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  1. For some reason, P3D is lowering the volume of youtube videos/streams other apps in the background when the main window is in focus. I have communications set to "do nothing" and exclusive mode disabled in the audio properties of my headset. The volume mixer isnt even showing the chrome process volume below 100%. How is this happening?
  2. AimHawk

    Only P3D can do things like this...

    off topic, but how did you get your fps counter to be higher than the default position?
  3. AimHawk

    wont initialize?

    thanks, that fixed it.
  4. AimHawk

    wont initialize?

    I had to recently re install prepar3d 2.5 due to a hard drive fail. I installed the 737 for p3d but whenever i start it up, it doesn't initialize with the countdown and just stays like this?
  5. if i were to buy the current version of fs2crew for the ngx, would I have to buy the new version aswell? or is it a free update.
  6. Damn, whats your vas like with the 777 and all that autogen.
  7. ive always wondered, why can i use 4096 texutres in fsx steam edition and get lower vas but cant use them without ooming in p3d?
  8. ive noticed this too. My old AMD R9 280X managed to spit out 3.5-9 gb of vas at klax with default settings. My 980 is now only pulling about 2.9-3.1......
  9. I want to buy this for FSX SE but the product had been removed from flightsimstore? Is there another way of purchasing?
  10. AimHawk

    Area 51 scenery?

    Does anyone have any links to good freeware/payware scenery for area 51 for prepar3d or fsx/backwards compatible. Google isnt much help.
  11. AimHawk

    Graphical Road Lines

    Im getting these weird " underground " white lines under certain parts of road in the terrain. I recently hooked up a second monitor and it only started happening after that. anyone know how I can fix it without disconnecting my other monitor?
  12. AimHawk

    I am Speechless

    why is one half of TBI terminal in the middle of lax? lol
  13. AimHawk

    Please help me.

    usually the repair function on the installer replaces missing files.
  14. AimHawk

    Anyone Else Notice This Price Hike?

    physical media is going the way of the dinosaur. its going to be harder and harder to find boxed copies of pc games for under 100 dollars in the next few years. fsx is already a rare gem to find as it is.