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  1. hi all y'all, We did not provide any release notes, please review the feature list in the product page or manual. The changes are more significant then release notes really allow for as ~60% of the aircraft is new. The largest changes are the inclusion of the analog panel and the standard floats (not amphibious). Hope this helps and hope you all have the best holiday ever!!! -Blackbird Team
  2. hi, If y'all are needing support for the product, feel free to navigate over to our forums to get some assistance. Hope this helps!
  3. hi, you should have received a second email with a link that will work for the download of the product. If for some reason it is not present, you can alter the original link by removing the "PC6" in the URL. If you have further problems, please login to our forums and raise a support question there. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Hey y'all! As promised, we just posted another video tease for our upcoming 310 In this newest Milviz 310 tease, we take you through the basic flight operations to pilot this extraordinary upcoming aircraft. Take a ride with us as we anticipate the release of this stellar plane! Let us know what you think!
  5. Happy weekend y'all! Here is another photo tease of our 310 with a stunning view! Stay tuned for tomorrow where we're going to drop another video flight tease😁https://www.facebook.com/Milviz/photos/a.274798289231220/5126716747372659/
  6. We want to replicate - can you let us know exactly what 3rd party scenery you are using?
  7. We have a V5 beta available via our support forum. Send us your proof of purchase by email and we will arrange access for you.
  8. Did you buy recently? email osh at info at milviz.com with your order number and he will sort it out
  9. Could you please bring this up on our support forum so our programming team can investigate?
  10. What texture is it? Can you show a screencap?
  11. It is true the conversion to P3D bugged the flight director. We are looking into it. (We added the WX weather radar + RealLight & TrueGlass in the revised P3D v4 version if that's any consolation for the lack of FMS)
  12. Have you asked on our support forum? You'll get he answers you need there.
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