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  1. I really love the hotpoints and use them all of the time. But they seem a bit too sensitive to invoke on my screen and I seem to trigger a change in views inadvertently quite often just by scrolling around my screen to accomplish some button push in the virtual cockpit, or even going down to the taskbar to pull up another program. Any tips on using hotpoints or a way to make them less easy to trigger? Thanks, Greg
  2. greg100o

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Thanks Dmiannay, and I just confirmed 28L ILS was perfectly aligned so we are good to go! Greg
  3. greg100o

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Does anyone know if the ILS approaches at Flightbeam KPDX are implemented appropriately? The reason I ask is that one of them ? ILS 28R was offset making the approach unusable in FSX. I do not know if that was corrected in P3d since they both seem to use the same airport databases. Also not sure if this scenery uses the P3d database for ILS's or created its own. Hate to make a long flight and find out the ILS does not work. Greg
  4. greg100o

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    The green light taxiway centerline markings are also displaced laterally from the yellow centerline. Is that the way it should be? Greg
  5. Hi Pilot87, I found the file and it looks like the original was backed up. Thanks! Greg Clark
  6. Hello when I recently had to reinstall my PMDG 737 NGX because my ops center program was deleted, it overwrote all of my settings for the aircraft that are custom chosen in the FMC. it took a lot of time to recreate those, as well as remember how I had set it up months ago Does anyone know where the file that contains these settings is located and its name so I can back it up and avoid this issue in the future? Thanks, Greg Clark
  7. greg100o

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    Hi Sloppymusic, Thanks for your detailed explanation. I never knew that there was a difference between how the two work, and what you say makes sense. Certainly interesting to see this information. Just trying to put two plus two together with a few clues, but of course not having knowledge of the real underlying tech. I was an FSX user and had Chaseplane there but did not use FSUIPC to program my controllers. I was forced to use FSUIPC with P3d because P3d does not support dual throttle set ups natively, which FSX did. So in retrospect, I never had a chance to see what FSUIPC panning was like in P3D as Chaseplane was already running as soon as I fired up P3d after installing and jumping right to my PMDG 737. And that likely accounts for why the POV switch on the flight sim yoke seemed to work with no programming of FSUIPC as I now recall! But I probably went ahead and programmed the POV button anyway as I was working my way through the massive manual on how to use FSUIPC. Flight simming is unbelievably complicated in terms of trying to troubleshoot some issues like this without background. Greg
  8. greg100o

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    I decided to look into this on my setup more. Keven might comment here. I was wondering if a conflicting assignment in FSUIPC might be contributing to the juddery panning. To investigate I did the following: 1. I noticed that panning around the cockpit with Chaseplane mouse function is much smoother. 2. I asked what is controlling my panning? I use FSUIPC exclusively for all inputs and have controllers disabled in P3d V4.4. I apparently early on did assign panning to my POV button in FSUIPC. But even if I disable Chaseplane, or do not load it, I cannot pan the cockpit with my POV button, even though I would think I should be able to use FSUIPC to do so. (But maybe I set it up incorrectly) To further evaluate I took the button assignment out of FSUIPC with no benefit to juddery panning in the cockpit. 3. I did discover that Chaseplane has control buttons assigned using my POV switch to Joy P270, 90, 0, 180 so Chaseplane definitely controls my panning. So I can only conclude that Chaseplane is causing the juddery panning with the POV button. But why would mouse pan be much smoother than using POV button pan? Perhaps the speed of panning?Any settings within Chaseplane I could change on this? Would I be better off disabling Chaseplane panning and using FSUIPC or would that even be possible? Thanks, Greg
  9. greg100o

    Screen tearing after Win10 update

    I am using Win 10 1803 , ie not updated to 1809 yet, and 388.13 NVIDIA Drivers and I encountered this problem solely as a result of updating from P3d V4.3 to 4.4 client only in fullsceen mode. The solution above solved the problem for me too. Thanks for posting it. The screen tearing was incredibly annoying and did not respond to Vsync on or off. Greg
  10. greg100o

    PFPX V2

    Thanks Chris, I did as you suggested and it worked just fine. Greg
  11. greg100o

    PFPX V2

    Hi I am way back on PFPX version 1.19 and thought this might be a good time to just start over with the new release of v 2.03 and not install over my very old existing version. I just want to confirm that using the full installer one can install v 2.03 to a new directory and use V 2.03 independently of version 1? Would both versions access the same existing Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data to allow all of my old aircraft, NAVDATA etc to function as in version 1? Finally I would like to confirm that if installable independently, there will be a separate setting in the WIN 10 add/remove app so that I could later independently uninstall either program. Thanks, Greg
  12. greg100o

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    Hi Thanks for your response. My zoom is set to .99. It is very helpful to me to know that this is what others experience too then, and I won't worry about it any more. Greg
  13. greg100o

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    Here is a link: Martin® Prepar3D® v4 12_5_2018 12_35_26 PM.mp4?dl=0 Greg
  14. greg100o

    Operations Center missing information

    For others who run into this problem, it turned out that Norton Antivirus had deleted the Operations Center program or otherwise disabled it from recognizing that I had installed the P3d Version and removed the 737 registry entry, thinking it was a heuristic virus. I learned that after reinstalling the airplane and running Operations Center Program only to have it redeleted and all the liveries deleted and have to reinstall all over again after excluding the path from future scans by Norton. The Operations Center is on the C main drive x86 folder, so I would not think to a priori exclude the path on my antivirus as I do for other flight sim programs where I choose the installation directory. It is apparently not signed either, leading also to the deletion problem. Finally prior to reinstalling, I downloaded what I thought was the latest version of my 737 NGX from my purchase downlink and it turns out for some strange reason in fact it is an old version full of bugs leading to wasted time in troubleshooting why all of my scenarios no longer worked. Once I got OPS center working I saw there was an updated version available, installed that and then everything worked well. Apparently PMDG does not update their download links on their site to the latest version. So correcting this was quite the process. Greg
  15. greg100o

    Operations Center missing information

    Thanks! That is all I needed to know. Greg Clark