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  1. StoreyedTrain

    Kudos to DoveTail and Vendors Look at "Program cost" in the column on the right. LM probably makes money on P3D because of a "tax cut" they can get because they are making an product for general educational purpose.
  2. StoreyedTrain

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Going by the posted pics, clouds should be fluffy at the bottom and sharp at the top or edges. In other words a combination of both techniques should be used, or rather a combination of the 2 renditions.
  3. StoreyedTrain

    Any news on P3D V2.5?

    Going to 3.0 would create an apocalyptic freeze in EULA spacetime. However LM probably has an applicable defroster device somewhere in their workplace .
  4. StoreyedTrain

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    OMG we can buy 10 year old software that was heavily bugged on release which got never fixed for only 5dollar. Omg it`s like Oh My God. (Logical people would complain it`s not going for 1dollar (or less), where that 1dollar should be going to the "simmers-in-need-foundation") The only thing more ridiculous are the steamreviews that state "it got fixed, it`s so much better now". To burst some of your bubbles, ehhh "NO It Isn`t"
  5. StoreyedTrain

    Extreme amount of registry keys

    I`m not advertising , i`m just showing a program that can show the amount of regkeys that certain programs use since the windows native regedit cannot do this. If you would look with A program like i suggested you would see what i mean with " .bgl , .bmp or .dds" files. The keys in the registry are registering every file in from your P3D installation as a separate package rather than like other games all files as a whole or a couple packages. I`ve currently deleted/uninstalled all these entries so i cannot show you. I`m waiting with reinstalling till 2.5 or until i know 2.5 is still going to take a long time. (In the mean time i`m appropriating my joystick for other purposes.)
  6. StoreyedTrain

    Extreme amount of registry keys

    Yes i have, With this registry editor you can search and it will not show 1 find at a time but put all searchresults in a list. (value name matches) Multiple programs/services are accessing the registry at the same time, i cannot imagine that that is helping performance in any way.
  7. StoreyedTrain

    Extreme amount of registry keys

    I`m uninstalling P3D to upgrade and was just looking through the registry and had a little surprise. I`m using this registry manager, it`s free and ahell of alot better than MS`s native thingy. (free version) I`ve had some extra airplanes and scenery installed to both FSX and to P3D, since i only deleted the folder containing FSX`s installation all the regkeys were still there. So i searched for two locations 1st E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X Which gave me a result of 1438 regkeys found. (quite much already) 2nd E:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 Which gave me a result of 42297 regkeys found. :o It seems that every .bgl and every .bmp and every .dds file and others are registered in the registry. My simple question is , WHY. :huh: What is it`s benefit of throwing every request through the registry, i can`t imagine that is its purpose, i can also not imagine it is the most efficient. (how to waste CPU time)
  8. StoreyedTrain

    MipMaps actually work right! [pictures]

    Does the P3D "problem-output-file" i forgot it`s name, right now have problem entries telling "texture has no mips" above a certain texture size ? If not this could be handy to debug the content.
  9. StoreyedTrain

    Is P3D 64 bit on the Horizon?

    It`s not just that. Every processor nowadays is a 64bit processor, 32bit only works because the CPU strips the top 32bit of the 64bit instruction so to speak, or adds 32 blank bits on top of the 32bit so it can pass through the 64bit CPU. (depends on how you look at it) Anyways since with the saturation of the CPU`s thread manager by P3D, because everyone sets their program to run as fast/complex as possible, it should gain a little speed but more likely speed predictability (better average) because the CPU has 1-2 less steps to do.
  10. StoreyedTrain

    Is P3D 64 bit on the Horizon?

    Don`t be impatient, they went from 2bit to 32bit in 1.5 year. To go to 64bit shouldn`t take them that long then.
  11. 520 dollar for just a CPU and Motherboard is a lot of money ! Imho choosing scenery areas that work well (for example tropical islands instead of downtown New York) and choosing a fast airplane as in good for FPS, should give more bang for the buck than 520 dollars for 20 FPS. (you can get a lot of content/controllers for this money) Because there is still a good chance the oncoming software updates to P3D will get rid of some bottlenecks, in other words the chance is good that the difference between AMD & Intel will actually get smaller. (if you have the patience to wait it out offcourse)
  12. StoreyedTrain

    Install 2.4, or sit this one out?

    1 of the area LM still needs to improve in is it`s update procedure. Afull reinstall which needs 20 gigabytes of data transfer at pretty every update is not something that is logical to be required. Updating should be progressed to get as close as possible to the convenience of having the program on for example Steam. It is nice that the necessary *.cfg editting is significantly reduced to a minimum, but when updating all that kind of hassle is somewhat still there. So it is completely understandable right now that someone wants to skip some updates sometimes to wait till about 3 updates later to patch everything up. Anyways i think LM is making good progress and i`m sure they are thinking/working about things like this as well.
  13. StoreyedTrain

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    About 64 bit, simply put. I have about 300+ games on my PC (thru Steam) wherefrom only 2 or 3 are 64 bit, and the only game that ever crashed because OOM is FSX, EVER. No other program based on Unreal, Source, IDTech, enzzz has ever crashed because OOM. FSX OOMs because it is crappy programming/ideology, not because it is 32 bit. (it is actually so bad (inefficient) programming i would not be surprised it even OOMs with 64bit) 64 bit can however increase bandwidth between CPU and GPU which can lower FPS dips, which have been proven by the games that are 64bit already.
  14. Lets look at it positively. No selfrespecting plane/scenery builder is going to release anything anymore for FSX to only help Dovetail who snatched the useable codelicense from before them, but probably mainly for P3D because the developer then has it all under their own control. This will mean the amount of addons for P3D will jump up, feedback to LM will go up and P3D will get better even quicker. I see a pretty good extra case now to really dump the mess FSX was (programming wise) once and for all. As Flight was already conclusively dumped.
  15. They seem to be working pretty decently actually. After creating a couple of new flights with the scenario window, the FOV`s were correctly loaded every time. (This way there probably is also no need to make it nr .91, but just the next available one as you first suggested) It just doesn`t automatically work with flights that already existed before your shader/settings were used, with those you would need to manually add the fovsettings to the savedflight.fxml