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Found 10 results

  1. I have no in-cloud motion effects and they're enbaled, i have the last builds for both! please tell me a solution
  2. The HiFi team would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in our Active Sky 2016 SP1 Screenshot Contest! As always picking the winners was not easy this time around! There were many great contenders, but in the end we had to narrow it down. We picked 5 winners to showcase them in our forums. For prize details and contest results, please visit the screenshot contest winners thread. Thanks again to everyone for your participation! Stay tuned for future contests, giveaways and events!
  3. Hello everyone, as soon as I start AS16 I get this error message: System.NullReferenceException Message=Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. Source=AS16 StackTrace= bei #=qw0JbCZuOUhcMafo$DSo37N2I$3FVcthucZN9BSgZ6HOc8x2LCzKr7k6KAAX6LfFw.#=q9vO3k78z2oGU7fIaruzGmTF$MTXLf2sVei_DgxzaA0g=(String #=qXgRmCFnMZ38VLggUwEHUTA==, String #=qrQE5b4jwDEFvWy9TYqyOsw==, Boolean #=q9yTIZhmTegCym9iH_CArds9_yEywT2x$btsK$hb4gFI=) bei #=qw0JbCZuOUhcMafo$DSo37N2I$3FVcthucZN9BSgZ6HOc8x2LCzKr7k6KAAX6LfFw.#=q$GtQTLb7ozLyIW5ps$4zce6yjpbKSkF5Lo__VDrrof0=(String #=qWZXskrM43GLdJfx0Abb$7A==) bei #=qw0JbCZuOUhcMafo$DSo37N2I$3FVcthucZN9BSgZ6HOc8x2LCzKr7k6KAAX6LfFw.#=qFJ4jkX5cjDLfZruG8jW1oQ==() bei #=q$jZ3bWL5j37qfEB0u6QgMDYFV1SXN3osA0Gfu3MCTG0=.#=qWLDsgrpnW9LMfmiR4G7VZg==(#=qXEocVL5V9QsSoq$Iwt75pe2kZVfBovv$KsUselh2QGkXMO9yxwThQO2QpL_uMhHiGYYEXL87JuSzc5KKMenaPQ== #=qxCM$XZcoh4cX1F98CRksuIDX90VJmQZuEgacwYiYeIM=, #=q9xfqe0ErrgQsdCLIOn9_murZnRP2hAOaqYfn8EWx04gP0HZJDMZaAhZfYfVffPkz #=qazodsDOhTXWxEYJtVb6pHg==) bei #=q$jZ3bWL5j37qfEB0u6QgMDYFV1SXN3osA0Gfu3MCTG0=.#=qIspjB9CuR4fZxkMYSe_mkg==(#=qXEocVL5V9QsSoq$Iwt75pe2kZVfBovv$KsUselh2QGkXMO9yxwThQO2QpL_uMhHiGYYEXL87JuSzc5KKMenaPQ== #=q8C4S7qM$gSHf00jyyApRDDudblRZyEw7DMrGUS_Ndjg=) bei #=qm6if0cjv8PbNCJ4Y8Z$55D_VMb30tWSFn5ud2fRx1ZU=.#=qJhT7btA9r$snANQVZsow1A==() bei #=qm6if0cjv8PbNCJ4Y8Z$55D_VMb30tWSFn5ud2fRx1ZU=..ctor() bei #=qwvOFXMGk0hoEvsIKGY7OweCQXrQo9KqpJjoUqmmuk2w=.#=qKzqD5lWQATvESkLwDvs4yA==() bei #=qcdS1gTTT8NbZkQobkupMgI$Zd1aNi23T58T2YoFM41U=.#=qZtaJ9FUwfXgkwJ86tkoDBQ==() TargetSite=System.String #=q9vO3k78z2oGU7fIaruzGmTF$MTXLf2sVei_DgxzaA0g=(System.String, System.String, Boolean) AS16.cfg [AS16 Settings] CurrOptionsFile=FSXOptions Options\FSXOptions.cfg [General options] FSVersion=FSX as_srv btstrp.txt 02/19/17 10:05:46 SimVersion=1, FsVersion=002/19/17 10:05:46 SxS path: C:\WINDOWS\winsxs\*02/19/17 10:05:52 Simconnect 10.0.61259 being initialized...02/19/17 10:05:52 Connected...02/19/17 10:05:58 Sim is not running02/19/17 10:05:58 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 1... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 23... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 24... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 27... skipped02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 25... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 22... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 2... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 21... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 20... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 3... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 26... passed02/19/17 10:06:02 check point 4... passed02/19/17 10:09:08 Sim is running02/19/17 10:09:26 Sim is not running02/19/17 10:09:30 Sim is running02/19/17 10:10:13 Sim is not running02/19/17 10:10:14 Sim is running02/19/17 10:12:25 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:14:45 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:15:39 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:15:44 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:16:36 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:17:30 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:18:35 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:18:41 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:20:40 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:20:45 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:20:47 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:20:52 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:25:29 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:25:33 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:26:02 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:26:03 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:26:32 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:27:02 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:27:17 Camera changed to non-cockpit view02/19/17 10:27:45 Camera changed to cockpit view02/19/17 10:27:52 Sim is not running02/19/17 10:28:33 Dll stop called02/19/17 10:28:33 DWCpipemanager Close function02/19/17 10:28:33 Set quit to true02/19/17 10:28:33 DWCpipemanager destructor02/19/17 10:28:38 Vis closed02/19/17 10:28:38 VolFog closed02/19/17 10:28:43 ExtReq closed02/19/17 10:28:48 CloudModelSelector closed02/19/17 10:28:50 RadarBuilder closed02/19/17 10:28:50 Before Sky texture manager closed02/19/17 10:28:52 Sky texture manager closed02/19/17 10:28:52 ThemeLoader closed02/19/17 10:28:53 SwarmCloud effect closed AS16_Log 19.02.2017 10:30:43 10:30:01:0619-Adjusted windows firewall rule (AS_PIPE_PORT) for ambient control at port: 445 10:30:01:0778-Adjusted windows firewall rule (AS_RADAR_PORT) for radar functionality at port: 19284 10:30:01:0979-Adjusted windows firewall rule (AS_HTTP_PORT) for web server functionality at port: 19285 10:30:02:0004-Verifying Active Sky 16 for FSX License 10:30:05:0014-Using Client ID: 9B399E35D0C2AD0F1F50B66A31ADDD3A 10:30:43:0804-AppPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\AS16_FSX 10:30:43:0810-AppDataPath = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS16_FSX\ 10:30:43:0826-FSXPath = E:\FSX\ Registry Settings: Install_Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\AS16_FSX License = ******-******-******-****** FSXPath = E:\FSX\ Thanks for your help, Luca
  4. Toronto to Thunder Bay on board Porter 234.
  5. This somehow seems to happen... OVC, flying through the clouds, it all turns blue. Any ideas?
  6. I have my Max vis set to max, and no matter where i go in the world, my sunsets don't look good with it. Sunrises look pretty much the same. Without AS16: https://gyazo.com/1b0f005b41238eb89c9c8b387a8b90ce With AS16: https://gyazo.com/9948da7efe575a6786ce2ca10fcf1230 none of the visibility options fix this issue. also i am unable to disable the default haze layer
  7. Pilots! We’re excited to announce that we’re holding a screenshot contest for Active Sky! Share your screenshots with the community and you’ll have a chance to score some prices! For more info visit : https://hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?7842-ACTIVE-SKY-2016-SP1-SCREENSHOT-CONTEST
  8. "Cannot control ambient weather parameters" error appears every time I connect p3d. I have done everything on this site : http://hifisupport.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/27/10/ambients-error-or-cannot-control-ambient-weather-parameters-error can any one suggest anything else? ​(And yes I have tried the un-install re-install... nothing is working) ​Many thanks James
  9. Hi, before going further I'd like to say this is not a comparison of the graphic. Both enhance the texture enough for my taste. I'm using AS16 now and I'd like to ask how is it different when using AS16 + REX to when using AS16 + ASCA ? Are there any advantages when using ASCA with AS16 that REX doesn't support? And, AFAIK, ASCA is only the cloud texture while REX has cloud, sky, water...? Can all these 3 work together and does it affect the VAS a lot? (without HD textures if there are any). I'm using REX soft clouds now and I think I need something...better I guess. Thank you!
  10. Runing ASCA+AS16 on my comp and it looks like images inserted bellow when runing FSX:SE. System: GTX 1070, i7 6700k turbo 4.2GhZ, DDR4 32Gb RAM. Have no issues when running ASCA+AS16 on P3D. Any thoughts?
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