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  1. @yvesamuel, I would like to experiment adding the additional runway to the default P3Dv5 (I don't have v6) airport. If I'm successful, would that be enough for you?
  2. @flyinmaninmn, OK, I'll get working on it.
  3. Yes, you can use the config tool to adjust pax/cargo and even fuel load "on-the-fly".
  4. @flyinmaninmn, please check out some of the airports that I've uploaded to the avsim file library. Follow the link in my signature. I could help with runways, taxiways, vehicle paths, etc. plus some scenery objects (control towers, vehicles and basically all the scenery objects that are default in FSX. We could try one of your smaller airports and see how it goes. David
  5. Would like to know how it worked for you in P3Dv5.
  6. Try clearing your shader cache. Here are instructions on how to do it.
  7. For me, P3Dv5.4 is smoother than v4. If you like to see improvements in 5.4, suggest a 5.4 announcement, such as this one. Good luck with your decision.
  8. Suggest clearing your shader cache folder first. See if that makes a difference.
  9. @jfwharton, glad you found the solution. I also wish Taxi2Gate would spend a small amount of time and update KSTL P3Dv5+.
  10. Congratulations Ray. You've been waiting years for this and it's almost here. David
  11. @jcomm, It can be done but, as others have said, it's too cumbersome and time consuming, even with the editor shown by @G-RFRY. In other simulators/scenery editors one can lay the runway or taxiway on top of the terrain and it assumes the terrain elevation. In P3D and using ADE (the editor) one has to manually set every point where the elevation changes and this is hit or miss.
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