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  1. Hello, Before all, I need to state that I am located in China and the connectivity here is subjected to the usage of VPN. I am using payware vpn (ExpressVPN and SmartDNS). But to connect on the VATSIM network, I need to use a Chinese vpn agreed for gamers QIYOU. If I try to connect with no VPN at all, the message (see screenshot) is shown and AS16 closes If I try to connect with QIYOU, the message (see screenshot) is shown and AS16 closes If I try to connect with VPN payware, the connection is done and AS16 works. So what I am doing is activating my payware VPN and launch AS16. Once the connection is done, I shutdown the VPN and activate the QIYOU vpn. But after some time, AS16 warns that there is no connection and need to try later... So is there a way to make AS16 work with no Internet connection? How can I resolve this situation? Thanks if you can help me... Regards Bruno
  2. Which is exactly the same as mine after your suggested modification 😞 Will send you the full file... Thanks
  3. Hi Alex, Thanks for your reply. I have removed the "3 dots" entries and still only one area is shown. May I ask you a mail or a personal address where I could send you the full file, please
  4. Hello, Something strange happens to me with one file User Airspaces. It includes 41 areas entered according to the same code but only one is visible... That file was working properly in the past but for sometime now, it doesn't... Could anyone tell me what's wrong in the following sample of the code: AC F AN CBA1C SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH UNLTD AL FL115 V Z=200 DP 51:00:56 N 002:34:22 E DP 51:00:45 N 002:37:40 E DP 50:51:52 N 003:25:52 E DP 50:50:47 N 003:26:49 E DP 50:40:59 N 003:20:02 E DP 50:50:35 N 002:36:54 E ... AC F AN CBAC25FC SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH FL195 AL FL115 V Z=200 DP 47:39:36 N 006:00:13 E DP 47:36:40 N 006:14:49 E DP 47:35:00 N 006:20:41 E DP 47:32:00 N 006:20:00 E DP 47:20:00 N 006:36:12 E DP 46:58:02 N 006:10:52 E DP 46:58:24 N 005:47:29 E DP 47:05:00 N 005:36:30 E DP 47:28:10 N 005:36:30 E ... AC F AN CBAC25FW SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH FL195 AL FL065 V Z=200 DP 47:44:30 N 005:36:30 E DP 47:39:36 N 006:00:13 E DP 47:28:10 N 005:36:30 E DP 47:05:00 N 005:36:30 E DP 47:19:23 N 005:11:46 E DP 47:42:56 N 005:14:59 E ... AC F AN CBAC25FE SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH FL195 AL FL115 V Z=200 DP 47:20:00 N 006:36:12 E DP 47:17:32 N 006:57:53 E DP 46:57:37 N 006:28:33 E DP 46:58:02 N 006:10:52 E ... Among the above list of areas, only the CBAC25FW is displayed... None of the others shows. Thanks for your help Bruno
  5. Hello, Since I have updated to 2.6.18, when I select the theme OpenFlightMaps within France, the map is loaded but immediately disappears to leave a black background. Whenever I change the scale, the map flashes and disappears immediately. Any knowledge about this behavior? Thanks Bruno
  6. If I rely on your last post, the line 574 is the code for MOA : {"M", map::MOA}, so If I assign M to AC class, area should be shown if I select MOA in the selector. Unfortunately, it is not happening... Image 1: areas are G class, all shown. Image 2: area TSA6 is M class and doesn't show. Is there anything wrong in my process? I may have misuunderstood 😉 Extract of my file: AC M AN TSA6 SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH UNLTD AL FL195 V Z=200 DP 48:48:13 N 001:52:35 W DP 48:03:56 N 001:52:31 W DP 47:43:58 N 002:02:43 W DP 47:49:16 N 003:05:26 W DP 48:03:50 N 003:29:19 W DP 48:17:36 N 003:28:40 W DP 48:38:02 N 002:53:26 W ... AC G AN TSA6C SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH FL275 AL FL195 V Z=200 DP 48:38:02 N 002:53:26 W DP 48:17:36 N 003:28:40 W DP 48:03:50 N 003:29:19 W DP 48:18:14 N 004:30:00 W DP 48:29:48 N 004:00:30 W ... AC G AN TSA8A SP 0,2,0,176,80 SB -1,-1,-1 AH FL335 AL FL195 V Z=200 DP 48:48:36 N 001:21:59 W DP 48:43:35 N 000:13:18 E DP 48:01:03 N 001:01:30 W DP 47:50:53 N 001:17:54 W
  7. Hi Alex, Thanks for your reply. Are all of the L269-L306 area types implemented? I tried W and GP for testing purpose and there is no airspace shown in the map. RMZ works as class G... I will temporarely use G airspace to display my TRA/TSA as there is no G airspace in France. Thanks anyway and waiting for a further implementation of MOA and Military Use airspace... Cheers Bruno
  8. Hello, I am creating my own airspace library using the OPEN AIR format. I do understand the classes in the below list but I need to class some areas as MOA but I don't know which AC Class I must assign among this list: ************************************************************************** AIRSPACE related record types: ============================== AC class ; class = Airspace Class, see below: * R restricted * Q danger * P prohibited * A Class A * B Class B * C Class C * D Class D * GP glider prohibited * CTR CTR * W Wave Window ************************************************************************* 1. Which class should I use to create an area with the MOA status ? 2. What class matches with all types available in LNM? 3. Which file includes all areas currently available in LNM and where is it located? By reading the file, I would be able to understand... Thanks in advance for your help. Bruno
  9. Yes there is a Favorite option to select the aircraft we want to see
  10. Thanks to all of you for your replies. I did a checklist with your recommendations and could correct some mistakes new Aircraft Config file entry OK unique new sequential number OK unique Title OK unique UI identity/variation, OK pointed it to the Texture Iwant it to use. OK miss the first [ Checked OK Missing parts or duplicate numbers of the [fltsim.#] Checked OK sim=<airfile name> Checked and corrected OK model=<model folder> is pointing to "a" model folder Checked OK After these correction, I have increase the number of aircraft available but : [fltsim#2] is not visible (title=Douglas C-47 Armee de lAir GT 3/62 Sahara [fltsim#3] is not showing the interior and external texture (aircraft black and interior black. I am attaching the aircraft.cfg below (only fltsim paragraphs) Thanks in advance Bruno
  11. Hello, I have installed 3 repaints for the Manfred jahn's c47" vintage aircraft, Then, I have downloaded from Avsim Library 3 aircraft repaints presented as P3D v4.5 compatible. I have, as usual, copied the folders in the SimObjects/Aircraft folder And I did update the aircrafgt.cfg as I use to do. When P3D v4.5 is running, I want the select one of these repaints and none is visible. Can someone help me resolving this issue? Thanks in advance Bruno
  12. Sorry, did not catch it before... Thanks anyway for replying, will proceed Bruno
  13. Hello, I am using P3Dv4.5 with Thrustmaster MFD controllers. I use it to set my cockpit views with EZDOK and my 2D panel through P3D. I am able to assign any panel until the window number is < 9. The FMS of one of my aircraft is set as Window_13. I cannot find a way to assign this panel to a key of my controller... any idea? thanks in advance Bruno
  14. You are a magician... If I knew that, I would not have disturbed you... So to summarize, if you have this MSVCR120.dll issue, just install redist 2013 (64 and 32 bit)... Thanks Alex
  15. Should I reinstal the redist files with 2013 version when I am already having Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (x64) Redistributable is installed.as well as Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (x86) Redistributable ? Or should I reinstal the same version as currently there ? I have a doubt ! Thanks
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