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  1. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I can't seem to get GSX working on a fresh install of V4.5. I am using Bitdefender, and when running the setup it always blocks the uninstaller file from the temp folder. I can retry after temporarily adding an exception and it downloads and installs everything, however the GSX menu does not show up in the sim. I can't seem to figure out how to stop Bitdefender from blocking that file, if that's even the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. All official statements say otherwise. Can you please point me to where it says this?
  3. Hey, this issue is actually well known. Unfortunately seems like a bug in the aircraft itself. There is a workaround however. See my topic on the issue here - And the solution here - 1st post)- Hope this helps. Unfortunately even though I was able to get over that particular issue, there were many more with the Phenom's autopilot system that had me pulling my hair out. I would get 3/4 way through a flight and the aircraft would suddenely lose all sense of bearings and try and turn back to some waypoint I already passed. Cancelling out the current route. And it's not easy to fix things in flight either. For now the Phenom has been shelved. As far as an addon aircraft goes, great idea, terrible execution.
  4. Fair enough. That wording is definitely misleading for new customers. I guess I never bother reading it because I already know how it works. Cheers
  5. Hmmm... Maybe it's just the fact that i've been using ORBX for years now and have a very clear understanding of what their products do, that I was able to understand that you can obviously install an airport on any scenery, but it will obviously blend better with ORBX stuff. I mean seriously, do we not have this logical thinking ability? If ORBX had actually used the term Required, then that is wrong, however who's to say it wasn't a mistake because I have never seen the word required before. Recommended? Yes. Not Required.
  6. This is too funny. ORBX has been selling stuff like this for years, and if you don't understand why it's better to have one of their regions under their airports, you really only have yourself to blame. It didn't take a notice from them or a rocket science course for me to figure that out right at the start.
  7. Hi mate, This problem is solved by reinstalling Open LC NA. In order to do that, navigate to your Orbx/User Documents/Versions folder, and delete any .TXT files related to Open LC NA. Then open FTX Central and it will say Open LC NA is not installed. Just select install and you're all good. Cheers
  8. Wow Bob certainly missed the point on the altitude instructions. Correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure ATC instructions take precedence over everything else. So if you're flying a STAR and ATC gives you an instruction that differs from the STAR, you are supposed to follow it. IRL there could be many reasons for the deviation. These are not all simulated inside P3D but I don't think it's good practice to ignore ATC instructions. The problem lies within the programs themselves which occasionally give incorrect altitudes and headings that end up with you bee lining for the nearest mountain. I have had this experience occasionally with previous versions of Pro Atc. Not for awhile though.
  9. Have you run the MakeRunways.exe file? Read your scenery through Pro Atc? You can also update it with the latest Airac if you have it.
  10. I mostly fly offline, however I did try Vatsim once. Just as a test I took my C172 out for a couple of circuits in Canberra when there was good coverage in the area. I must say I had quite an enjoyable experience. There were a few bigger airplanes approaching the area as well as some weather just off the airport. Hearing real people makes a massive difference for even things like weather. The controller was quick to update me on wind changes and where the precip was heading during my circuits which never happens offline. However, I never flew on Vatsim again because I never seem to find the right time when there is coverage for an area I like to fly in, and I mostly fly GA. I don't know about the logistics of it but I must agree with a lot of posters here and say that it would be for the benefit of us all if there was only one system. We are a large community but it's not large enough to start segregating it. In this capitalist world we need to remember the passion for aviation is why we are all here otherwise all this would have died with FSX. I feel like businessmen have taken over our community.. 😐
  11. Can't say I share your experience. I use REX 4 TD with P3D v4 and it's 10 times better than P3D default. So either you are not setting it up correctly, have a different sense of what's nice/natural looking than most others, or have something against REX. Maybe even all of the above? 🙂
  12. Hey I am a bit confused. You say you use 8x MSAA + 4xSGSS? I thought they have to match. I have also tried out various SGSS combinations and I was quite surprised with the results. I have been quite happy using 4xSSAA internally up until recently when flying into a couple of default airports I noticed the horrible jagged edges of the runway. This doesn't seem to be happening for all objects but the default runways certainly stood out. I then tried 4xMSAA + 4xSGSS in NI, and set 4xMSAA in P3D as well. Voila! Jagged edges were vastly reduced and the whole image looked a lot better. No performance drop! Then I cranked it up to 4K resolution using DSR, and honestly I thought I was inside the Unreal engine! It was perfection! No jagged edges on the runway, AI traffic looked 10 times better, and guess what, not even a flicker from trees/lights in the distance. But then, I went into rainy conditions.... And of course my FPS got cut in half, every time I looked at the sky! Looking elsewhere I had decent FPS. So I guess it honestly comes down to the question of why on earth LM apply anti aliasing to every single cloud! And especially now with REX SF giving us massive weather systems, trying to anti alias every single cloud model must be a full time job for any graphics card! With high res textures for clouds available now is anti aliasing really needed? Why can't they just remove it so I can have that "unreal" level of immersion? 😁
  13. Hmmmm I wonder when those rain effects are gonna be added to the rest of their fleet.. 🙂 I'm too scared to try the V-tail.. 😂
  14. Interesting discussion going on here. I was wondering if 4MSAA + 4SGSS = 4SSAA in sim, in terms of visuals and performance? Or is it better or worse?
  15. Interesting.. I just bought this Joystick off eBay it'll be here next week. My current Logitech Xtreme 3D Pro has run it's course and is eternally pulling to the right so I went with the Thrustmaster. Hope it wasn't a mistake! 🙂
  16. Hi guys, after much testing I can confirm this isn't a key binding issue but an issue with the G1000 itself. I can confirm that my issue is almost exactly the same as the below post, and the workaround mentioned there works for me. I am not sure why some people don't have this issue though, maybe a slightly different setup, but either way it's a real pain trying to handle this thing, one wrong move and all kinds of crazy things start happening. Carenado really need to do something about this!
  17. Sorry guys but what do you mean by custom key bindings? I only have a Logitech Xtreme 3D Pro Joystick. The keys for that are pretty standard. Brakes, Landing Gear, Elevator Trim, Flaps, and Views. I haven't done any custom edits for the Phenom or any other airplane. Unless some other addon has automatically added something. The strange thing is it doesn't happen on initial load, only around the second or 3rd time I open it, and it doesn't happen with any other guage, so why only this one? Any tips as to where I can look to see if a key binding is causing this issue? I don't even know where to look or what to look for! Cheers
  18. What you are doing makes that setting redundant. If you disable that setting in the config file and start the sim, it doesn't matter if you enable the option again in game, as it requires a restart to take effect! So essentially you have been flying with High Res Terrain Textures off even though you think it's on, hence the placebo effect of no stutters.
  19. Amauri, I have read that tutorial and that's how I use the G1000 too, unfortunately it makes no mention of the issue in the video.
  20. Ohh I just found this topic. Same issue here and I just posted a video as well.
  21. Been having this annoying issue and I can't get past the departure section on the damn G1000. It doesn't happen as you load it, but the second or third time it starts doing this. So much money wasted for nothing I still can't fly it. I have tried re installing the whole thing. It has the navigraph extension installed as well and current subscriptions to both FS aerodata and Navigraph.
  22. Hi Guys, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I had a few things happening that I needed to take care of. Jay I checked in the aircraft.cfg files in my SimObjects/Airplanes folder and there are so many without an atc id. Lots of FTX planes as well, I don't know if this is correct or not. And what should I do about it? With regards to the weather, you guys are right, that option is not there anymore. I definitely remember it being there at some point though. Also thanks so much for the tip on ASP4 flight watch I had never noticed that option and it's been bugging me forever! I have installed the latest version of FSUIPC but it's only the free version. I have not needed to register it so far so I may have to consider that and see if it fixes the weather discrepancies.
  23. Hi Jay, Thanks for the advice, I will certainly have a look in the CFG files for any anomalies when I get home tonight. Yes ATIS keeps repeating over and over. And the strangest part of it is, it is not heard through my headphones as all the Vox pilots and controllers are, it actually comes out of my speakers. The way I have set it up, Vox voices are output through my headphones, and the sim sounds are through my speakers. And I also make sure I deselect the voice setting in P3D whenever I fly with Vox so as to not conflict with the default ATC. However this ATIS voice is definitely one of the Vox voices, but I have no idea why I hear it out of my speakers and I can't turn it off as long as I am on the Unicom frequency. Thanks for clearing up the way Vox handles the phonetic code. That makes sense now. However I do still notice discrepancies between the weather being read out and the weather in ASP4. The wind speeds are always calm in Vox regardless of the conditions. The Altimeter settings are almost always wrong. The only thing that's consistently close is the temperature. I am using P3D V4.3. I have connected ASP4 to Vox Atc by adding the location of the currentweathersnapshot.txt file to the weather path in Vox. That .txt file is what all other software uses to read weather from Active Sky. Like Pro Atc X, REX, etc.
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