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  1. Katoun

    C310 Redux Update

    FPStewy The actual installer is the same. However the wx needed updating to function in P3D v4.4. A patch has been developed so this and has been bundled with the original installer. The patch on its own is available from our support forums
  2. Katoun

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    Due to popular demand we will be adding an option to have a second panel with the KAP140 autopilot.
  3. Hi Jack, although we don't support these products, there are some users over at the MV forums who have shared their solutions to a variety of F1 related problems. It might be worth a look.
  4. Katoun

    C-310 update...changelog

    SimMarket's latest installer for the non-redux C310R is v180301
  5. The installer should do all the work for you. Are you installing into the root sim? I feel certain that a manual install will cause more problems than it will solve.
  6. Katoun

    Help: No XML sounds in the DHC-3

    Have you been registered on the support forum yet?
  7. Katoun

    Baron 55E Avionics

    The B55 is an older model and although updated for p3d v4 does not have MVAMS functionality.
  8. Katoun

    B737 now available for P3Dv4

    A small correction; it's the REX/Milviz WX Advantage that's included (not AS)
  9. try here: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=114&linkid=22689
  10. Starts: tomorrow (Friday 11th May) Ends: Sunday 13th at midnight All aircraft 30% discount. Available at www.milviz.com and your favourite vendor.
  11. Osh has now sent out the service pack (v3.180330)
  12. The promo discount is not exactly correct. There is a premium discount of 50% off if you are a direct MilViz customer who bought the standard 310 from us. There is also a smaller discount for owners who bought the original 310 elsewhere.
  13. Sorry, I got excited and pushed the button prematurely
  14. Katoun

    T-38 advanced fliying problems

    Support forms are for verified customers. Send me your proof of purchase and I'll register you.