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  1. ALT and ENTER will toggle you between full screen and windowed mode. You can then check to see if the progress bar has been hidden by the taskbar. Cheers...Kenny.
  2. Hi Folks. Since the update I cannot seem to get the mixture lever to work on my CH yoke. I have re-assigned it several times and I can see the white slider bar working but in the cockpit it does not operate. Any thoughts? Regards...Kenny.
  3. Launched the sim, got the update message, went to the store, got the update, installed the update, five minutes later I was flying. Some folks really do make things seem more difficult than they really are. Perhaps it is the way they have their system set up. Isn't it a bit strange that it is mainly the same people we see whining about the sim? Blue Skies...Kenny.
  4. I for one just wish that folks would simply say "my CTDs" instead of "the CTDs". Not everyone has them. A lot of people fly crash free with excellent scenery. It can be an unfair world at times. Regards...Kenny.
  5. Hello Bert.

    Would it be possible for me to join in with one of your multiplayer flights? I would like to know my way around the process of setting it up. It is probably quite straightforward I know, but I would just like to be confident with it.

    You may remember I live over in Scotland, so there will be a time difference. I don't mind a late night session for me, if that's okay with yourself.


    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Hi Ken,

      Can you get on Teamspeak?


      We are flying at 1800 UTC, in Alaska..


  6. Hello waiwj and Bert. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. Blanked out to avoid bad reg's, I get that. Bert, may I ask about your Group not setting up a group?? That's a bit over my head!! LOL. How do you see each others aircraft without a group? I'm keen to find out as Chris and I have only just started in with this. Bert, I remember you giving me advice about the Phenom 300 in FSX a couple of years back. It was to do with the xml coding for the G1000. How the sim has moved on from then. Regards...Kenny.
  7. Hi wainwj. Negative. We are going through the stages of selecting an aircraft, the C208B, then a parking spot at the departure airfield and then the weather. Finally we hit the space bar to load in our plan. It all seems to work apart from the flight plan as I described and one more thing is the fact that the registration letters are replaced with a white rectangle on each others aircraft when viewed from the external camera. I can see my own registration but Chris' reg is blanked out. We are unsure how to display the registration. Regards...Ken.
  8. Hi Folks. My friend and I are having an issue with a group flight. When I set up the group and he joins I can see the whole VFR flight plan in the G1000 map display but he only sees a direct line from departure to destination. When he sets up the group flight and I join it is the same, only he sees the whole plan and I see a direct magenta line. We make the plan in LNM (Little Nav Map) and then export it into FS2020. On the World Map screen we see the plan but it has a zigzag line added to it. The Nav Log window shows the correct route with the correct waypoints. Is there an issue with group flight only allowing the lead person to see the whole plan in the G1000? Are we not doing things correctly? Does anyone know how we can both see the plan in our respective cockpits? What is the issue with FS2020 adding in the extra blue lines to the world map when it shows the flight plan? Apologies for all the questions but we are both learning as we go with this. As we all are I suppose, in our own different ways. Thanks. Cheers...Kenny.
  9. Hi Folks. Does anyone know how to set a key for changing the radio decimal frequencies? I find it a bit fiddly trying to keep the mouse active on the rotating knob. I see that there is a key binding for the main frequency but not the decimal part. I'm setting up a page for the radios in Matric but so far have not seen any buttons for the decimal freqs. Perhaps it is not possible to change the decimal with a keystroke. I also note that there are buttons for the inbuilt ATC responses in Matric which is great for the simulator ATC but not so good for VATSIM. Cheers...Ken.
  10. Hi Shayne, Check your Windows version number in the Control Panel>System>About>Windows specifications, version. My version was well out of date and that is why I also got the Gaming Sevices error message. I updated Windows to version 21H1 and it also updated Gaming Services and the error went away. I assume that The Gaming Services was trying to update itself into my older version of Windows. Regards...Ken.
  11. Hi EDDB2020. Can you be a bit more specific as to where I disable the tooltips and adjust the zoom speed? I have been through everything I can think off and I have most things disabled or set to the Hard setting yet I am still seeing the tooltips pop up. By the way, you look so young to have this much knowledge (LOL). Thanks...Kenny
  12. Hi Folks. Is there a way to use my keyboard to enter waypoint names into the 'Direct To' FMS data screen? I am finding it difficult to use the outer and inner knobs in the FMS bezel because a tooltip pops up and my mouse wheel wants to zoom the cockpit view. I end up trying to enter the data, avoid the tooltip and stop my view from being zoomed in and out. All at the same time!! LOL. I still have a lot to learn in the sim and so I would appreciate any ideas from you. Thanks...Kenny. p.s. I should have said that this is in the default Cessna172 G1000 screens.
  13. Hi There. In the U.K. try this http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html In Europe try this https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/cms-eadbasic/opencms/en/login/ead-basic/ Free registration required. Elsewhere try this https://skyvector.com/ I hope this helps you. Regards...Ken.
  14. Boy, aren't computers strange beasts. My friend spent a fair bit of money on a new pc specifically for MSFS2020. The cd tray ran disc 1 okay but the subsequent discs could not find the path. Unfortunately, no indication of which path!!. Anyway, we took advice from the forum and copied the disc contents to a new folder and ran from there. He now has the sim installed and is downloading the world updates etc. Thanks for all your input and advice...Ken.
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