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  1. Can you send a direct link to a file sharing site or to some source, which has this version available?
  2. All right, standing by. I used an app called fstimestay back in the FSX days, and it worked fine.
  3. You're correct on both scenarios. For the latter, I have limited knowledge on whether the gauges run on computer's or sim's time. Nevertheless, an option would be nice, if there's a chance it might work. I can do testing if required (p3d4).
  4. It would freeze the current (local) active time in sim. A further feature could be an adjustable "rate of change" modifier for the time, but is that even possible?
  5. Hello, would it be possible to add a "time freeze" feature into this app? Thanks for the various handy apps.
  6. Is this app still being updated? In P3D4.3, the sim pauses for a moment periodically when the software is active, presumably operation should be smooth? Using setting of 0 minutes. R003.
  7. It's a nice fx, and I'd prefer to use it. Here's what is looks like https://gfycat.com/DifficultPassionateBluetonguelizard
  8. In cinematic mode, with Enable HDR override enabled, the screen does a 2nd fadeout-fadein effect after changing to a new view. I had this is previous builds as well. --- I link this previous request of mine in case you've missed it: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/537852-req-option-to-disable-camera-movement-bindings/
  9. Can you add a feature for disabling movement/tilting et cetera bindings, but retaining all other features active? Zooming wouldnt be disabled in any case.
  10. I sent you a personal message a few days ago: 1. Was using this. The framing doesn't work even at moderate speed of the aircraft. 2. Make a planform view icon for XZ. A sideview for Y 3. This was regarding the auto tracking speed. You would simulate tracking speed of a real cameraman with this. 4. Have you used FSrecorder 2? Basically the aircraft would fill same portion of the screen all the time regardless how far it was. The options are plenty of enough to warrant a separate "tracking" tab in the camera options IMO.
  11. Hello. The aircraft frequently leaves the frame. I'm proposing a few selection options to counter this: force the aircraft reference point into middle of screen change the tracking reference point (XYZ) change the panning speed add an autozoom option with realtime refinements of zoom level
  12. the Reshade package is superior, but the new DirectX hooks (possibly) cause a ctd if Dxtory is running. Theres a thread on the forum with log files.
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