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  1. no not really.It's just random. when panning the camera around the flight deck without having accessed the sim menu. And it happens to the payware aircraft, I haven't tested the default yet but i think results are still the same.
  2. I'm having a problem with the latest version of chaseplane in P3Dv4 where randomly in a flight i try switching views and chaseplane takes about 10 seconds before it recognizes i have switched a view. It will the switch to the view i clicked but will lag the the process so much. Any help is appreciated
  3. i do have the Estonia Migration tool installed, but am not using it.
  4. Chaseplane has been working great for me with just a minor bug.With the latest update v0.1.676, chaseplane does not initialize. it dosent connect to my simulator and is stuck with the red color even after trying to restart it numerous times. With earlier builds this problem happened once in a while but with the new update, it dosent connect to my simulator. Any help is greatly apreciated.
  5. I agree with you that these study level products take time to develop no doubt. But PMDG have said time and again that their relationship with Boeing is not what most customers think.(can't find the post where this was said). PMDG made the DC-6 for x-plane and have also made the jetsream 41.Were they boeing aircraft? no. but they all had that PMDG touch of quality. i think that clearly shows that they don't make aircraft because they have relationships with certain aircraft companies. If they make another Boeing aircraft , well and good. It will be another high quality addon from PMDG, if they don't still it will be another high quality addon from them. No mockery there as you imply.
  6. what insult exactly? the part where i say their products scream quality and blow us out of the water? You sir, misunderstood what i wrote. I said they have made very good Boeing sim aircraft which i appreciate highly and at the same time I would like to see them make different aircraft with their usual PMDG quality. How would that pass as an insult? :smile:
  7. Totally with you on this one. Developers at PMDG blow us out of the water with each release.The planes scream quality. In my opinion It would be nice for them to do the 767/757/787 but at a later date. We have enough Boeing aircraft at the moment. I'd like to see the team model a complete different aircraft, different systems and a different feel overall.
  8. True. but i would argue that without the date when the conditions occurred , you are unable to replicate those exact conditions, without the time too,would prove to be quite a hassle as the metar might have changed . But with an option to save a particular metar within the weather engine, chances are even if i were to forget the date and time for the given conditions, it's saved in the simulator. Just open AS2016,select the saved metar and fly. :smile:
  9. thankyou for the speedy response
  10. After the freeze, the mouse will no longer move and disappears until i release the key I've configured to mouse look(Hold) after which the mouse will reappear and resume functionality. i assigned the panning to an xbox controller and the issue was gone. the sim is the Academic version v3.3.5.17625
  11. I was enjoying an evening flight with AS2016 and ASCA when i decided to mess around with AS2016 and find some live challenging weather conditions from different airports and stumbled on 1. Sydney airport metar indicated some powerful gusts and moderate turbulence below 5000 ft. I wanted to try out this approach later on so i tried looking for an option to save the metar within AS2016 so i could fly it later on but couldn't find such an option and had to save the metar elsewhere .Which brings me to my question is such an option available in AS2016 to save a specific metar within the weather engine or is something developers at HI-FI may consider implementing in the future.
  12. I closed all applications and started p3d and chaseplane.Got the same results when trying to pan inside and outside the aircraft. The chaseplane interface is not frozen as am able to change up some settings as i would normally do.Only the camera when panning with the mouse freezes after a slight movement. My CPU usage was about 28-33%
  13. Am having trouble with panning around the cockpit using chaseplane. i have assigned my mouselook(hold) to a button i used successfully with ezdock.However when i hold the button and try to pan around with the mouse, the camera only moves an inch and gets stuck. Haven't seen the problem in the forums could i have a wrong configuration.? currently using p3d v3.3.5 and chaseplane v1.84
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