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  1. Guess not everyone is having the problem. This is what I see in that area.
  2. @Pete Wise, welcome to the forum. You mentioned placing "the texture files in the correct a/c folder location." In the Aircraft.CFG file there's a section for each livery, each titled [fltsim.x]. In each section there is an entry named texture= Are you adding the texture folder name after the "="? See here for help.
  3. I do not have the Maddog X, but I do know that a practice at some airports where there was no pushback service was to use the reversers to back out of the gate. Could this be what you're experiencing?
  4. Besides Orbx Global, do you have Orbx Pacific NW? Any mesh product? Have you tried to "Verify Files" with Orbx Global?
  5. Welcome to the forum. Which MMMX scenery did you install?
  6. It's interesting that our aircraft preferences as virtual pilots have priority over passenger preferences when we're talking airliners. Do you remember all that was published about the "new" 787 and its larger windows with the ability to tint to total obscurity, the ability of mood lighting, better composite materials made it better to better control the cabin pressure, windows position higher than in other airliners for better views, etc. Of course I know that in this thread we're chatting about our personal preferences and not real-life passenger preferences. But I'm sure even real airliner pilots have preferences when it comes to aircrafts though they don't switch platforms as often as we do, if at all. I prefer more of an active participation in my sim experiences. For example, I see it as a challenge how well I can manually fly an airliner while keeping the experience as smooth as possible for my virtual passengers. Sometimes I climb manually until reaching 10000 and take control from the autopilot earlier than what I would consider normal. I like Steveo1Kinevo's phase of "can't let the autopilot have all the fun" with the extra challenge of knowing that I can't taxi like driving a sports car now fly like I'm flying a fighter aircraft. Some folks here even prefer steam gauges over glass. Having said all that, I also like the sophistication of an Airbus just as I like the feel of a Boeing.
  7. I think it only happens for homeowners that have balloon mortgages for their homes. 😄 Seriously, I've seen that too. Some believe this happens when the autogen buildings get loaded into memory before the mesh has finished loading, and that this happens because P3D is multithreaded. Apparently reloading the scenery fixes the anomaly.
  8. @Butch1, A flatten polygon around the whole airport solves the problem. Let me know if you would like the modified file. The area where US Coast Guard hangars are isn't a polygon that you can see with ADE, but it displays in P3Dv5.
  9. @d.tsakiris, yes, the A330 is comparable to the A320. If you know how to fly the A320, you should not have any problems with the A330. It does have unique sounds and, of course, the handling is different.
  10. @cendahoang, I'm working on one, but it's going to be a while. I'll post here when it's ready.
  11. It has its quirks and features but it's the best CRJ simulation available. At 50% off, I would get it if you need a CRJ7, CRJ9, or CRJ1000.
  12. Have you done a clean install on the new graphic drivers? Do you have NVIDIA Inspector's latest version?
  13. Again, thank you @SteveW. I have it set with "... monitor at 144Hz and set the fps limit to 36fps in NCP Prepar3D.exe profile" and it's buttery smooth. Not complaining, but I still see core 0 at 100%. Maybe that's just the way it has always been. I'm OK with these settings. Thank you again.
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