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  1. Thanks, I like that analogy. It’s only $300 more, and over years of use, the cost differential is minimal for increased flexibility for the future.
  2. I am considering buying a prebuilt PC coupling a Ryzen 5900 series with NVIDIA 3090 graphics card. I do not think I need the 5950X. Two options then are the 5900 and 5900X. According to an article I read I quote: "Ryzen 9 5900 is essentially the power-optimized version of the Ryzen 9 5900X. The Ryzen 9 5900 retains the same 12-core, 24-thread design with 64MB of L3 cache as its counterpart. Unlike the Ryzen 9 5900X's 105W TDP, the non-X model is restricted to 65W. With a stricter power limit, the Ryzen 9 5900 obviously arrives with lower operating clock speeds. The processor has a 3 GHz base clock, which is 700 MHz lower than the Ryzen 9 5900X. The boost clock, on the other hand, didn't suffer a huge reduction. The Ryzen 9 5900 easily boosts to 4.7 GHz, only 100 MHz lower than the Ryzen 9 5900X." The 5900X costs $300 more than the 5900, which is substantial. Does anyone have any advice on a compelling reason to go with the more expensive 5900X for flight simming (P3D and eventually MS2020)? Thanks, Greg
  3. I am vision impaired and have never used Chrome because of poor font rendering and faint, gray fonts, and tiny unscalable toolbar and tab fonts when using monitors with high resolutions. There are many discussions about this issue from Chrome users and never any solution. I moved to Firefox and never looked back. The toolbar and tab fonts are completely scalable to your liking, and its easy to do. Now I can see everything easily running at high resolutions. I was dismayed when Edge released their new version based on Chrome, and it was predictable that the same scaling issues as with Chrome are now present with the New Edge. Firefox is fast and has a lot of great features.
  4. I am trying to sort out 10600 vs 10700 vs 10900. I am concerned about power consumption of 10900 and heat, and the price. I am wondering if folks with the 10700 could mention how they chose that processor among the three. I have seen some posts that the 10600 should be fine for flight simming. My monitor will be running at 3440X 1400 with an otherwise new rig being contemplated. Thanks
  5. I am running a i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz 6 core, and am thinking of buying a new computer with 2080Ti an i7-10700K. No one talks about this processor. I am concerned about the power draw of i9 -10900, and cooling needs and as referenced above, and for the money maybe getting one that might not be capable of being overclocked because of temperature variation among units. Also whether given all of these issues, would the performance gain of the i9 -10900K over something like the i7-10700K would be overall worthwhile? I presume the i7-10700K would be less power hungry and less prone to high temperatures etc, but do not know. Also crazy question maybe but with sustained 700 watts noted by Pilot53 how does one know one will not blow a circuit breaker in a standard household electrical outlet? I have no way of knowing what other outlets may be connected on the same circuit to the one I would have to use, and hence would be contributing to the draw in my room.
  6. Ok it worked fine and I can see the new features described above. Since I had an old driver I had to download the STANDARD driver not the DHQ one. The DHQ driver would not have installed over my old driver. Also I found out the Microsoft store version is not compatible with the standard driver, only DHQ driver. Thanks Greg
  7. I am back on Driver 388.13 I am tempted to upgrade to this driver with my P3d V4.5. Using GTX 1070. But I am confused about comments about the NVIDIA Control Panel needing to be downloaded from somewhere else and not being included with the driver download? In the past I always simply choose the clean install method which works fine, but I never had to worry about the NVIDIA Control Panel not being present and usable after the upgrade. Certainly I need it to change settings for P3D, set monitor frame rates, resolutions, etc. Another post above said it is not present with the game ready version of this driver from NVIDIA but is present with the driver downloaded from another source? Also is the new frame limiter found in the Control Panel? Any clarification would be appreciated before I jump in. Greg
  8. Mark, Here is a link for the screenshot: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao0V10usNtZmhXpZiKqzUQdJSCmY?e=taWCgY This chart is a PDF file that was downloaded from the web to my computer. When I look at the same PDF file on my IPAD without using the EFB app it is perfectly clear. I am using the iPAD Air 2 with 2048‑by‑1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). Another problem has to do reconnecting to the EFB after starting a new P3D session. I open Safari, type in the QR code, the EFB shows up. I place it as an icon on the home screen. Fine. But when I terminate P3D, restart P3D, and reconnect another session, open the browser, the EFB shows up on the browser page, but not on the home screen icon. The home screen icon version is just blank white. I have to manually delete the home screen icon every time, go back to Safari and resend it to the home screen again for the next session to get the EFB into full screen mode and working. I have Navigraph charts displaying from a browser page in full screen mode (ie having sent it to the home screen) and every time I reconnect using the home screen icon, it logs in and displays fine, without me having to delete the icon, go into the browser and resend the page to the homescreen again . Greg
  9. Hello, I am using the PMDG P3D version of the 747 800 EFB app on my iPad. I am concerned about two things. First the Navigraph charts are very blurry on the iPad, very hard to read. On the other hand if I access the same charts from Navigraph from their cloud website on my iPad the charts are crystal clear and easy to read even at no magnification. I also note that the same charts when viewed in the sim on the 747 800 EFB screen at the same magnification, are also very crisp. This blurriness issue if it cannot resolved would lead me to abandon using this app. Another issue relates to the fact that the brightness needed to achieve good viewing in the sim causes poor viewing in the iPad app and vice versa. I guess one would have to use one or the other at a time, but not switch back and forth. One last question. Do I have to connect to Simserver by opening the browser and entering the QR code into my iPad browser each time I start the sim? Thanks, Greg
  10. Hello, I completed my first flight with P3d 4.5, landed, stopped the aircraft on the runway and then entered Chaseplane playback mode. It worked well. But after exiting playback mode after it completed playback, the airplane suddenly started spinning and vibrating violently on the runway. it spun like a top. Nothing I could do resolved it, so I terminated P3d. Never had this happen before. Greg
  11. Hello, I have the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, extra throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals. I have come to realize that with each Windows 10 feature update, most recently going to 1903, that after the update the Yoke is non functional. I discover by looking at the Device Manager that the Yoke is not recognized, and there is a message to reinstall the driver. Interestingly though the rudder pedals and extra throttle quadrant show up on the list and in fact work fine in the simulator. Reinstalling the Flight Yoke driver is a torture, as the install always hangs at the point where one would plug in the USB for the yoke, and I have to rediscover the arcane manner in which to successfully reinstall it. Then everything works fine. I wonder why this one driver of all that I have gets uninstalled. During the update process I always unplug the USB cable to the Saitek units. I was told that to minimize update problems, one should unplug as many USB devices as possible. Does anyone know if unplugging the Saitek USB cable prior to initiating the update process is causing the Yoke driver to become uninstalled and become non functional? if so why this one driver? I might add that since Logitech took over Saitek finding Saitek support information is also challenging and frustrating procedure on Logitech website. Thanks, Greg
  12. Thanks Ray, I had to delete the entire cache, all cookies, reboot and then I could access again. It appears that there is some file in the cookies that is not identified that causes this problem, and deleting just the cookie for FS Dreamteam was not enough. However regrettably I am still unable to access the website from my iPAD, and I have no idea why or how to fix it. I wish Virtuali could address this whole scenario and come up with the reason it happens, and how to prevent it in the future. I will post in their forum now about this. Greg
  13. A few days ago I was on the GSX forum from FS Dreamteam. I was just browsing, not posting, when I clicked to another subforum and got the message "Sorry "myusername" you are banned from using this forum". I tried another browser, same message. I tried from my ipad and got the message: "Sorry Guest you are banned from using this forum" I am banned even on my ipad, which is different from my computer? Why was I banned at all? In all my years of flight simming I have never experienced this situation. I googled this and a couple of posts on AVSIM said delete the cookie for FSDreamteam website, which I did but still cannot access the forum. I emailed the FSDreamteam directly three days ago about this and no response. This is really frustrating to not be able to use the forum, and also time wasting to figure this out. And no response from the developer in three days. And the catch 22 is that if you cannot access the forum, there is no place to go for help on solving this, so I thought to post here. I wonder if there are others currently having this problem to suggest the entire forum is just down? Greg
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