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  1. kenny584

    RealAir Duke piston Nav1 OBS

    Hi Guys. Roman, I'm not too sure what config program you mean. I have activated the Duke B60 Config Panel [Options] but there is no GPS HSI Course. Do you mean the RealAir Duke B60 Config Panel? Mine is marked as Copyrght 2009 and only has options for Ground Steering, GPS Startup, DME Indicator Startup, VC Glass Reflections and on the right hand side of the window there are two other options. Cockpit state on startup and RealView Stall Buffet. I'm thinking that you must have a more up to date version than mine. I have all the options set for Cold and Dark but there is nothing for the GPS HSI. Bert, the only Hotkeys mentioned in the .cfg file are three relating to Camera Definitions. Namely, 0 'Right Seat', 6 'Cabin' and 7 'Rear Window'. I'm thinking that none of these will affect the workings of the Heading Bug and Course Selector but I disabled them anyway. It has just dawned on me that I should have said that I have the Flight1 GTN750 installed into the Duke but unsure whether that would make a difference to activating the toggle. I do not wish to take up a lot of your valuable time but I really would like to get this working. It has become a bit of an obsession now that I cannot think why it is not working. I'll keep looking for ideas online but if you do think of anything else please reply back. Regards...Ken.
  2. kenny584

    RealAir Duke piston Nav1 OBS

    Hi spokes and hello again Bert. I never thought to check the Duke options feature. I was thinking that was just for weight and balance and fuel etc. I'll check it out. Bert, thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I'll try that also. I'll do them one at a time and report back with any result. I'm doing my Vatsim P5/ IR in the Duke and using this toggle will save me having to reach for the mouse. Cheers...Ken.
  3. kenny584

    RealAir Duke piston Nav1 OBS

    Hello again spokes. Okay, I have looked at the FSUIPC .ini file, the buttons section, and it looks to be okay. I do not have a profile for the Duke. My CH yoke buttons 2 and 3, left/right toggle, will trigger the heading bug in the default Baron and other aircraft but not the Duke!! After a button reset, it will trigger the NAV2 OBS INC and DEC in the Duke but not the NAV1 OBS INC and DEC. It just seems to be locked out somehow and it's driving me nuts. Setting various Key presses will not action it either. I'm stumped. I am wondering why yours works and mine does not. Any other thoughts? Regards...Ken.
  4. kenny584

    RealAir Duke piston Nav1 OBS

    Hi spokes. Yeahhh, I'm sure that I have tried those commands, I'll have another go. I have not tried profiles because I mainly fly light GA aircraft and they are pretty much of a muchness. One set of instructions regarding buttons and axes fits all e.g. Gear, Flaps, Trim etc. I have not looked at .ini files either. Again, I'll have an in depth look at these. Both for FSUIPC and the Duke, in fact anywhere!! There is something that I am not seeing and it annoys me because I have been simming for yonks and am usually pretty good with files etc. I dabble in scenery and repaints so I'm not a beginner but this has me stumped. I'll keep you posted and would appreciate further help if required in my investigations. Regards...Ken.
  5. Hi Folks. I have tried for a long time now to figger out why I cannot get the Nav1 OBS heading bug and course selector to move by using a toggle on my CH yoke. The Nav2 OBS responds to my toggle button input and other aircraft will allow me to use a toggle to increase and decrease the heading bug and course selector. However, as I say the Nav1 display in the Duke has me beat. I have tried various options in FSUIPC but not LINDA as I have no experience with it. Can anyone advise if there is something hard coded in the gauge to stop a toggle button from operating it. The mouse will of course operate it but I'd like to use a side to side toggle. I have the up/down toggle working the trim wheel but cannot get the Nav1 OBS to work with the side to side toggle!!! All ideas appreciated...Ken.
  6. kenny584

    Repaint Request

    Hi Guys. Unfortunately, this can be really time consuming due to Carenado having split the textures for the engine casings. The fuselage and fin are not too hard to do but the engines are another matter altogether. I am not really a great re-painter but have had a try and found it really difficult. It needs a lot of time and thought. However, someone with more experience may well come in and do them. Regards...Ken.
  7. Hi Folks. Has anyone any info on our friend Bradoux? I replied to his OP on the 26th of February and he has not replied back. I hope he is okay. Regards...Ken.
  8. Hi Noel. As far as I am aware. Embraer have the beacon turn on automatically with the batteries. I have never switched on a beacon in either the 100 or the 300. Cheers...Ken.
  9. Hi Noel. My i3 is a 2120 running at 3.30 GHz. Is this the info you were looking for? I am flying FSX boxed with Tileproxy and the UK 2000 VFR Airfields scenery plus the Navigraph extension and it works okay with the 300. The pc runs faster frames with less complex aircraft of course, but as I said, horses for courses. Cheers...Ken.
  10. Hi Noel. I am not familiar with the SB-E3930K. I have an Intel i3 with an Nvidia GTX660 on my desktop pc and it runs the 300 quite well. It can take a few moments to load it in but after that it is okay. I run with unlimited frames, having tried locking them at 30, half the refresh rate etc...I did get the GTN750 mod from Bert and it works well but have gone back to the G1000 because, on my system, it also works well. I know that some people hate it and find it buggy but as I have replied previously, I think that it is very much system dependant. Bert has helped me with some coding issues for the checklists and I have found a way to change the static MFD startup graphic to reflect the latest airac numbers. So, horses for courses, as far as I am concerned. I am not a numbers person, so I cannot help you with the facts and figures but it works well on my rig. Regards...Ken.
  11. Hi Steve. Thanks for the info. I do not wish to uninstall the Navigraph pack as I like to make use of the airac cycles. However, I have been a bit busy elsewhere in the sim world and have not as yet updated to the latest cycle. I suppose it will come down to one's personal level of immersion in flying the Phenom. However, the airacs from the aerosors website will update the FSX nav database to the latest cycle, so in that respect, it would give a pilot the best of both. It should then be possible to load an FSX plan updated with the latest cycle. Cheers...Ken.
  12. Hi Keith. That is so cool. Perseverence certainly pays off. Cheers...Ken.
  13. Hi Keith. I have read that FSUIPC mouse macros only work with C++ gauges and not with XML gauges. See here.... Scroll down to Glynn's reply posted on July 3rd 2015. I have not tried this and you may well have seen this thread anyway. I'm just doing a bit detective work here LOL.. Cheers...Ken.
  14. Hi Bruno. I have just noticed that you are using P3D ver4.3 with W10-64. I am also on W10-64 but I fly using FSX. I have noted that people are having problems with P3d v4. Perhaps that is the source of your problem. Still let me know the airport and STARS you are trying to change and I'll see if I can make the change in FSX. Cheers...Ken.
  15. Hi Bruno. I am not sure if this is what you mean, but this works for me. I make use of the GCU477 unit to make all of my entries. My home base is Edinburgh EGPH so let's fly south to London Stansted. After entering the Departure Airport EGPH and the SID GOSA1C and RW24 with no TRANSITION the waypoints of the SID are shown in the SEQUENCE box at the bottom. Then select LOAD? and hit ENT I then press the PROC softkey again and scroll to SELECT ARRIVAL and hit ENT. I then use the outer knob to clear the Airport data entry line and enter EGSS by using the unit's keypad and then hit ENT. STANSTED is displayed in the Airport box. I then hit ENT again to select the ARRIVAL. Using the outer knob I scroll to LORE3G and hit ENT. There are no TRANSITIONS so ENT and no RUNWY so again hit ENT. The waypoints are shown in the SEQUENCE box and LOAD? is flashing. Hit ENT to load the arrival. I then use the PROC key again to select and load the APPROACH for the appropriate runway and TRANSITION. Then I check it all by using the FPL key. All is well. However, tower then inform me that Stansted have changed the runway in use and advise an arrival via the ASKEY STAR. I have to hit the PROC key and scroll to SELECT ARRIVAL and hit ENT. EGSS is still active so ENT again to select the ARRIVAL option. By using the outer knob I scroll to the ASKE4Q ARRIVAL and hit ENT. NO TRANSITION so ENT and no RUNWY so ENT. LOAD? is now flashing so again ENT. This has now changed the ARRIVAL from the LORE3G to the ASKE4Q STAR. the FPL key will show the new waypoints. This is an extreme change from coming in from the north to one from the south but it illustrates how I change things. Please reply and let me know the airport you were trying to change the STAR for and I will have a go at it. This works for me but I know that things can be a bit iffy for some folks in this aircraft. I find it okay though. Regards...Ken.