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  1. Support forms are for verified customers. Send me your proof of purchase and I'll register you.
  2. Not sure what the problem is - maybe you are not registered for the support forum? PM (or email) me and I'll sort it out.
  3. The best thing to do would be to head over to the Milviz support forums where our programmers can help you. For access send Osh you prof of purchase and preferred forum user name. oisin[at]milviz[dot]com
  4. Hang on in there! It's all going to be worthwhile.
  5. it's the topmost sticky Gauge [XMLTools]
  6. Yes - you are right - we will be revamping the forums and will do our best to make the information clear and consisitent
  7. A fix is on the way - currently testing.
  8. There was a mistake on the T-38A Advanced. The MVAMS update went out but the full installer did not. Since there is a further update on the way, we will make sure this time it goes out to everyone.In the meantime 3.171108 is now available from sendowl and from the support forum. Real Flight Shop received the latest installer on 6th Dec. They should have updated it by now. This too is available from the support forum. Some updates will come via MVAMS, others will come as a standalone download depending on the size and complexity. Best wishes - Kat
  9. MV FG-1D $39.99 $34.99 USD (introductory pricing - limited time only)
  10. MilViz - Flying with the Boss Mid-year round up of what's new and what's in the pipeline.
  11. Actually, we changed our minds, the upgrade will be free. -Kat
  12. Hi Larry, Osh is trying to send you registration and login details for our forum. Could you please drop him a line [oisin at milviz dot com] when you have a chance as the contact email we have for you is refusing connections. Best wishes - Kat
  13. Hi Larry, please email us your proofs of purchase (including vendor name) and we will get you set up in a jiffy. Best wishes - Kat
  14. Support forum requests are usually dealt with the same day. 80% within 2 hours.
  15. MV support forum is the place to get this resolved.