one else had probably flown it ha ha! Great pics!
  8. Yeah, that's fair enough, I have that trouble too! ...... it's difficult to write a convincing business case for flight sim stuff
  9. Nice video. I'd highly recommend using TrackIR to improve the movement fluidity of your video, and really show off how smooth your system is.
  10. I'll go with Captain Sim L1011 or PMDG 777 APU hole or ........ :smile:
  11. It is certainly a big download but mine didn't take that long ..... it sounds like you've been unlucky with timing and Simmarket's servers are maybe running busy. Could be worth cancelling that DL and trying it in a few hours / tomorrow, and I'm sure you'd see better results. I think it took about 1 hour for me to download it. Good luck!
  12. For those, I'd definitely say REX4 is better. Airport Enhancer is more about the far improved airport default terminals and buildings.
  13. Certainly when I fly VAS or FPS intensive addons like the PMDG 777 or the iFly 747v2, I disable all addon airports, and only use the default airports, improved by Airport Enhancer. But for any other aircraft, including GA, I use addon airports where available. If you're someone who would never fly to/from default airports, then Airport Enhancer is a waste of money. But for those that will occasionally (or always) use default airports, it really improves them. B)
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