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  1. Hello, The Vampire Original is now available on simMarket! Best regards.
  2. Hello, The international version of our Vampire is almost ready. The differences are essentially as follows: Cockpit completely redesigned to take into account the specifics of the English model. Repaints from different countries Paintkit The "Swiss" Jeep for starting the engine has been replaced by a starter trolley. Below some captures of the different liveries:
  3. Hello, If you are interested in slightly older fighters, you can opt for our Vampire. Of course I don't pretend to say that it is the best, but we have tried to reproduce the behavior of the real aircraft and the feedback from customers is excellent! More here: https://swissmilsim.ch/index.php/en/pms2-1950-1960-en/ Jérôme
  4. Hello everyone, After our first addon based on the Morane D-3801 and the years 1940-1950, we are proud to announce the release of our second addon: Swiss Military Pilot 2 - 1950-1960! This second reconstruction includes the following elements: A plane: The DH-100 Vampire. Flight model and performance: The performances are tested against the very numerous technical documents that we were able to gather, by test flights performed in our simulation centre at the Clin d’ailes Museum in Payerne by several former military pilots, as well as by tests performed with the real Vampire stationed in Sion, owned by Éric Chardonnens. History: Since 1946, the Swiss Air Force has been interested in making the move to the jet fighter. Four De Havilland DH-100 Vampire of the first generation are acquired to test their use by the troop. A first series of 75 Vampires was acquired in England in 1949 and 1950, then a second series of 100 aircraft was manufactured under license in Switzerland. 39 DH-115 MK55 Two-seater Vampire Trainer were then acquired in 1953. 3 additional machines were built using spare parts in 1959 and 1960. That is a total of 221 aircrafts. After the introduction of new, more modern jets: Venom DH-112, Hunter, etc., the Vampire became the standard training aircraft, and in 1986, there were still 34 De Havilland DH-115Mk 55 Vampire Trainer and 63 De Havilland DH-100 Mk6 Vampire. The last single and two-seater Vampires were sold at auction or demolished in 1991. Some of them are still flying in Switzerland or abroad. Weapons: With the TacPack tactical engine, we will replicate the use of the Vampire’s weapons, including the gun, rockets and bombs, as well as additional tanks. Navigation: We have reproduced the navigation method for zero visibility flights, developed at the time, the NAFU (Omnidirectional Speaking Beacons) and the GCA precision radar approach. Missions: 5 missions have been developed Individual geographical flight: Ulrichen – Furka Pass – Andermatt – Gotthard Pass – Ritom Lake – Paso del Uomo – Dissentis – Oberalppass – Wassen – Sustenpass – Innertkirchen – Grimselpass – Ulrichen. Geographic flight: The great tour of the Valais Alps. Direct flight over the ridges, enough weather to cross all the passes, with a stopover at the Sion aerodrome. Advanced flight, tactical fire: bombs, rockets and cannon. This mission represents a typical formation flight training. Your objective is to follow the training leader in all his evolutions. (FSX/FSX:SE only). Flight training from Ulrichen to Ulrichen, tactical reconnaissance, low altitude, in bad weather (Prepa3D v3/v4 only). The idea of this development was to reproduce as accurately as possible the aircraft, its flight and mission behavior and the way it was flown. To do this, we have added not only TacPack support, but also missions (scenarios) that allow you to better discover your environment at the time. Two former pilots of this real aircraft participated in the design and conducted multiple tests. Another unique feature: the extension is available in 3 languages: French, German and English, for missions, checklists, but also for the manual which is over 100 pages long (downloadable from our website). Have good flights!
  5. Sure we can do it using Windows command line, but this tool is great and the procedure is then much much simpler! I'm using junctions for a while now without performance issue, but I have no real metrics to show (it is though a bit subjective ;-)).
  6. That would be nice if we could chose where to install all the Orbx sceneries.
  7. Hi, I don't think you can do it with FTX Central, but I did it using Link Shell Extension. Basically: You move (not copy) the whole ORBX directory on your D drive Right click on the Orbx directory, select "Take as target link" (something like that because I have it in french ;-)) Go to your P3D base directory (where Orbx was before moving) Right click anywhere in the directory and chose "Paste... -> a junction" You then will see an Orbx directory (which is now a link to the real directory) in your P3D base directory. This wiil free up some space on your C drive and it works fine, FTX central do not see the difference. Best regards www.aerosim.ch
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