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  1. hello I already have md80 rotate what are the main differenece between your aircraft and the rotate ??
  2. hi i bought your trike and am on your mailing list !!! your prices are a real bargain !!! x-plane 10 needs some more gliders with nice 3d virtal cockpits for soaring also this interesting ultralight hasnt been modeled on any sim ......... it can be picked up and carried aswell !!!!!!! X-14 Ultralight
  3. this is a great raffle draw idea fingers crossed !!!!!! thanks harry250
  4. harry250


    mr340 did you manage to get your reshade presets finished ?? I think you nailed it with those pics you posted also I think lots of avsimmers would be impressed if you can post a download link of your reshade presets
  5. harry250

    NGX cockpit Revisited

    Pe11e will the new PTA used above be released in your ultimate relism pack 1.0 ???
  6. harry250

    NGX cockpit Revisited

    hello Pe11e Amaing shot thats the real deal !!! is that reshade dof turned on ??? I couldnt get mcfx dof to work in reshade 1.1 frame work but ive seen pics posted on avsim forums of mcfx dof working reshade can you help with this in anyway thanks
  7. harry250

    X-plane 10 IXEG 737 400

    A few more last trys at nighttime cockpit Resahade Graphics mods
  8. yeah but x-plane 10 with free upgrade to version 11 is £48 vs £14
  9. harry250

    X-plane 10 IXEG 737 400

    yidahoo whats the difference between a 300 and 400 ?? dont say 100 please !!!!!!
  10. X-plane 10 64bit Global -50% only £14.99 !!!! over at STEAM http://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=X-Plane%2010%20Global%20-%2064%20Bit + lots over items reduced
  11. harry250

    X-plane 10 IXEG 737 400

    pilot83 combination of mcfx sweetfx etc using the reshaDE MEDIATOR im still working on it trying to get it nice and will release it once completed ------------------ ps should i reduce the orange city roads glow colour (ie reduce the red amount ) they are perfect for uk sodium night lights what colour are continental night lights ???
  12. nice find !!!! had to buy rex HD airports for only 11 pounds !!!