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  1. White rear square - haven't seen the others yet
  2. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  3. From a flight sim perspective this is sad, but completely understandable news - thanks for the many hours of enjoyment your products have brought to the hobby and please accept my best wishes for everyone's future... Kind Regards, Chris B.
  4. Rats! The panel edit doesn't work for me - just get an empty reading on the gauge, and yes, I put in the space
  5. Just in case you are not aware, the mods currently being worked on are for the CJ2, not the S550...
  6. Excellent! Was hoping some fix might pop up - Thx Bert...
  7. Well, "my other jet is a PMDG", to ripoff err, pay homage to the well known bumper-sticker, so using the GTN was not my first choice for the 550, but the FMS add-on Carenado put out after the 550 was so crippled/horrible that it ruined the plane for me for a while, so I was hoping that perhaps there were enough improvements in that area alone to justify adding the Cj2 - guess I will continue to ponder the purchase for a while - thx...
  8. Per the topic, Been flying the S550 with a Flight1 GTN750 integration (thx Bert), and actually find I have been enjoying it quite a bit, but I am curious if folks who now own both think the CJ2 is really worth getting as well - I know this will vary from person to person, so I understand it will depend on your individual perception of the additional "value"... ...but, what say you? Regards, Chris B - aka "Flapsdown"
  9. Funny thing, if I don't have FSUIPC installed (I have the freeware), every time I end a flight with my PMDG 737, FSX would crash - with it installed, PMDG 737 flights exit smoothly with no errors. This has been the case for me through any number of total system rebuilds - suppose it could be a coincidence, but it's reliable as the sunrise :smile:
  10. I never claimed to be an expert, so don't start stuffing words into my mouth - I am perfectly willing to accept that our definitions of "unreasonable issues" is just going to be different, so if these vagaries in rendering really irritate you, well then they do, but I would be willing to bet that for 99.99% of folks, the basically set it and forget it nature of Hybrid mode more than meets their needs. I bet you are a blast at parties...
  11. Sorry you are having strange issues, I am experiencing none of these problems, and use many complex aircraft - primarily the PMDG 737, but also the Majestic Dash 8, A2A offerings etc,etc, and my ORBX environment is very "loaded up" with lots of full fat regions, and with all the Global products installed running in "Hybrid" mode - FTX Central 2.0 has been a great tool for keeping everything up to date as well - not an ORBX sycophant by any stretch, but must give credit where it is due, their products have not posed any unreasonable issues for me - YMMV...
  12. That's been gone for quite some time now - set "Hybrid" mode and your done...
  13. 100% FSX Acceleration DX9 Ran a month of P3Dv2.5 - nice, but didn't convince me it was worth the trouble yet. Tried a demo of XP - hated everything about it - a totally irrational response I am sure, but there you are...
  14. Took the v2.5 $10 "test drive" as well and was not moved to move - the biggest annoyance was the sound - lots of snaps, crackles and pop problems that searching the forums seemed to provide no concrete answer for - and while visually it is certainly very nice, it is not so staggeringly better than my current FSX rendering that it left me massively disappointed in comparison. I find the UI organization to be really annoying (purely a personal preference I'll grant you), and I don't like losing the use of my second screen for some 2D items- so in the end, with the new box I just built, FSX is running very,very well indeed for me in just about every aspect, and combined with having tons of things I don't want to currently buy twice (some at ridiculously inflated prices due to the licensing), I will continue to hold off. However, I can see the day coming when I will begin the transition, just not yet...
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