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  1. Hello Andreas. Okay, I'll do that. Thanks for the Heads Up. Regards...Ken.
  2. Ah, okay. I did not realise that VATSIM was working with 2020 right now. I'll log into TS and get the info. Regards...Ken.
  3. Hi Folks. Could someone give me a quick run down on joining a multiplayer session. I have watched a few videos and decided to try at EGKA. I joined at a parking spot and sure enough saw lots of 'Name Tabs' but no visual aircraft. I started the Cessna 152 and tuned the Comms but no ATC 'Chatter'. I must be missing a step or two along the way. Do I have to be invited by someone to join? Also, at present I have no Flight Sim 'Friends'. I know, I know, what a saddo LOL. How do I become friends with people so that I can arrange a flight with them. Also, as an aside, I can't get the 152 to start from the key. I always have to do Ctrl E to start it. I'm sure that I have it set to start but it just cranks without firing up. I have parking brake set, battery and alternator ON. Avionics OFF, Fuel Valve OPEN and then turn the key whilst advancing the Mixture but no startup. Any hints and tips for starting the 152? Oh, I've also tried using the Primer for three shots. Regards...Ken.
  4. Hi Biggles2010. Surely not!! LOL...Ken.
  5. Ha, negative!! I'm just sightseeing in fair weather. I am just getting to grips with it. Cheers...Ken.
  6. Hello Al. Yes, that it. I am a bit unsure how to post screenshots but what you have is what I am seeing. It must be a slight issue with something. Not sure what though. Perhaps someone will patch it. There is a chap making some smaller Scottish airfields. I will try and chat with him. I am currently flying towards Pitlochry following the A9 road and it is superb. The Scottish Highlands look amazing. Cheers...Ken.
  7. Hi Folks. Would someone please take the time to have a look at my home field of EGPJ? The vehicles in my sim are all 'upended' as if they are sitting on an invisible slope. The real world car park is flat so it is quite disappointing to see the cars all sitting tilted. I'm not a techie as such, so not sure at all if it is 'fixable' Thanks in advance...Ken.
  8. Hello Erich. Hardware, of course!! I immediately though Hard Wired and then couldn't get past that thought. The joys of being a Silver Surfer. LOL Thanks...Ken. p.s. apologies for the slight hijack of the OP.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm probably being a bit dense here.....but, what does h/w stand for? I've been trying to think it through but my brain seem to be in thick cloud at the moment!! Cheers...Ken.
  10. Hi Williehayes52. I'm looking at the number of your posts and thinking that you are fairly new to this stuff. I would recommend checking out the purchase of FSUIPC. Now to clarify my position here, I have it for FSX and it allows me to assign 'Offsets', these are numbers assigned to buttons on my keyboard, I have the number two button assigned to the number two engine and button one assigned to the left, number 1 engine. If I wish to control them both together I have an offset assigned to the letter E this is assigned to controlling both engines. Now, I have been quite busy realworld and have not spent a lot of time with the new sim but have noticed references to FSUIPC for it here in the Forum. I will certainly be getting it, if indeed it is available for FS2020. Perhaps someone with more knowledge might chip in with more info on this. Regards...Ken.
  11. Hi Folks. Mmmm, I'll need to get the files out of storage. I have not continued with this due to the long delay in responding. I was unsure if you were still simming. I posted the screenshot as a work in progress, i.e. only the port side was finished. When I received no further feedback I stopped work on it. However, now that I see that you like the repaint, I'll carry on with it. I am quite busy with real world stuff at present and I have purchased the new FS2020. I also have two student pilots within the VA that I am a member of, so there is a lot happening right now. It could be a week or two before I have a finished repaint. Regards...Ken.
  12. Hi Folks. Is there a way to change from inches of mercury to Hectopascales in the Altimeter? (USA baro settings to European) Regards...Ken.
  13. Ah, okay. I have an LG ultrawide running at 1080p. It will be fine I'm sure but I'll probably at some point go to 32" 16x9 res at 2160. Thanks for your input. Regards..Ken.
  14. Hi Folks. May I ask why you have gone for 1440 resolution rather than 2160? The new sim is produced in 4k and I'm thinking that I should be looking at a 3840x2160 monitor to get the best image I can. The choices are many and varied and I'm not really a techie as such. Regards...Ken.
  15. Hi Guys. Thanks for the input but I have managed to scrape my car this morning reversing out of the garage. Just a moments distraction and 'scraaaaappppe' Oops. Monitor is now on the back burner. What a bummer. Cheers...Ken.
  16. Hi Folks. I am looking to purchase a new monitor for FS2020. My current monitor is a 34" flat screen LG 34 UM68-P. This has served me well for both FSX and Xplane11. However, I see that FS2020 is produced in 4k. Does this mean that we should be looking for 4k monitors? I really do not want to go down to 27" but I am finding that there is not a lot of choice for full 3840x2160 IPS, G-sync, DP etc. I don't mind a 32" screen and fancied the idea of perhaps a curved screen. However, a friend has told me that curved screens are usually only 2.7k. This is a surprise to me and I am unsure how that should be and what it means. There are lots of 1440 monitors but again, I am not techy enough to know if the new sim will display at its best at 1440 rather than 2160. Could someone come in with some thoughts and perhaps some facts and figures regarding the differences between 2160 and 1440 and what it will mean for displaying the new sim at its best? I realise the difference in pixel count but not sure of the visual quality difference, if you know what I mean. Regards...Ken.
  17. Now that would be cool. Perhaps even with the G3000 units!! Maybe that's being a bit ambitous...?? You are right of course, a friend and I enjoy flying the 300 in FSX, so we will be sticking with it for a while yet. I will get the new sim though on day one. It certainly looks awesome. Hopefully it will stand the test of time. Best Regards...Ken.
  18. Hello Rhett. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it did take a bit of time to do, even yet there is room for improvement. However, with the imminent release of the new sim, I think that it will be the end of repaints etc for FSX. Regards...Ken.
  19. Hi Adrian. You only need to start one engine using battery power. Once started it will provide electrical power through the generator sufficient to start the other engine. See this video from Jesse Flies.... I know that anything is possible in the sim and that shows how we are all different. I always have the Phenom on the ramp somewhere. I am flying it in FSX so cannot help out with the button problems you are experiencing. Regards...Ken.
  20. Hi There. Here is a link to my first version of the livery. It is a work in progress but I would appreciate some feedback. Bear in mind I am new to re-painting, so please be gentle...LOL https://www.dropbox.com/s/6dtvbxy9gnxr7rl/On the ramp.jpg?dl=0 Regards...Ken.
  21. Hi Leen. Okay, thanks for the info. I'll do some further research to bring me up to current specs for FSX aircraft textures. Regards...Ken.
  22. Hello Leen. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. I understand what you have said regarding the window 'holes' in the aircraft model, as I have made use of the Boolean tool in FSDS and made a transparent glass texture to fit that hole. This is in buildings that I have made for my own use in various airfields. However, could you explain the difference between an Alpha Channel and a specular texture? I do not as yet understand that part of aircraft textures. I am keen to learn. I am working on a repaint for the Carenado phenom 300 and am making good progress with the painting side of things but not up to speed with the technical differences in the texture sheets. Best Regards...Ken.
  23. Hi There. I liked the look of this and have decided to try painting the livery. I am fairly new to re-painting and the textures are quite complex. However, I am making some progress with it. I may be able to post a screenshot in another few days. I replied just to let you know that I am working on it. I did not want you to think that no one was trying it. Stay safe...Ken.
  24. Hello Alan. It looks like PSP has an Alpha Channel option but it seems to be tied in to the Mask feature. If you don't mind, I'll continue with my changes to the aircraft main texture then come back to you for further advice on making the Alpha. I'm not fully up to speed with it yet and do not fully understand it. I need a bit more educating LOL. Best Regards...Ken. p.s. I feel that I fall in to the pan on the stove group at the moment!!
  25. Hi Chock. Thanks for the info. I am so used to making 'simple' graphics for my wife's card making hobby that I was unaware or forgot about the Channels feature. I'm thinking as I type this, that PSP does indeed have a Channels option. I'll need to investigate this further. The info you supplied is very helpul in explaining the differing tpes of texture. I'll go and have another look at this and report back. Chin Chin. Ken.
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