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  1. Can’t but agree. Love the platform and guess what it is only going to get better. To all the naysayers I say your pessimism is unwarranted if you compare MSFS 2020 out of the box with other flightsim platforms.
  2. I have been living in Kiribati for the last five weeks
  3. Any plans to make this also work in MSFS 2020?
  4. Any plans to get the FSXMap to work also with MSFS 2020?
  5. Chris. Glad you could get MSFS working again. How is the Sim running on the new Windows update? I also updated to Windows 10 2004 tonight after reading that it could assist with crash to desktop problems I have been experiencing.. The update took ages to complete after which my computer was sluggish to restart. I could get MSFS to open but it took longer than before and could initiate a short flight or two. All went well until I tried to slew when it crashed again! Both flights were short so I could be wrong but my FPS also seemed marginally lower than before with the same graphics settings. Hope I did not make a mistake by installing the update.
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