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  1. I implore anyone wanting to learn more about memory allocation, to go read anywhere else but here. Do your own googling and research on your own. The amount of misinformation in this thread alone is astounding and what is scary many of the incorrect statements are made with more certainty than those who are actually correct. Scary... Please do your own research, or you can even find some basic programming tutorials that explain/demonstrate memory usage and allocation.
  2. Another thread beautifully derailed and off-topic...there's goes my daily checks for the latest in P3D 3.0 rumors/news.
  3. This is great, but one suggestion I have is to organize the files in folder by region so once I download I know exactly where to place them. Thank you for all the hard work!
  4. I'm pretty crazy about my meshes. I own both FS Global 2010 and FSGenesis (I use FS Global 2010 right now). In any event, don't delete what you're currently using. Just disable the scenery entry and enable the new one and see how you like it, then you can decide to delete fully if you are or aren't happy with the new mesh.
  5. Thank you for this excellent contribution. I'll make sure to keep seeding for others to get.
  6. I'll give a good example the XtremeCities package has not been updated for P3D 2.5 yet it just says P3D...people assuming it supports the latest P3D would be wrong. I'm sure that isn't the only case. It's just intelligent to post what version your software supports. Just cause a software Support Windows how am I supposed to assume it supports Windows 98, XP, 7, 8 or even 10? I can't take you word that it's updated to the latest version. In any event, no skin off my back I just don't purchase stuff I'm not sure will work and clearly stated what it will work with.
  7. That's about the worst idea I've ever heard of as P3D is changing, your aircraft may not be updated in-step with P3D updates. If it doesn't say supports P3D 2.5 or P3D 2.5 or greater then I pass as many cases I'm unsure when people say "P3D" it could mean so many things now and I can't assume you keep your aircraft updates exactly in step.
  8. I've used both, and as for someone that flies mainly civil and military MT6 hands down is my go to option since for airliners I don't care much what they do but love the well done GA and Military traffic in MT6. The other thing I like is that MT6 is much better at laying out the aircraft correctly at the airports (cargo in cargo section, ga, airliners, mil, etc...) UT2 just seems to throw them wherever, many times putting airliners on the GA ramp and such. I own Traffic360, MyTraffic6, and Ultimate Traffic 2 and MyTraffic 6 is the one I come back to every time. Oh and I can't stand that for UT2 when entering a menu resets all object injection...very immersion killing. Also now that I have VRS F-18 it has given me a ton of fun test targets with MT6
  9. I love how this thread is 90% discussion about Affinity Mask between 2 or 3 people completely derailing the subject of the thread, which is OPTIMIZE_PARTS...there are plenty of other AffinityMask threads, why do the mods let this one get hijacked? I have to spend more time filtering out the AM junk to read actual reports related to OPTIMIZE_PARTS. Awesome job guys.
  10. Thank you so much FSGlobal 2010 was the ONLY install I had with P3D 2.5 since it is always the first thing that gets installed. I asked this before and will ask again, are there detailed notes on what configuration files changed and locations of moved files that exists anywhere or are we in a whack-a-mole situation where we fix issues as they arise? EDIT: Also, has there been any consensus on the use global view variable within P3D? I understand the goal of it but was wondering why it would affect performance either way as long as you're panning around within the cockpit...
  11. Thanks goodness I'm not the only one! I got the same thing. After exiting it wiped my entire scenery.cfg except for a single entry completely ruining the installation. I had to repair the installation to get it back to it's original state, I'm certainly not looking at the scenery library again... Anyone else get this too? It's a pretty huge flaw since for me it destroyed the entire cfg file for no good reason.
  12. Thanks, that is good to know. Do you know if a detailed list exists anywhere that details the file/directory structure changes for 2.5?
  13. Any word on FSGlobal Mesh?
  14. Yeah I'd really like to hear a developer's opinion on why they use so many thousands of registry entries or from anyone on a possible good design decision to do that. It's really only intended to save off configuration and program option information, primarily at the point of installation. No reason for all that junk.
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