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  1. Thanks Ken, I will try your method... and also the Bert's one as I am P3D user. But as you said in an earlier post, not sure that all these manipulations worth for such a small issue ! I will see. Anyway thanks for your assistance. Cheers Bruino
  2. Hi Ken, I did not receive any notification to inform me that you replied... Sorry for being late ! Thanks for the investigation.. I have done the modification for Feb (see below) but I don't know how to import it in the CAB file... Impossible from the 7zip app... Any idea? To upload a screenshot here, first save you pix onto a server (I use ShareX myself) and include the image address in your post... as simple as that ;) Regards Bruno
  3. Thanks Ken, Another project that would include an automatic update of the graphic based on the current AIRAC... Not that makes sense We can fly as it...
  4. Hi ******* and Ken, Thanks for your replies. While launching the aircraft, I did get the message stating that Navigraph datbase is being updated. Then I followed your path, Ken, and effectively the Navigraph update is OK. But I still don't understand why the main page still shows the date 2016 for the DB status ! Do you have the same situation? Thanks again and happy new year Bruno
  5. Hi guys, How to notice if the extension is properly installed... I see no difference in the MFD which shows a Database expiring on 30-MAR-2016 despite my latest update to AIRAC 1713 I have a Navigraph yearly subscription. So I am not quite sure if the install was successful or maybe I forgot to declare it somewhere ! Thanks for your help Bruno P3D v4.1 , W10-64
  6. It is now confirmed that it is an EZDok issue. Subject closed
  7. Hi guys, Popping up in this post for a simple question... How to notice if the extension is properly installed... I see no difference in the MFD which shows a Database expiring on 30-MAR-2016 despite my latest update to AIRAC 1713... Also I am not having the NORMAL checklist. So I am not quite sure if the install was successful or maybe I forgot to declare it somewhere ! Thanks for your help Bruno
  8. Hi Guys, It looks like this is not a G1000 problem but an EZDOK issue. I posted there and am waiting for a reply. Let you know and will close the post. Bruno
  9. Hi, I've been searching through the forum and more widely in Internet unsuccessfully... I just got the Carenado Phenomm 300 and purchased meanwhile the Navigraph extension. While launching my session after having chosen my aircraft, I have this message Did anyone get the same? Obviously the extension doesnt recognise my AIRAC 1713 ! Thanks in advance
  10. Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    Hi guys, First of all, I'd like to thank all participants for this thread... I could fly just by reading all suggestions... Unable to steer with my Alabeo DA40 with the P3D V4.1 sim, I googled and found, thant to you, that EZDOK was responsible for that situation. I remove the fuselage shaking and done... Bruno
  11. My fingers did their best, I can guarantee... I have respected the explanations given in the video, going slowly and surely, no issue while proceeding and at the end......... no change, exactly the same behavior of my throttle 1... :Shame On You: I give up and will try to keep using as it until I receive my new throttle that I will order in the coming days. Thanks again Phil for your help!
  12. Thanks Phil... I will try your fix, should my fingers allow Once this done, and if unsuccessful, I will also buy another quadrant... What did you buy ? I am considering the GoFlight GF-TQ6 I'll post here the result of my trial Bruno
  13. Hi Guys I am facing an identified but rarely resolved issue with my Saitek Quadrant: the engine throttle 1 cannot be set properly... I have visited many forums and could fine similar problem experienced by other :simfans". I have therefore applied the differents actions suggested such as: verified the possibility of having multiple assignments for the same control: no duplicate calibrated the throttles through Windows, taking care of the dead zones: nothing unusual, no dead zone set calibrated the same through FSX: no issue applied the method "macwino" described in a post on SimFlight forum (topic 73846) consisting in deleting folders in Windows impact Then applid the method "Tutdoc" from the same post... unsuccessful! What happens: while moving slightly the 2 throttles of my Saitek quadrant, the engine throttle 1 on FSX pedestal (VC) jumps forward at mid course (Image 1) Then from the position reached on the pedestal, any movement forward of the quadrant throttle doesn't have any effect until the quadrant throttle reaches the medium position, At this moment the throttle of the VC pedestal jumps to full poser (Image 2) The image 3 shows the situation after I have aligned the 3 quadrant throttles to the throttle #1, in reference to the VC throttles. I don't know if I have fully investigated... I am suspecting a hardware problem, but I would like to have your feeling and expect that someone could help me. Thanks in advance Bruno NOTE: I cannot upload images... the dialog box to load the URL gets stuck I will upload them later if I understand how to proceed Windows 7-64 / 16Mb RAM / I7 3770 / SSD256 + 2To HDD / GTX660 / NVidia Surround over 3X29inch FSX SP2, FSUIPC registered, Captain Sim B707 and C130 airplanes (4-engine) SAITEK- Yoke ProFlight System, additional Throttle Quadrant, Rudder pedals, Multi Panel
  14. What EXACTLY does the FSX 'repair' do?

    Thanks for the post, I am downloading it and will try !
  15. What EXACTLY does the FSX 'repair' do?

    Problem solved ... After deleting the scenery Florida input in my scenery.cfg file, FSX is back... There was something wrong with my install. Cheers Bruno