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  1. Hello I have the same problem, cannot connect anymore. Did you find out what was the problem? Any solution? Thank you. Cheers Stephan LSZH
  2. Hello I am little bit shy to say how I solved the problem, but I will be honest and tell that in here. After I did re-install my FS9 and more then 93 Scenerys, I never had to insert my Password from the Log-In from my Account. Always I get a Key! So, PMDG asked me, to insert the Email Address at puchase time, and the Order number. Then the Password, and I always thought, that this should be a Key. But it was my password from the Log-In at PMDG Homepage. I just try, and after I click Validate its was working. That is how I solved the problem. Thank you all anyway for the help. Kind regards Stephan Ricci CEO air Switzerland Virtual Airline
  3. Thank you very much. I did solve the problem. Cheers Stephan Ricci
  4. Hello Kashif thank you for your answer. i know that, so thats why I write here in this Forum. Kind regards Stephan Ricci
  5. Hello I have to re-install the B747-400F (B747-400 installed alreday) but when I insert the Key Code, it says is not valid. I find my Details on PMDG Homepage after Log-In, I have the Order Number, but no valid Key. On the instalation setup shows, must be a 5 Digit number! Where can I find this number? Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Stephan Ricci CEO air Switzerland virtual Airline
  6. Hello Mr. Randy,thank you very much for your answer. Very kind of you.Regards Stephan Ricci
  7. Hello,Im new here, so I would like to introduce myself:Im Stephan Ricci from LSZH, 37 years old. Im apologize for my english, its not very well.I would like to ask something:I had some problem with my PC, and I did clean it and Restart it new. The PMDG 747 I did save it on a CD, for Reinstall it after.( I did download it online an pay by Credit Card 2 weeks ago )Now when I want to install the PMDG again, a small window open with following words:ERRORD:/FS2004/Aircraft/PMDG 747-400/Aircraft.cfdcould not be opened.What I do wrong? I still have the Transaction ID and the Autorization Code from the online download.Thank you very much for your help.Kind regards from LSZH ( Zurich )Queenofsky, Stephan Ricci
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