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  1. I actually never understood why they never implemented a logic like how Just Cause 2 renders Lods. In Just Cause 2 if you go higher you see the rainforest lose detail, but the general color doesnt change. While in every flightsim if there are no buildings/trees you see the ground texture which has a completely different average color. If that base color would be gray (like in the case of the city skyline like the pictures from TS), pop-in would be way less disturbing, and you could leave the performance penalty to a minimum. Also generic darkening of the base/ground texture would make bunches of trees look much more like a forest, since most of the time on the forest floor there are more smaller plants to diffuse the light and therefore generate near perfectly diffuse ambient occlusion (requiring 0 calculation penalty since its not directional ambient occlusion), shading/coloring that could be baked/generated with the planted tree-textures before they get "planted". btw anyone know how you`d increase the precision of the terrain tesselation ? Sadly enough the function that seems like it can do that (VectorDataTessellation) cannot be set higher than 3.
  2. So in essence what you`re saying is this XML constriction could prove to be the most important update of them all. (after every XML error has been fixed in the content)
  3. @Brian, Could you try and reapply the current view and see if the VAS usage goes down. (Right mouse button and then select the Cockpit View again)
  4. They take pretty all the data from OpenStreetMap. http://www.openstreetmap.org Openstreetmap is only "pretty good" in a couple of area`s, generally Europe is pretty good, with UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland being really good. (fixing all errors is/equals getting all data correct in OSM, which you can actually do yourself) Which is also a reason i really have little respect for their pricing point. 1st they take freely donated data and sell it for top dollar (45 Euro), just for recompiling the data. (This package should be free just because of this) 2nd lots of area`s in the world dont have any data in OSM which doesnt make it logical to ask any money for it. (there is nothing to convert) 3rd they dont mention/attempt making their recompiler running every month or so, which would generate a motivation for simmers to update/improve the OSM data, certainly for rural/natural area`s that usually get done last because nobody lives there. (in other words being able to indirectly improve the sim-looks by taking matters in your own hands, as a user.)
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