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  1. I'm sorry but I'm from a different generation where we didn't use all these abbreviations. Please tell me what TDS GTNXi means. Roy
  2. The Safe/Normal screen happens when the sim doesn't close down properly. So something is keeping it from doing that. This is elementary but are you closing it with the Close to Desktop button?
  3. I have a nVidia 1660ti and use DX11 with TAA. I tried DX12 and also DLSS and they didn't work as well. I figured those were for the high end cards. I determined the frame generation was also for the high end, so I've never tried it. Plain vanilla and enjoying every minute of it, Roy
  4. I guess I had some SU15 birthing pains. Download and install went perfect. Made my first test flight and ended, then went back to the main menu. Clicked on General Options and immediately Crash to Desktop. Restarted the sim and let it open in normal mode. Everything fine with next flight. Returned to main menu. Clicked on Controls Option and had another CTD. Closed and restarted again in normal and made another test flight. Clicked on all Options and everything has been working fine since. No more CTD. Strange.... Roy
  5. I like "Plug and Play". I'm too hold to jump through hoops. Roy
  6. Thank you Abrams for taking time to explain all this. I was about to take the plunge, but I don't won't to have to go through all this. Roy
  7. You're the whipper snapper. I'm 87 and been there since the beginning. Sorry, couldn't resist. To the point, I just quit using ATC for the same reasons. They would keep jerking me around and before I could do the last request they would change it. Maybe the new update will correct that for us. Roy
  8. What airport is this? I haven't seen this tile popping and I won't to see if I get it here. Roy
  9. Would like to see a PC version and an Xbox version. Yeah, I know it ain't going to happen. Roy
  10. I had a similar thing happen to me. I was setting there in my Diamond DA62 and all of a sudden it started to taxi across the field. I tried to steer it and applied the brakes, but nothing happened. hit esc. I don't know if it had anything to do with this scenery or not. This scenery is the best thing I've seen. glad I finally got it to work. I especially like inside the terminal with all the people. Very realistic. Roy
  11. I had to go through all that too. I think what finally got it for me is I deleted the cache, then rebooted the computer. Before I was just closing the sim and restarting it. I did this about ten times. So it probably was still using the bad info in the cache. So I shut the computer down and went to bed. This morning when I started it up, everything was fine. As a side note, one time when I started up the sim I got the giraffe screen rather than the Dune screen. Strange happenings. So when all else fails, reboot. Roy
  12. Amazing. This morning I started it up and everything is there and working fine. Yesterday I spent three or four hours trying everything and couldn't get it to work. Roy
  13. Same problem I had. Click on that little gear up in the top left corner and change the path to your Community folder, But as I found out you have to uninstall it and reinstall it to get it in the right place. I did all this and it is now in my Community folder, but still doesn't work. I decided I could do without it. Roy
  14. Oh yeah, and they also want all your other information so they can sell it to the world. That's why it's free. Roy
  15. Thanks Jack. I thought it was loading the download file so I had put it in a folder under my Documents. So now I've copied it into my Community file. Thanks. Roy
  16. I agree. I let it install the iniManager and the MKE airport. It says it is installed but I'm getting nothing like what's in the video. Also it doesn't show up in the Community folder or Content Manager. I don't even know where it put it, because it didn't ask me. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it. What am I doing wrong? Roy
  17. To quote something I heard in the past. "It's not a life or death decision, it's much more serious than that."
  18. I haven't used it in a while but there was an autoland video on YouTube with the FBW32NX landing at Dubai. Used AP2 and landed perfectly.
  19. It's like saying my car doesn't run smoothly at 100 mph. What do I need to do?
  20. Automobile manufacturers release a new version every year and no one has a problem with that.
  21. Same here. All my graphic settings have been changed to Low or Off. Been with them since 1982 but I've about had it now with this sim. Every time they change something I have to go through things like this. I spend more time fixing things than flying. Roy
  22. I'm a low and slow, enjoy the scenery guy, so I mainly fly the Diamond DA62 when I fly. But I tried the SDK and learned how to create scenery. I have now populated several airports that didn't have anything there and also created my own home heliport and a 2800 ft airport across the street. Now learning Blender to replace those autogen buildings. To me, this is the most enjoyable part of the sim. Roy
  23. Sounds like you may be clicking in the arrival block rather than the departure. Clicking there will start you in the air.
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