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  1. To quote something I heard in the past. "It's not a life or death decision, it's much more serious than that."
  2. I haven't used it in a while but there was an autoland video on YouTube with the FBW32NX landing at Dubai. Used AP2 and landed perfectly.
  3. It's like saying my car doesn't run smoothly at 100 mph. What do I need to do?
  4. Automobile manufacturers release a new version every year and no one has a problem with that.
  5. Same here. All my graphic settings have been changed to Low or Off. Been with them since 1982 but I've about had it now with this sim. Every time they change something I have to go through things like this. I spend more time fixing things than flying. Roy
  6. I'm a low and slow, enjoy the scenery guy, so I mainly fly the Diamond DA62 when I fly. But I tried the SDK and learned how to create scenery. I have now populated several airports that didn't have anything there and also created my own home heliport and a 2800 ft airport across the street. Now learning Blender to replace those autogen buildings. To me, this is the most enjoyable part of the sim. Roy
  7. Sounds like you may be clicking in the arrival block rather than the departure. Clicking there will start you in the air.
  8. Thanks for explaining this. Somehow I was able to download and installed every world update and don't remember ever going to the Marketplace to get them. After the initial download and install, it directs you to the Content Manager or Go Back to the main menu. No mention of the Marketplace. I really thought the Marketplace was for payware addons, not free updates. Not very logical to me.
  9. Sometimes the World Updates can be confusing. It seems they change the way it's done from time to time. For instance, I downloaded and installed the new Oceania and thought I was finished. Even tried a flight. The next day I thought I would check the Marketplace to see what was new. There was my Oceania World Update. I clicked on it and it installed. How was I supposed to know that? Maybe Ray56 has not completed the download.
  10. My experience with this which includes five re-installs is to uninstall with the XBox app. When I uninstalled clicking the uninstall on the start menu it didn't clear it all and saved all the corrupt files from the Cloud. Using the XBox app I got a good install. Roy
  11. Bert. After thinking about what you said, I believe you are right. I tried several times to load the new version of the Google scenery and couldn't get it to work, so I uninstalled it. The uninstall probably left their host provider in my file, so MSFS couldn't load it's content. Just my thinking. Now that I think about it, I started getting the low bandwidth messages right after that. Thanks, Roy
  12. I found a post on another forum that worked for me. Delete the host file. It is located at: Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\host Don't know if it will work tomorrow but it's working now. 🙂 Roy
  13. After a week of "Low Bandwidth" messages and still not able to use the sim, I now receive this message: "Your graphics device has encountered a problem and the application will exit. This may be due to graphics card overclocking, overheating or due to a driver fault." I had just started up the computer, so it hasn't had time to overheat and I have no idea how to overclock it. More BS messages from Microsoft. I'm at the point of giving up on this simulator. I've spent more time fixing things than I have flying. Roy
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