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  1. RancidViper

    4.3 Scenery Update

    Read the above post in the link Avidean posted. That has every step you need to take. You do need to install Global and HD Trees again. Even when I did I still had some files missing when running the troubleshooter. Took a couple of tries to get it all right.
  2. RancidViper

    terrain light load radius ?

    Pretty sure you have to increase the autogen load distance as the lights are tied to the autogen. I think there are some 3rd party night light packages that aren't tied to the autogen which means you don't have to use that setting to get lights all the way to the horizon.
  3. RancidViper

    VoxATC Roller coaster

    That's also what I was thinking. I doubt it has a database of all the different regulations etc. So I assume that it's just using some hard coded value. In which case we could either try and edit that value or work around it by filing flight plans at higher altitudes and/or navigating around terrain. Because as the OP suggested, it's quite annoying when I am in IMC conditions and trying hard to keep the airplane flying straight and level, then the controller tells me to climb a couple thousand feet, and then before I get halfway there I get told to descend back to the original altitude. And this repeats over and over until you're away from terrain. Sometimes I just ignore them and they eventually give up.. But that's not a good way to practice is it?
  4. RancidViper

    VoxATC Roller coaster

    Hi Jabloom, Would you happen to know what that safe minimum distance might be? That way it maybe possible to edit the flight plan itself to either re route or cruise at a higher altitude. Cheers
  5. RancidViper

    VoxATC Roller coaster

    I have the exact same issue when flying around mountains. Not sure if there is any way to tweak it. Hopefully someone else can shed some light on it.
  6. RancidViper

    flight lessons

    Maybe check out FSFlyingSchool Pro for P3D. Haven't tried it but have always been curious about it. Seems like it does what you want.
  7. RancidViper

    Casting and receiving shadows

    Why don't you try it out and see for yourself? There can be no one answer for all with questions like this, and it literally takes all but 5 seconds to check/uncheck what you want.
  8. RancidViper

    [Poll] How do you prefer to fly?

    I do a mix of everything really. Currently on a NA tour in my A2A Comanche, I also have a Milviz Beaver based in Alaska, a Piper Seminole that's parked in Europe, and my trusty old A2A 172 that's at my home base at YPJT. So depending on how I feel i'll load up a flight with any one of these aircraft. And then I have a few others like the Tomahawk that I can "rent" out for short sight seeing tours from any of my destinations.
  9. RancidViper

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    Hi medx421, I have just tried updating the database through fsaerodata, and I understand that for default airplanes you have to change the gps panel in the panel.cfg to the p3dgps.cab. I tried that with the default Maule and it seems to be working, I do need to test it a bit more. However I was unsure how to get the other addons to use the new data. The A2A and Alebeo planes have a custom panel in them so am I supposed to change that? As it is these modules still don't load the departure procedures even though I updated the database. I also have the Carenado 182 and have installed the Carenado cycles, but the G1000 in the plane does not allow me to select departure procedures still. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. RancidViper

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. medx421, I assume the fsaerodata update to the database still won't fix the issue of no departure procedures does it? EDIT : Just found out it does! That's awesome! :)
  11. RancidViper

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    I see. I don't think the A2A or Alebeo GNS units are from Flight1 it's probably one of their own versions and so doesn't include departure procedures. Seems a bit strange though that I can select an approach but not a departure. I mean, what's the point?
  12. RancidViper

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    I understand that the default GPS does not have it. But both the a2a and Alebeo planes I have are high quality addon aircraft and I assumed that the gps features were fully functional in these planes especially as they refer to the modules as Garmin GNS 400 and GNS 530 respectively and not just a standard GPS. Hope this makes sense.
  13. Hi all, As the title suggests, I can't seem to select a departure procedure through the GNS 400 that comes with a2a aircraft, or with the 530 that comes with Alebeo planes. Is this something that's inherent to the P3D system or am I making a rookie error somewhere? Whenever I have a flight plan loaded and hit the PROC button, it only asks if I want to select an approach, no mention of departure anywhere. TIA!
  14. RancidViper

    Asian Airports and Prepar3d v4 compatibility list

    There is a decent freeware version of VCBI that's out. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/bandaranaike-international-airport-colombo-vcbi-released.441112/page-2
  15. RancidViper

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Anybody tried if VoxAtc works in 4.2?