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  1. Maybe the airport prefers organic "seal"ant to synthetic......
  2. Easy way to do it is to use AI Suite III and have it do the overclock for you. Once you find a setting that gives you the balance between stability and performance, put them in manually in the bios. I'm lazy which is why I did it that way :)
  3. Sweet! Purchasing shortly. Thanks for the extension.
  4. Well this is good and bad. Good that it's finally been updated, bad that I missed the discount date thanks to Hurricane Irma and no Internet. Looks like I'm sticking with the GTN twins.... Looks good though
  5. If you are planning on running SLI, stay away from EVGA. The PCI slots that support SLI/Crossfire are side by side unlike boards from other manufacturers in the same price range. I've built PC's with Asus (just replaced a Maximus VII/4790k combo) and never had an issue. Unfortunately, every board manufacturer has had some kind of issues. Just find the board with the right mix of features and pricing and go for it.
  6. Wow, great shots. Really liking 9 and 10. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I concur. The only reason I bought the 300 was because of this mod. Brilliant!!
  8. I put in a support ticket and was told support for the GTN is not in their plans. Guess we're stuck using popup's.
  9. Unstable is a good word to describe it and it seems to be independent of speed. Trimming it vertically is a PITA.
  10. This is probably a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. Is it just me or does TBM seem overly sensitive to the controls on final? When I have full flaps and the gear down, just touching my yoke or joystick (I tried with both just to make sure), it leads to big movements, especially vertically. I tried a few other add-on's to make sure (Carenado C90, RealAir Turbine Duke) and once the flaps and gear are down, response is sluggish. Does anyone know if a real world TBM 's behave like this or is it just me with my fists of ham not being gentle enough?
  11. John, Thanks for this tip. it worked like a charm for me, at least for the time it took to climb to FL260 and fly level for a few. Gotta love this community..
  12. The 337 is a pretty sweet airplane and the C90 is also pretty good. As for the TBM, hopefully a service pack is released soon to fix all these problems.
  13. I'm tentatively calling this problem solved. I did a series of flights over 90 minutes with no CTD. My FSX also did not CTD when exiting. Thanks for the info Kay!!
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