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  1. yep, independent of the aircraft / scenery Regards, Karim
  2. Unfortunately, it's always been off on my set up. Regards Karim
  3. Hi Marcus, i tried EA and HDR off. No joy those artifacts are still here. Yep only visible on P3D v5
  4. Hello, I'm seeing light artefacts on the all sides of my 3 windows / monitor (using a 3 screen view group) when flying at night (latest version of P3D v5). My system specs My system 10 Pro 64bit(10.0 build 18363)CPU i9-9900KRAM 32GigsNvidia RTX 2080ti driver 3 TVs + one monitor (3 screens using view group) Any idea how to get ride of those?
  5. Could be...yet that issue appeared with the latest update of P4Dv4 and same with v5. How do you set a master monitor for P3D? Cheers
  6. Hello, A problem that appeared with the lastest version of P3D4.5 and now 5.1 (just freshly installed) is that I don't see start up dialogues (such as the activations screen, add-on activation requests etc... and the sim is left hanging). The only way to solve that issue is to unplug all but one screens (I have a 4 screen step up: 3 TVs and one monitor) and start again my P3D Any walk around? It's annoying having to unplug all monitors when I change something to my P3D My system 10 Pro 64bit(10.0 build 18363)CPU i9-9900KRAM 32GigsNvidia RTX 2080ti driver 3 TVs + one monitor
  7. Dear all, If I have only my 3 view screens attached to my PC, the autofill does a great job on creating a view group. But if I have a 4th screen (that will be used for 2d panels) everything get's messed up. How can I use the 3 screen autofill view group when using a 4th screen? Is there a way to save that view group and used that as a custome view group when screen 4 is attached? Best Karim
  8. Dear All, I'm upgrading the visual of my flight sim. I'm using P3Dv4.5. I have a home 737 cockpit running prosim737 hence I don't use a virtual cockpit. My graphics computer use a i7 5930K OC at 4.5Ghz, 32Gigs of RAM and an Nvidia 1080ti graphic card. I'd like to upgrade to a 3 x TV screen setup (most probably using P3D view group to minimise distortion). I will be running 1080p resolution on each TV ( most TVs nowadays are 4K native but I assume it's not a problem to downsize res). I'd love to get your recommendation for what TV and any hint on how to best configure my P3D view group Kind Regards Karim
  9. Hello, I'm just building the F/O side of my 737-800 sim. I have 2 different yokes (one ace and one from aggron). I use FSUIPC for the axis assignments and calibrations. is there a way to assign a separate calibration for each yoke? Currently both yokes elevator and aileron axis calibration are the same. Very annoying as each yoke behave differently and would need their own calibration. Many thanks for your help! Best Karim
  10. Hello, Does anyone know if a good LFBO (Toulouse - Blagnac) airport compatible with P3Dv3 ? Best Karim
  11. Greetings Fiiiiinaly: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=124227&start=15 yeeeeah best Karim
  12. Hello, I'd like to create a copilot viewpoint in the VC of the FSL A320. How can I do that without having to use EZdok in P3Dv3. I'm using a VR setup (oculus CV1). The idea is having a flight saved with the copilot VC view as default. Best Karim
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