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  1. @Airbus, have you tried to install it on FSX? Have you installed it into a dummy FS9 folder and then copy its folder into FSX's ...\SimObjects\Airplanes folder?
  2. If FSX:SE was bad, everybody that has it would be disappointed. As you can see, that's not the case. If you don't figure out what's the problem before branching in another direction, it's likely you will bring the problem with you.
  3. This is, once again, when Taxi2Gate should offer a just-in-time patch. It amazes me why some of our good developers miss these opportunities.
  4. @calypso, I just checked the default KSFO scenery for FSX:SE and everything seems fine. Ensure you have the correct frequency of 111.7. I bet you're using 110.75. That frequency will result in the kind of localizer you're seeing.
  5. Have you installed any other ATC or ATC chatter application? If you're using an ATC program, have you turned on a background chatter feature?
  6. This is a flight sim drama thread. If you're unhappy with LM and/or P3D and have decided to turn against either of them, please leave the forum. It doesn't make sense that you would be here if you are anti P3D. Recommend a forum that aligns with your preferences in simulator features and company policies on information flow. Are you not capable of leaving by yourself? There's no need to create a mob to leave P3D with you. If you're upset with LM, please tell them in their forum because it's more likely they will read that one over this one.
  7. Very well put @neilhewitt. Thank you. David
  8. You could make it work on v5, but it's not a plug and play process.
  9. @WestEnd, the visual glideslope indicators in some P3D default scenery airports do not match the real airport's counterpart. Most that don't show Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) instead of Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights. Others don't show lights at all. I've noticed P3Dv5 runways tend to be more current than previous versions.
  10. Not intending to derail this thread, but I would like to nominate it as the best one for 2021.
  11. @Ray Proudfoot, thank you for following up. I think the cause was I had entered 14000 ft in the "250 Alt" box and forgot about it. 😞 Kind of embarrassing. Anyway, all default values set. Just finished a flight with no problems. David
  12. No because P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 are 64-bit programs that are not limited by the same memory limitations as a 32-bit program such as FSX. For me, having to monitor VAS was the reason I switched to P3Dv4. I'm now in P3Dv5 which has a similar issue with memory, this time with graphic memory, but I'm betting your GPU has enough. I'm only on a 1080ti with 11MB and never seen any utilization more than 5.5.
  13. Thank you again. I had forgotten that one can download from the account and was simply trying the link I received in the purchase email. I was able to download and install it. All is well. Thank you for your help.
  14. @Bert Pieke, Thank you. I simply copied the folder from P3Dv4 to P3Dv5. I've emailed Carenado for additional downloads. Guess I've exhausted my downloads, though I only remember downloading it once. David
  15. Decided to try the Carenado B1900D in P3Dv5 and while I can see the gauges in the VC, the inside of the VC is transparent. Is there a way to remedy this?
  16. @Ray Proudfoot, It has happened on several flights. Last one was KIAH-KDEN. Cruise for that one was FL360. The warning came on at about 14000. In settings for Deviations in the General section are: Heading: 20, Altitude: 500, and Speed: 25. MakeRwys version is Regards, David
  17. Thank you Ian, but that's not it. I'm sure my altimeter is set to the correct barometric pressure or to STD depending on the altitude. Regards, David
  18. Still enjoying RC after all these years. It works OK on P3Dv5, but I get a "reduce speed to 250 kts" message while I'm above 10000. I hear the error when climbing pass 10000 but only one time. Besides running MakeRunways, is there anything else I needed to do to use RC with P3Dv5? David
  19. I use VAT-Spy. The latest version is working.
  20. @PilotJY, has it been long since you asked Flightbeam? Just curious because you're not saying you're being ignored by Flightbeam. Anyway, try clearing your browser cookies. Don't know if this will fix this, but I see it listed as a potential solution for this type of error.
  21. Hello Mitch, Suggest posting this question in FSDeveloper.com. Also suggest more details, like what version of P3D and SDK, whether you're using a tool like ADE, etc. David
  22. Would the IniBuilds Prepar3D v5 Scenery Compatibility File help?
  23. Let's hope ORBX updates their Charleston City Scene. Meanwhile, took a look at the P3Dv5 default AFCAD and it looks to be current with the latest charts. The only thing I don't see is the Boeing factory. Is that what you're missing?
  24. The Navigraph charts SID/STAR Overview feature is the only one I've seen that shows you all the procedures simultaneously. Little Navmap does show you each procedure, but not at the same time.
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