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  1. Hi Lorby. Thanks for the info. I've been out of the loop for a while with other things and I'm struggling a bit to get back into the way of how things work. Regards...Kenny.
  2. Hi Folks. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that uses either the X-Touch, or a Stream Deck Plus Rotary knob to operate the Magneto switch and Key Start in the Asobo C172? Thanks...Kenny.
  3. Hi Folks. Does anyone know when the welcome screen gets updated? My local airport, EGPH, has a new GA parking area. It is a fair size and shows up in the Bing Maps Satellite image. I'm wondering when it will be updated in the sim to show the new GA apron. I make use of an addon for EGPH and the parking stands show up but they are on grass in the sim welcome screen, and not concrete as in real life and Bing Maps. Once my flight has loaded my C700 is sitting on concrete, but that is the addon I have. It's only a minor annoyance, but it would be nice if the sim screen was updated to reflect the change. Regards...Kenny
  4. Hello again. I am currently using a wireless mouse. I will go back to using my usb mouse and see if that makes a difference. My wireless mouse works fine with all of the other apps and programmes on my pc. "Holding the right button down while dragging an Action to a new location will duplicate it." This is the instruction from the documentation, and although the action does highlight, it will not drag down to the other profile and they do not show up as per the documentation graphic. Regards...Kenny.
  5. Hello again. I would really like to be able to transfer actions from a profile into my own profiles using your Stream Deck Profile Editor, but I cannot get it to do what the documentation says it should. I have version 1.08 b02 of the Profile Editor. I am opening a profile into the top right pane of the editor and then opening my own profile into the bottom right pane. I'm thinking that I should be able to click an action in the top profile and drag it down into my profile below. However, when I left click the action, it gets selected with a cyan/green coloured frame around it, as in the documentation, but when I then try to duplicate the action by holding the right mouse button nothing happens. This is an intermittent thing with me as I have seen the little +sign with a rectangle behind it when I make use of the 'C 172 G1000' profile as the one to duplicate from. It has stopped working again for me today though. I must be doing something wrong, although I don't know what, as it seems straightforward. I have uninstalled and re-installed it and I also run it as Administrator. I am using Windows 10 with an AMD processor. I would appreciate your advice once more. Regards...Kenny.
  6. Hello again. WOW and double WOW. With the help of a friend I now understand how the G1000 Bridge works. It is amazing!! I have eight buttons on my SD+ and I have made two pages with eight buttons in each page. Allowing for forward and back buttons on each page, I have 12 available buttons and as you say they are dynamic. I can switch between all of the functions in the G1000. Happy days. Thank you so much for this. Regards...Kenny.
  7. Hi Folks. I'm following a YouTube video whereby I make use of the G1000 Bridge. I have an SD+ with eight buttons, so I'm already struggling as to fitting in 12 softkeys. The video makes use of a 32 button Stream Deck. I have the second PFD softkey working in that it opens the options to select Layout and Back. That's great. However, I then thought I would use the same G1000 Bridge scripts, with the softkey 11 inserted to take me 'Back' to the original 12 softkeys. However, it opens up the 'Nearest' insert window. That is what button 11 does in the PFD with the use of the mouse. Is there a way to define an SD+ button to go 'Back' to the original 12 softkeys? Regards...Kenny.
  8. Hi there. Thanks for sorting that for me. Again, my lack of knowledge, but learning all the time. I'll do what you say and report back. This is my flying night with my flight buddy. Best Regards...Ken.
  9. Hi Folks. In FS2020, I use a Bravo Throttle Quadrant. I am trying to assign the DA62 FUEL CONTROL levers to two levers in the Bravo. The OFF position works fine as it is a button in the Bravo, However, although I can get the Bravo lever to set the ON position, I cannot get it to return back to the CROSSFEED. I was planning to use the detent stop in the Bravo axis lever. Is there a way to have two EVENTS on the one axis lever? One going forward to ON and one coming back to the detent for CROSSFEED. Cheers...Kenny.
  10. Hello again. You were correct, I did have an older version of the plugin. I now have 30_03, complete with IE in the dropdown. When I said that there were so many options, I meant that as a beginner, looking at the Behaviours page in the sim can be quite daunting as there is so much information to look at and decide which part is correct for what I am trying to achieve. To a newbie, it can all look quite similar. I will get to grips with scripting, it's baby steps at the moment. Best Regards...Kenny.
  11. Hello again Lorby. Thanks once again for the prompt reply. I'll need to read the AAO documentation again to figure out what to do with the scripts you posted. At present, I am simply cherry picking the various Key events from the list in the Scripting section of AAO, if you know what I mean by that. My knowledge is still quite limited and there are so many different 'options' for events, at least to my inexperienced eye. The B Var options that you posted work a treat. Thanks. It is very quick, is there a way to have a slight delay in the switch action? I'm thinking that a pilot would perhaps hold the test for aprox one or two seconds. The pc processor is way faster. If no delay option, then fine, I'm happy with it working as it is. Cheers...Kenny. p.s... I don't see IE in the Key Down/Up event dropdown box. I have K: H: L: A: S: B: CMD: I have of the Stream Deck software.
  12. Hi Folks. I am trying to assign the DA62 aircraft ELT switch Test event to an SD+ button. I have used the AAO Watch simulator events and I get this...[SAFETY_ELT_1]: 1 (>IE:SAFETY_ELT_1) I have also looked at Behaviours in the FS2020 and I see lots of information, including a mention of an ELT_TEST : 3. Unfortunately, I don't have the knowledge to decipher all of that information. I can see that it is in the SAFETY Root Components and there is an ASOBO_SAFETY_ELT_SubTemplate with 37 lines of information. I don't need to activate the ELT to ON, hopefully, 🙂. I would like to see the TEST led light up though, when I press a button in my SD+ . Any thoughts on how to set it up would be a great help. Regards...Kenny. p.s. I would need to be able to Toggle the switch back to the ARMED position after the TEST. Thanks.
  13. Hi Lorby. There is no need to reply to this, but I just wanted to say thanks for the the time you have taken to assist me recently. I downloaded Chris' SD profile from Flightsim.to as you suggested and, after asking him a question about the crossfeed control in the 414, I suddenly had a lightbulb moment as to how the different aspects all combine. I'm now on my way to getting my SD+ working to control my cockpits. Regards...Kenny.
  14. Whatever I was doing wrongly, seems to have sorted itself out now. I suspect that previously I had not been running it in administrator mode. I have selected that option now in the properties section and the Profile Editor is working now. I'll go for a long walk to clear my head now. You have been so patient with me. Thank you. Regards...Kenny.
  15. Yes, I have it installed and have tried it a few times. However, I must be doing something incorrectly, as I am unable to drag and drop from another profile into my ones. I am also puzzled as to why in the screenshots, the profiles have actual names, whereas in my editor, they are all a long series of numbers. I'll have another read of the manual to figure out what I am doing incorrectly.
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