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  1. This is great, but one suggestion I have is to organize the files in folder by region so once I download I know exactly where to place them. Thank you for all the hard work!
  2. Thank you for this excellent contribution. I'll make sure to keep seeding for others to get.
  3. I'll give a good example the XtremeCities package has not been updated for P3D 2.5 yet it just says P3D...people assuming it supports the latest P3D would be wrong. I'm sure that isn't the only case. It's just intelligent to post what version your software supports. Just cause a software Support Windows how am I supposed to assume it supports Windows 98, XP, 7, 8 or even 10? I can't take you word that it's updated to the latest version. In any event, no skin off my back I just don't purchase stuff I'm not sure will work and clearly stated what it will work with.
  4. That's about the worst idea I've ever heard of as P3D is changing, your aircraft may not be updated in-step with P3D updates. If it doesn't say supports P3D 2.5 or P3D 2.5 or greater then I pass as many cases I'm unsure when people say "P3D" it could mean so many things now and I can't assume you keep your aircraft updates exactly in step.
  5. UPDATE: Man this program is beautiful...in heavily congested areas I get my FPS back up to pretty much normal... For example, flying around the BWI terminal control area it had about 175 AI units at 20% for my AI... Since I fly GA, traffic is realy just there for me to not feel alone and add to the immersion so I just set it to 30 AI, it cut out majority of AI that were dozens of miles away and even so, the closest AI it removed was 40nm away! BTW, I love how it mentions how many got deleted, how many there currently are, the furthest deleted and the closest deleted, great stuff! This tool is just great. I'm a C++ software dev but haven't dived into the SDK though but would love to help out with this. A couple things to make it more dynamic: 1. Make it so it can autostart with P3D using exe.xml, but would required #2 2. Make it so that it listens for P3D kinda like ActiveSkyNext does, this allows you to close/open P3D at will while leaving the tool running or to do #1 Beyond that it would be just about perfect. Great work!
  6. Man this is incredible can't wait to try it out thanks!
  7. Wow, this is so cool, I recently reinstalled Flight after getting tired of tweaking the mess out of FSX, major props. Can't believe I'm just now seeing this thread. I'm sad now also cause I on a slightly unrelated note, I can't get the carbon cub deluxe since the store is shutdown for good :( Flight was the first game where I really felt like I was literally flying through a fluid and got immeresed in the feeling of flying.
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