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  1. Actually i hope they do a "low hanging fruit world update" once. Like do all the desert/tundra/ice-areas in 1 world update, since they dont have trees/buildings/roads/other-infrastructure, its essentially just a mesh+sattexture update, and the airports are mostly simple. But yeah South East Asia is an essential area/hub to be updated, very busy with airtraffic always.
  2. I still dont understand how these kind of problems throw you all the way back to the desktop instead of back to the menu. If the game wouldnt take so long to load in the first place it would be easyer to debug/deal with, but this way it is just superirritating.
  3. Also where 3rd party developers want to start adding stuff. It`s logical that a 3rd party dev waits till the area has had a WorldUpdate before making their airport or aoi/poi otherwise they need to do their work twice, they more than likely asked Asobo to do USA and Europe first, because that is where most of their interest is.
  4. I think they`re doing USA, Europe (and Japan) first because it makes the lives of the ORBX`s and Aerosofts much easyer. Otherwise those would need to wait for the world update before they really can start making products for the most flown area`s. The more fun to discover, desolate area`s will probably come last.
  5. Good fun, However making it like an AI plane with a schedule between some harbors would make it truly epic. All the ingredients should be in the sim since for example the Icon can already float. Asobo should look into this, since we already miss some AI planes which are according to them difficult to schedule into the game, might as well add some missing ships instead, also handy for when helicopters would become available.
  6. Mach goes down at same throttle when you get higher and therefore in thinner air. Ergo denser air makes you able to put more pressure with your prop or jetengine, so denser should be faster ??? (i would think) Ofcourse until the density resistance on the wings + fuselage starts overruling the "grip" of the propulsion.
  7. What about Greenland and Antarctica, would that look much better as well ? I really hope they fix the crazy terrainelevation glitches in those regions sooner than later (waiting for all other regions to be upgradiented first).
  8. Sort of answer 2 i think. They dont make photogrammetry pictures (like 3D pictures) but just shoot 2D pictures or maybe even video, and run a program on it to compare one frame/picture with the next frame/picture and then infer that something has height/depth. If they run that algorithm on less detailed base pictures it would start making mistakes, and/or the algorithm needs to be improved.
  9. Maybe everyone could post which graphics card they have, just for FYI sake. Mine is an AMD RX 5600XT.
  10. Could it be the grass ? Since that pretty much only loads when you`re on the ground.
  11. You`re not alone. Most cities that are not photogrammetry look like that gloomy Inception look to me. (all buildings about the same color, also the sky not being the vibrant Earth-Blue, but more like Pollution-Smog-Blue)
  12. Set the Lod settings back to 100 (i had the same dip), i guess they fixed the lod issues so your GPU now has a lot more buildings to deal with.
  13. Asobo should just cap the framerate to 30FPS for the loading screens and the menu.
  14. Same here already 3 CTD`s, since the new patch. Everything was very solid with the previous version (even in dense areas with photogrammetry like Japan, i however haven`t flown outside the USA yet with the new update so that i still have to try.
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