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  1. Hi Folks. My local airport EGPH had a facelift some time ago with the addition of a new apron and taxiway. This new apron is where the bizjets are parked up and it shows as such in Bing Maps. I have the new ORBX EGPH and it is fairly accurate with the new apron and parking spots. However, the sim world map page still shows the old airport layout. Does anyone know how often the world map screen gets updated? It would be nice to see the new layout with the correct parking. Regards...Ken.
  2. Hello again. Yes, I have read the relevant sections of the manual. Initially it was the Block Fuel message that I could not remove. Now I have a whole lot of empty entries showing as red in the Fuel Report tab since selecting the DakFly reference file. I'll work my way through the various entries and try to remove the red warning banner. Thanks for your help. I'll report back when I have made some progress. Cheers...Kenny
  3. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it. I initially downloaded and installed the file from here... https://www.littlenavmap.org/downloads/Aircraft Performance/MSFS/ However, I have also installed the DAKFLY Flight Dynamics mod for the C700 Longtitude. I deleted out the ASOBO file from the Performance folder and put in the DAKFLY one. Unfortunately, when I open the Edit Aircraft performance window in LNM the Aircraft model box shows as empty. How do I edit the Aircraft Performance from the Aircraft tab at the top of LNM? Regards...Kenny
  4. Hi Folks. I have installed a Performance file for the C700 Longtitude. In the Flight Planning Fuel Report tab, I am seeing a red 'Block fuel exceeds usable of 1,200 lbs, 200 gal.' How do I change the Block Fuel in order to remove the red warning banner in the Report? There is no entry for Block Fuel in the Performance tab. Regards...Kenny.
  5. Hi Ixoye. Yes, it looks like that is the best option. Cheers...Ken.
  6. Hi Guys. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I'll need to learn to feather the brakes. I don't want those VIPs in the back spilling their G&T's...LOL Cheers...Kenny.
  7. My apologies if this has been covered already but there are so many posts now, it is difficult to find stuff. Does anyone know of a way to slow down the taxi speed of the Longtitude? I'm assuming it is hard coded into the 'air file' by ASOBO but just wondered if perhaps there was a number we could change somewhere. I give a small increase in thrust to start the aircraft moving and then reduce to idle but the N1% stays at 28 and the aircraft taxi speed increases to what I'm thinking is unrealistic. I'm not an engineer but is there a way to reduce that number and would it make a difference to taxi speed? Regards...Kenny.
  8. Hi Bert, perhaps I am not picking up correctly in what you are trying to do but I can save a custom weather flight and then reload it from the pc by selecting it from a drop down list under the WEATHER heading in the popup WEATHER window. I still have options to amend it further if I so desire. I right click on the blue square wind and cloud icons under WEATHER. This then activates a 'Save' option amongst the other small icons and I can then give it a dedicated name and save it to 'This pc' after changing the weather to an appropriate metar for the airports I am using. I can save a dedicated .flt for my arrival and select it from the dropdown at an appropriate distance out. My apologies if you already know all this and are looking to achieve something else. Regards...Kenny.
  9. Hi Crimplene and Simple B. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. Best Regards...Kenny.
  10. Hi Folks. I am not really a techie, so, are all you folks talking about a beta version that is not yet available as an update? I mean the ones that we all get every so often. Also, if I may. I am assuming that my pc is using DX11 and most posts are mentioning DX12. Is DX12 tied to this beta? Or is it something that I can install? How would I know whether I am using DX11 or 12? Regards...Kenny. edit...I just searched online and then ran the dxdiag tool. My pc is using DX12.
  11. Wait what?? Those real life colours are way too vivid and the turbulence is too much baked in. Where are the puffy clouds in the real world? Man, those real life runways look terrible. Too many cracks and all that grass, no way. Flightsim 2020 is way better than real life. Just my opinion of course...LOL
  12. Yeah, my sim is rock solid. No issues at all. Regards...Kenny.
  13. Hello tup61. Be assured that the charts do make perfect sense to real world pilots. It is a case of making use of the correct arrival and approach charts for the assigned runway. I'm typing this as a quick reply without having had a look at the airfield and charts you mention. I'll have a look later, as will other folks I presume.In the meantime here is a link that may help you understand the charts better. It is a lot of detail but read through it at your leisure. https://ww2.jeppesen.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Introduction-to-Jeppesen-Navigation-Charts.pdf Best Regards...Kenny
  14. The good thing is that your issue was resolved in a civil manner with all parties responding to each other in a polite and understanding way. So much better than the bad tempered and impolite rants we occasionally see. By the way Pete, I use a neat little utility called 'Everything' to find stuff in my pc. Here is the link.... https://www.voidtools.com/ I use it a lot when I run out of memory, my own I mean!! LOL Regards...Kenny
  15. 72, Psion Flight Simulator on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Blue sea, green land and pointy hills. What a long way we have all come. Brilliant. Regards...Kenny
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