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  1. Absolutely on the money neucoas - when I lean very severely for the altitude (once again around 10,000 feet), just about 80% of the time, the plane cartwheel crashed on the start up - if totally leaned out, it crashes every single time. I am guessing that the for the 80% of the times it ran away on start on my aggressive lean, I probably have the intermittent signal fluctuations from my fine Saitek throttle quad to thank for those incidents... 😜 ...I will now be consistently less aggressive with my leaning for high altitude start ups... Cheers!
  2. Hmm, given that I had been leaning the mixture pretty severely due to the altitude of KLXV, perhaps there is a connection there after all - I honestly don't remember if I was doing that as much on this recent set of flights (circumstantial evidence would indicate I wasn't perhaps), but I am going to go back now and try this to see what happens...
  3. Well, at this point, I think I am leaning toward some kind of random first time load jankiness of MSFS2020 - I have made several flights now out of KLXV and the aircraft has "woken up", started and flown flawlessly all but one additional time now - but if it ever loads "wrong", simply taking the offered restart at the end of a "crash" doesn't cut it for me, I have to back all the way out to the desktop and come back to be sure of better behavior. Since KLXV is my "home" airport 70% plus of the time, I assume I was just lucking out as it were, and getting occurrences of the issue there more often than not...
  4. There seems to be something up ( at least for me, pun intended), at KLXV (Leadville, CO) - starting from any parking spot, so cold and dark - I reset all controls, both flight surfaces and all throttle quad axis, like Rob instructs - at start, throttle barely cracked, prop-rpm full forward, mixture slightly rich to altitude, parking brake set, turn the key, and away she goes, a run away train straight to a "cartwheel crash" - on the following restart, no run away, but it's very hard to get the engine running, and the I have the same prop-rpm axis over sensitivity as before. After getting back on the ground at KGWS (Glenwood Springs, CO), the plane's behavior pretty much returns to "normal" - it is some interesting flying to be sure....
  5. Yeah, it could very well be that once I changed locations for another flight that something "reset" - I am going to go back to the same airport when I get a chance later today and see what happens... ...but, while I stayed at the Leadville airport, it was happening every time I tried to restart there, so we will see...
  6. Yes - ran into that just last night - odd thing, and purely anecdotal at this point, is that it was happening when starting from a very high altitude airport (Leadville CO, so around 10K feet), and only stopped when I had the mixture set appropriately (by basically guessing), on start up - so the mixture was very lean, but not off - was also having very, very touchy prop-rpm axis operation on my Saitek throttle quad, and had to revert to using the virtual cockpit lever for RPM - both odd behaviors went away, when I moved to start flying from lower altitude starting points - was still experimenting with this problem and was going to wait to mention it, until I saw your post...
  7. Simply outstanding Sir - despite the visuals, I was beginning to lose interest in this new sim, and was hoping for an aircraft that would recapture my attention - many thanks for your efforts on behalf of the sim community... Regards, Chris B. - "Flapsdown"
  8. That was the "stable version" 😁 No worries though, I am a software developer and flight simmer from back in the Sublogic days - so having things be a bit flaky is something I am more than acquainted with...😜
  9. ...in detail I lost all my VC label and switch textures and had stupid pilot models in the seats when inside the cockpit - so even trying to look for the new APU and other updated features couldn't even be tried - having a custom location for your Community folder appears to be a hit or miss proposition...
  10. I actually didn't add the livery files until after I tried the mod - and btw, don't switch the liveries too many times in hangar - seems to leave memory unreleased and the sim performance gets really ragged...🤔
  11. Same story as some others - dropping the A320NX folder in the Community directory for my "custom install" doesn't work - liveries, no problem, this mod, not so much - hopefully some further info or steps to take will be forthcoming...
  12. The BING digital elevation model for PNG seems pretty lacking - I don't know where ORBX got what they used, but its much closer to what Google Earth shows, and all the details that the ORBX package provided will be sorely missed by those that had it in FSX IMHO - still it's another opportunity for ORBX, so I hope they take it... ...but, I did get visit a few old haunts in the area, and it will do for now...
  13. Sorry to hear that man, even now this tweaking is more of an art than a science - perhaps the reportedly upcoming patch next week (or so), may help you out...
  14. I didn't find the exact information I had watched before, but this covers some aspects of the issue as well - again, "your mileage may very"...
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