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  1. After the recent update I find myself looking through the pilots glasses when flying in the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan. How do I get rid of this?
  2. Apologies if this is a stupid question but how does one go about to enter the passenger cabin of the Inibuilds a310? Only way I could manage to do it thus far was using the drone camera. Assume their must be an easier way?
  3. With the formal introduction of helicopters and gliders in the 40th anniversary edition I have noted that helicopters and gliders I have installed before the update does not show up in the new Rotorcrafts and Glider categories. Is there any way to correct this?
  4. I have up to now been happy with most aspects of the MSFS upgrades both the sim and world updates. With SU5 I however have started experiencing more frequent and unexpected CTDs. I have also noticed some visual degradation but could not put my finger on it or what was different for me. My FPS was however up by some 10% so I was happy with the smooth flying experience. This morning I fired up MSFS after installing the hotfix. I recently bought a new house that we will be moving into in Cape Town and I wanted to take a few screenshots of the area and the house to share with my family. Just like when MSFS just came out and the first thing we all did was to fly over our houses. They never looked exactly like the true version but we could all recognise our house and its basic shape thanks to Blackshark.AI and their machine learning algorithms. To my surprise and despite mostly high-end settings in the options with Bing Maps and Photogrammetry turned on, the house I bought was just one big block with no recognizable features just like the autogenerated scenery in FSX days. I check all my settings as well as my Wi-Fi strength just to make sure and also turned all settings to ultra but it made no difference. In front of the house their is a small community shopping centre and this also did not even closely resembled the actual building. I then flew over the property I'm currently renting and whereas I could previously make out all the townhouses in the complex with their distinct green roofs this time around it was just a few green coloured blocks with no distinguishing features. I again tested my Wi-Fi download speed a few times and it was running as expected. Is anybody experiencing similar issues and could it be related to the visual degrading experienced in MSFS after SU5? Or is something else wrong that I might be missing?
  5. @mrfilbert thanks for the excellent review. Here is my comparison video of both the Asobo and FSDG FACT Airports.
  6. Same my side. Tried to fly it without reading the manuals and failed miserably. Took me back to my time in FSX with the PMDG 747 - so yes time to read the manuals and watch all the tutorial videos. Love the exterior model and the attention to detail. The flags of countries the flew DC-6 on the side including that of my home country South Africa. Even thought the electronic flight engineer had an Afrikaans accent. Thanks PMDG for an excellent early Father’s Day present at a very good price.
  7. I'm not sure about Wilbur Smith and Adderley Street. The ORBX scenery is great so I don't have a problem with one building. It does however stand out in the scenery of the CBD skyline given its height and other dimensions and therefore detracts from the realism to some extent for those of us that are familiar with Cape Town. The rest of the landmark scenery is excellent and very true to reality and I'm 100% happy with it
  8. Not overthinking things - just asked a question about the possible use of MSFS for marketing purposes and whether it is good or bad thing. FYI this building has been delayed since 2018 and no groundworks or the like has commenced as yet in fact there is currently still standing in its place a 8 storey building that still needs to be demolished. There also has been plenty of rumours that the developer is not able to raise the required funding. Not so sure how could ORBX therefore be so confident that it would ever be completed to include it in one of their landmark scenery titles?
  9. I recently purchased the ORBX Landmark Scenery for Cape Town, South Africa https://orbxdirect.com/product/landmarks-capetown-msfs I live and work in Cape Town and thoroughly enjoy the scenery and the details that it adds to the Mother City and how it has enhanced the experience of flying in the area. What I do however find strange is that ORBX have included a yet to be constructed building in the Cape Town CBD. This is the Zero 2 One building on the corner of Strand and Adderley Streets. After completion it will become the highest building in Cape Town but commencement of construction have been delayed a number of times and lately due to the impact of Covid-19. https://landequity.co.za/project/zero-2-one-tower/ https://businesstech.co.za/news/property/362346/heres-how-much-it-will-cost-to-buy-an-apartment-in-cape-towns-new-tallest-building/ This made we wonder if the property developer had any say in the placement of the Zero 2 One building in the ORBX Landmark Scenery? Did they perhaps approach ORBX for it to be included as a marketing ploy? I ask because it is strange that ORBX would include a non-existing building? Would this open the door for similar marketing or even product placement opportunities using MSFS 2020? If so how do us flight simmers feel about such developments? I have done the following video of the ORBX Landmark Cape Town Scenery in which the Zero 2 One building can be clearly seen. I also include a few screenshots below.
  10. I had a look at the wheel at the Waterfront as well as the cable car and can confirm unfortunately these are not automated so no wheel turning and the cable car does not move up and down the mountain For me personally it is disappointing that ORBX did not model some parts of the CBD. Where I work next to Greenmarket Square they modelled the next door building namely the Reserve Bank and further up the road the Western Cape Government Offices in Wale Street but not our building. They have also placed a default building in the middle of what should be Greenmarket Square which detracts from the area (see screenshot below of the Southern Sun Hotel and the Reserve Bank with our office right next door not modelled) What is interesting though is that they include a building that is yet to be constructed and that is the Zero 2 One futuristic building on the corner of Adderley and Strand Streets. The construction of the building which after completion will be the highest in Cape Town has been delayed because of COVID. I wonder why they went to trouble to include a planned building into their scenery? https://landequity.co.za/project/zero-2-one-tower/ https://businesstech.co.za/news/property/362346/heres-how-much-it-will-cost-to-buy-an-apartment-in-cape-towns-new-tallest-building/
  11. I flew it again this morning and there is no impact on my laptop performance. Frame rates seems to be better than with the flightsim.to Cape Town CBD freeware scenery I have been using up to now. They did model the cable car stations on the ground and on Table Mountain but I could not see if the actual cable car movement was modelled. The Lions Head addon seems to fit in well with the Asobo scenery In my video I did not cover some of the custom buildings that Asobo added around Sea Point (see screenshot) I also left in my flightsim.to freeware scenery for Mouile Point and these seems to have fitted in well with the Asobo scenery (see screenshot)
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