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  1. I have an issue, I did the same but I can't roll back to hotfix 1 as my hard drive reset itself making me have to install everything again. If I can get any help on how to get the hotfix 1 installed let me know thanks!
  2. Since i've had the tbm for around a year now, I never got the cabin lights to work. If anyone knows how to fix this please help, i've reinstalled the plane, if i give it a fresh uninstall then install again might it work? please let me know thanks!
  3. Ok guys i think I fixed my pmdg 737 thanks for all the help that you offered - Jason
  4. My 737 is not initializing when i load it up so my VC is frozen and just doesn't work as an aircraft. So if you could help me out that would be nice I really want to fly it again. I've reinstalled it multiple times I've also repaired it. It won't work so I need some help to get back to flying! cheers-Jason
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