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  1. That is like finger nails on a chalkboard to me. Sorry, no can do.
  2. I'm sticking with FSX, can't afford the computer upgrade and the $200 entry fee.
  3. still waiting for a 64 bit install and fly sim. I fear that by the time something like that comes out and with all the time spent on the ground trying to make this dinosaur fly, I will have forgotten how to fly. gotta admit it is fun to mess with FSX and all the good people you get to meet, you normally wouldn't if all was running well.
  4. Version 3. Officially "PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II" in the PMDG Operations Center it is listed as PMDG 747 V3.
  5. And there you have it. That is precisely why I don't use ORBX and Photoreal. Being a "Tube" flyer, scenery is only important to me at the airports. Waiting for an "Install and Play" 64 bit Flight sim for "Low and Slow" flying.
  6. Something is really not right here unless you have a tremendous amount of scenery to load. My load times from start to splash screen is 33 seconds. Load time for Terrain Data is 27 seconds. when it hit the 6% second mark it hesitated for less than a second. I have no Photoreal scenery or ORBX.
  7. the only thing I can think of that maybe slowing things down to where the SSD doesn't matter is other programs related to FSX that is also loading and may be waiting for certain circumstances to transpire prior to loading. EZCA v 2.0 is very slow starting as is in my case. Where I see a massive improvement is when the the initial terrain loads.
  8. Your "Rapid Mode" is turned on in your "C" drive, is that where your FSX is also installed. Remember, you can only have one drive with "Rapid Mode" turned on.
  9. I have FSX on an 840 Pro and I see a vast difference in load times. Here it is with and without "Rapid Mode". Note; Rapid Mode can only be enabled on one drive at a time. Without Rapid Mode With Rapid Mode
  10. For us mere mortals, please report back your findings, too many never reveal their self found solutions. Thanks
  11. Buying or building a computer is like buying or building a car, the more you tweak it, the more things break.
  12. FSX works fine for me, considering how old it is. I just can't see shelling out more money (a lot more money) for something that might be slightly better. And, I am already tired of tinkering with FSX for the past 10 years, why start tinkering with something new and re-learning all its idiosyncrasies. Thanks to people like Steve and too many more to mention FSX is just fine. It would take a 64 bit, out of the box sim and no tinkering to get it to work for me to even consider switching.
  13. You too might want to check out this recent thread. You can't make a blanket statement like that without knowing what programs are loading and the PC configuration, as DaveCT2003 suggested.
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