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  1. Maybe the airport prefers organic "seal"ant to synthetic......
  2. Easy way to do it is to use AI Suite III and have it do the overclock for you. Once you find a setting that gives you the balance between stability and performance, put them in manually in the bios. I'm lazy which is why I did it that way :)
  3. Sweet! Purchasing shortly. Thanks for the extension.
  4. Well this is good and bad. Good that it's finally been updated, bad that I missed the discount date thanks to Hurricane Irma and no Internet. Looks like I'm sticking with the GTN twins.... Looks good though
  5. If you are planning on running SLI, stay away from EVGA. The PCI slots that support SLI/Crossfire are side by side unlike boards from other manufacturers in the same price range. I've built PC's with Asus (just replaced a Maximus VII/4790k combo) and never had an issue. Unfortunately, every board manufacturer has had some kind of issues. Just find the board with the right mix of features and pricing and go for it.
  6. Wow, great shots. Really liking 9 and 10. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Looking forward to this one as well as the Avanti :smile:
  8. I concur. The only reason I bought the 300 was because of this mod. Brilliant!!
  9. Only thing I'd change is the cooler. The H110 or any other 280mm AIO would be a better option especialy if OC'd is on the cards.
  10. I've been doing more testing now that I've fixed an issue I was having with Active Sky Next and I am really happy with the performance of V3 with SLI. It is definitely making better use of SLI and has taken pretty much everything I have thrown at it within reason. Its interesting to see how both cards behave when going into and out of areas with heavy clouds and or scenery. The clock speed on both cards would ramp up going into these areas and when there are little or no clouds or scenery, the first card's frequency would drop while the second remains high. Not sure why this happens as I though it would use the first card. FPS is a bit better than 2.5 but the choppines I had with panning around, especially in complex VC's is nowhere near as bad as 2.5 for the same scenario. Hopefully, LM continues to tweak v3 to make even better use of SLI.
  11. I do have SLI but currently only run 1 4K monitor with my cards (980 Ti). I don't get significantly more FPS than I did in 2.5. What I do get is a significantly smoother experience with none of the artifacts and crashes I had with 2.5. For example, at FSDT KFLL with heavy clouds and some traffic in the PMDG 777, I am in the high 20's to low 30's. This is with higher settings than I had in 2.5. From monitoring with MSI afterburner, I do see P3D using both cards significantly harder than 2.5 did. I've seen on other forums posts with significantly better FPS than 2.5. I have not seen that, just an overall better experience using SLI than I had with 2.5. Please note I have not done any tweaking/tuning with nVidia Inspector though.
  12. I was on the fence about purchasing V3 because of all the issues I had with 2.5 on my system (SLI 980 Ti's) but I bit the bullet with the knowledge that I could get a refund if it did not pan out. I am happy I did. I am not getting the FPS I have read others are getting but what I am getting is a level of smoothness I never got in 2.5. I am using the same or one level up on my scenery settings and it is so smooth. I do not have any weird artifacts nor do I have the issue of losing SLI functionality when accessing the menu. I am very impressed and look forward to getting updated installers for Active Sky, Flight1 GTN750, and the other add-on's I use a lot. Is it worth the money? To me it is as it "feels" like a new sim. Back to flying :smile:
  13. Same here. It also appears that they fixed a bunch of issues related to SLI. Too bad I have to buy a "new" sim to get those fixes..
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