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  1. Did you buy recently? email osh at info at milviz.com with your order number and he will sort it out
  2. Could you please bring this up on our support forum so our programming team can investigate?
  3. For old school try the Twinkie
  4. What texture is it? Can you show a screencap?
  5. It is true the conversion to P3D bugged the flight director. We are looking into it. (We added the WX weather radar + RealLight & TrueGlass in the revised P3D v4 version if that's any consolation for the lack of FMS)
  6. Have you asked on our support forum? You'll get he answers you need there.
  7. taking longer than anticipated
  8. Jump on the T-38C support forum - are you registered?
  9. do you see the nightlight service running in task manager?
  10. yes, your download link will always contain the latest build.
  11. A lot will depend on your scenery addons
  12. The MV support forums are the best way to get this resolved - you would have been automatically added at the time of purchase.
  13. Following a recent update to the RealLight platform, some of our planes will throw an initialization error on install. We are in the process of re-working the affected products but in the meantime, you may resolve any RealLight initialization errors by going to the RealLight/Textures folders and removing any files where the name is not made up entirely of numerals. Any that you find can be safely deleted. Example _0.bmp or thumbs.db should be removed; files comprised of numbers only, like 04.dds or 7.bmp, should be left in place.
  14. FYI we are updating our systems to automate support forum access. At the moment this is implemented on our website direct sales and we hope more vendors will adopt the system in 2020.
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