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  1. I checked the description of the video, and it says they are enjoying some VFR around South East of England. The scenery might be EU England by ORBX. I'm curious about the shader preset as well. 🙂
  2. How is view on the flight deck and in the sim in general with your monitor? I have just one 22inch 1080p display. I'd like to increase my viewable space in Prepar3D and usable space for development.
  3. You should be fine. I have the same setup and with the same settings as I had in v3.4 Prepar3D v4 runs slightly smoother. I fly a lot of VFR with ORBX global and OpenLC NA with TerraFlora trees in an A2A Comanche or Cherokee. I run my i7-4790K at 4.6 GHz.
  4. I had an issue with the "Virtual Reality" menu not appearing as well on v4.1 and this procedure fixed the problem for me. :)
  5. Updated 2 PCs to 1709, fall creators update. One PC had Prepar3D v4.1 installed with add-one. The other PC I installed a fresh copy of Prepar3D v4.1 for VR testing after updating to 1709. Prepar3D is running smoothly on both.
  6. Inputting numbers into the altitude box into the lower left can be tedious if clicking. Have you tried clicking in the box and inputting the numbers using the keyboard? I find this way a lot more friendlier.
  7. At first read I wonder if Orbx's scenery texture was designed with a specific mesh resolution in mind that is causing the mountain slope to show in the village and airport. Sounds like a silly question, but when you ran the airport elevation tool in Orbx Vector, did you confirm that Cuzco was in the list of airports who's elevation was to be fixed? I've had some issues with airports where I ran the tool and it didn't pick up the airport at first.
  8. Just add the whole list of overland airports in their Japan Airport volumes.
  9. Agreed. In me case, I'm using a i7-4790K at 4.6GHz with DDR3 memory. When I upgrade those parts, my simulator as a whole might benefit more from a GPU upgrade.
  10. I do QA on VR apps and borrowed one from the office. I was left with the same impression, when testing on the same settings as I used with the 970. I'd like to go back and do more testing with the terrain exponent setting in Prepar3D's config file to monitor the difference in performance. I didn't see my GPU memory usage get anywhere near the 4GB max of the 970 or 8GB of the 1080 on the default terrain exponent setting. This might be where the added headroom in GPU power and memory could be utilized.
  11. I'd have to go with this as well. I posted some raw data, but what Mike said in his post is right. My charts show just a slice with certain game settings. Your mileage may vary based on a lot of different factors. I feel that the investment into a better card helps. I'm happy with my 970 now, but want a 1070 someday.
  12. I'd say it's little difference. You'll have more overhead to adjust the GPU dependent sliders. I did some test a while back and posted them in the forum. Here they are for a GTX970 and GTX1080 with a PMDG 777 at FSDreamteam's KCLT. The VRAM usage was well below the 4GB of the 970.
  13. Moving jetways are very important to me. I'm a huge fan of every aspect of aviation. The job the ground crew does to turnaround an aircraft is nothing short of amazing. I love pulling up to a gate, putting on the parking brake, shutting things down and calling the jetway to unload my passengers. I like to put myself on the flight deck seeing the jetway come to load and unload passengers. I also look back at where we have come in the quality of our airports, from the first Flight Simulator to Prepar3d v4. We started off with static buildings that gradually increased in visual fidelity. We then got animated ground services and jetways, and finally dynamic lighting. Not having these in a payware airport that comes out today feels like a step back, no matter how nice the modeling and textures may be. I know that having moving jetways is added work, but it completes the project. They're a lot of developer that put an amazing job into everything thing they do, and I'm thankful for it, regardless if they end up having movable jetways or not. That said, when I'm flying GA it doesn't matter, but movable jetways are an essential part in my buying decision in 3rd party airports. I imagine that there is a lot of crossover of those that own GSX and like movable jetways.
  14. I played around with the Visual FX Tool in the SDK. You can test and tweak a lot of the FX. I created a point light that lit up a 2000m area.
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