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  1. Yes there is a Favorite option to select the aircraft we want to see
  2. Thanks to all of you for your replies. I did a checklist with your recommendations and could correct some mistakes new Aircraft Config file entry OK unique new sequential number OK unique Title OK unique UI identity/variation, OK pointed it to the Texture Iwant it to use. OK miss the first [ Checked OK Missing parts or duplicate numbers of the [fltsim.#] Checked OK sim=<airfile name> Checked and corrected OK model=<model folder> is pointing to "a" model folder Checked OK After these correction, I have increase the number of aircraft available but : [fltsim#2] is not visible (title=Douglas C-47 Armee de lAir GT 3/62 Sahara [fltsim#3] is not showing the interior and external texture (aircraft black and interior black. I am attaching the aircraft.cfg below (only fltsim paragraphs) Thanks in advance Bruno
  3. Hello, I have installed 3 repaints for the Manfred jahn's c47" vintage aircraft, Then, I have downloaded from Avsim Library 3 aircraft repaints presented as P3D v4.5 compatible. I have, as usual, copied the folders in the SimObjects/Aircraft folder And I did update the aircrafgt.cfg as I use to do. When P3D v4.5 is running, I want the select one of these repaints and none is visible. Can someone help me resolving this issue? Thanks in advance Bruno
  4. Sorry, did not catch it before... Thanks anyway for replying, will proceed Bruno
  5. Hello, I am using P3Dv4.5 with Thrustmaster MFD controllers. I use it to set my cockpit views with EZDOK and my 2D panel through P3D. I am able to assign any panel until the window number is < 9. The FMS of one of my aircraft is set as Window_13. I cannot find a way to assign this panel to a key of my controller... any idea? thanks in advance Bruno
  6. You are a magician... If I knew that, I would not have disturbed you... So to summarize, if you have this MSVCR120.dll issue, just install redist 2013 (64 and 32 bit)... Thanks Alex
  7. Should I reinstal the redist files with 2013 version when I am already having Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (x64) Redistributable is installed.as well as Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (x86) Redistributable ? Or should I reinstal the same version as currently there ? I have a doubt ! Thanks
  8. Hi Alex, Sorry to come back but nothing resolves my issue: Deleted the former instal and install again LNMap in a different path (under C:) The same message pops up... I am desperate 😞
  9. Hi, Sorry to shake this old topic but I wanted to relate to the above post to expose my own issue, exactly the same. I did check that Redistributable packageis installed and found actually Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (x64) Redistributable is installed.as well as Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (x86) Redistributable My configuration is running LNMap on my main computer (W10) with P3Dv4 and the client on another computer. That was working in the past but recently, I got the same MSVCR120.DLL message. I also checked that the dll was in place, which it is ! Could you help me solving that ? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I fly Phenom 300 with Navigraph extension. I do fill flight plan starting by selecting the departure and the SID. Then the arrival including a STAR before entering all WP of the route. So far everything is OK. Until the controller assigns me a different STAR. I tried to delete the existing arrival procedures but when I add a new arrival where my cursor is located on the airfield of arrival, all points are merged within the route and my route looks like a sparkling star... i could not find anywhere on the web any tutorial to change the STAR inflight (could also be needed on the ground while preparing the flight....) I am keen to be explained thanks in advance Thanks for your help Bruno P3D v4.3, W10-64
  11. New episode of my saga: so far convinced that it is a Java issue, I tried to install a new instance of the program. When launching the program from the inside exe file, I get this message: What to do with this when I confirm to have the latest Java 1.8.1 installed 😞
  12. Me again... continuing I just noticed that Java was updated on 17-07-2018, corresponding more or less the the day when my problems started. So I have udpade Java to the latest version 181, full of expectation :) But no change, still the same issue Anyone else with the same situation ?
  13. Hello I have tried again today and observed the log file and these are the errors mentionned (I do understand nothing !) These are just extract in order to let you know the kind of records that are displayed in the report. If you need the full log, I can forward it in MP.
  14. Hello, I hope I can get assistance for my issue with VfrFlight which ask me to wait, wait and wait... It is not link to my simulator (P3Dv4.1) and it was working fine until yesterday. But, with no apparent reason, it now decided to stop working !!! Any possible reason ? No new software was installed and it is mostly used in standalone mode Thanks in advance Bruno
  15. I just tried but that is not working... Did someone succeded?
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