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  1. Usually, the pilot flying advances the thrust levers to stabilize the engines and make sure they come up at the same time then hit TOGA. After that, the Captain is usually the person who keeps his hands on the thrust levers until V1 because he has the final decision on what happens on whether to reject or continue the take offs. This is stated in Boeing's manuals.
  2. You have to have a table of contents maybe and click accurately to go to the page that you want. This is personal preference.
  3. I wish to see PMDG having a pushback tug that pushes you right on to the lines similar to GSX from FsDreamTeam.
  4. You can just download the installer when you purchase the aircraft online then make a backup copy of it along with your serial number on a DVD.
  5. I would guess you just configure the equipment in the aircraft right from the CDU. Some of these liveries drive the configuration of the equipment in the aircraft as always with PMDG aircraft.
  6. These documents are copyrighted to Boeing and cannot be printed and distributed. PMDG are allowed from Boeing to redistribute these manuals only in digital form.
  7. Sometimes, printing a document would be easier to scan through if it is printed especially things like the QRH when you need to get a section quickly during an emergency.
  8. I wish they were modeled. It would add a lot to the simulations especially when it says in the QRH to reset circuit breakers.
  9. I do not think so because these classic variants are kind of different. Firstly, they have analog gauges. The biggest addition to that is there is an engineer's panel. The engineer was the crew member who managed all these different systems. There is also no advanced Flight Management Systems as glass cockpits. Classic airliners used such as the 747 used INS navigation along with Radio navigation more.
  10. I am aware that in previous PMDG releases circuit breakers were not modeled due to limitations in FSX and P3D. I am also fully aware that in some addons the circuit breakers are completely modeled. I want to know are the cicuit breakers modeled in the new 747 V3?
  11. I think maybe this is an effect of ground splash enabled in the simulator to get these lights illuminating the ground. Remember, when flying in the actual aircraft, these taxi lights are not supposed to blind other pilots.
  12. Andrew Ayad

    777 update?

    According to Mr. Kyle Rodgers, PMDG have said that they will update their 777 and NGX at a future time and include some features of the 747 in these aircraft also they just do not know when.
  13. Hello, Are we going to see more updates for the NGX and 777? I am sure that a lot has improved in the new 747 and we would like to see these updates also in the previous products if possible. I would buy the 747 at a later time when pressure on the servers is down and I am sure that there would be no problems with the download because of pressure. Although the 747 is a great airplane, I still think that my favorite would be the Boeing 777.
  14. I notice that the URL is different. Isn't PMDG's URL www.precisionmanuals.com I see that the product only appears on a different URL www.pmdg.com
  15. Tutorial #1 was written when airac 1209 was current at the time the aircraft was released. The aircraft comes with this set of airac when you initially install it. This is why PMDG considers that you should be able to complete the tutorial flight I guess.
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