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  1. Thanks for the response, I'll ask them over in that fourm.
  2. I need help with this, I know there's a texture that you can delete but I don't remember what it was. So basically whenever I try to fly in rain my screen flashes (flickers) and it has this weird dot in the middle of it kind of. But this only occurs when the precip. changes from light to moderate to heavy or vice versa. I also do use precipitfx, that could also be a problem as well, but not too sure. Any help will do thanks... And messed up the title whoops...
  3. Windows 10 reservations now available for Win 7 and 8 users!

    You don't have to uninstall anything, just reinstall which is going to be the hardest part because basically you're computer is deleting EVERYTHING, even folders (if I'm correct which is the downside.) So be sure to back up any files before you proceed! I suggest using Dropbox because at least you can just re-download your files there easily.
  4. WINDOWS 10

    Yeah, I was thinking about doing it because I do want to try it out before others. Plus, its only out for a little from what the little app says. I also heard that it ran better. But I don't know. I'll try it later this weekend (maybe) and find out what happens if it's still there. I also was thinking of backing up my files (especially FSDT to a cloud of some sort but I'm not 1000% sure it will reinstall!!!) Yeah, that was one of my concerns which were obviously the drivers. I know they still have a lot of bugs from what I heard on fourms from Microsoft. Although, the joystick drop out sounds good right about now when switching from my home screen back to FSX... Hmm more thoughts on it now... ~Cheers ^_^ Yeah, this is my first time doing this (if I did do it anyway!) Although what's great is that once I get it I keep it and don't have to pay for it haha... Agreed, I shall wait a few more days and see what happens. Thank you for your comment! Sounds great, is it better than windows 7 by chance?
  5. WINDOWS 10

    Should I get it or wait? Windows 8.1 is perfect and I don't want to screw anything up... Any advantages to upgrading while it's free?
  6. For which GA airplanes would you pay for a version 2?

    I heard the Mustang was the best on the market for a while... I wouldn't really know however. :/ I rarely get to fly GA jets now lol
  7. Need help with fog textures.

    Thanks guys, the 1st way worked way better than I thought, this may be marked as solved ^_^
  8. Need help with fog textures.

    Ok, I'll try both then and see what happens. I was busy with school, sorry for the slow reply. Yeah I was also curious about enabling the default cloud layers from ASN to see if that was a problem, sadly I haven't had the time to check. Thank you guys!
  9. Need help with fog textures.

    Hey Matthias, thanks for the reply, I'll search it up right away. Thanks for the support ^_^ I'll let you know what happens!
  10. Need help with fog textures.

    Hey Avsim, I've had some problems with Rex Soft Clouds + REXTD and ASN (if they are having an issue), but once I pass a certain height e.g. 4,000 feet, I can see the ground with visibility greater that 10 sm. Even though it was just foggy like 10 seconds ago. But once I hit a certain height below 4,000 I can't see anything... So I'm not sure if this is a compatibility issue between Soft Clouds, ASN, REXTD or something within the settings that I should change within ASN... Help is appreciated...