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  1. I'd love a Saab 340/2000. pretty much the sexiest turboprop ever made.
  2. My statement stands. They won't give us something LESS than what it was before. That has NEVER happened.
  3. Looking at the FSX product page, nothing in the VC has changed. Do you really think PMDG would bring it over if they couldn't get the FMS to work?? Come on, people.
  4. Is there a way to set it so that it loads cold and dark every time?
  5. XP11

    My backyard! Gotta say that Toronto isn't that grey, but I love living here!
  6. DD. LGA looks fantastic.
  7. Was gonna say, the one thing I love about A2A is that notepad.
  8. Lol. I go... Start. After 6 blades, prime. After 12, boost and mags on. Engine catches, mixture auto rich. Works every time.
  9. Really, how is that even a question anymore if you have both? With most, if not all, developers going full steam on P3D V4 now, why would you buy anything for FSX that doesn't work on P3D? I really hope that this and the 748 is the last product cycle for FSX.
  10. Answered in bold in the first sentence on the first page....
  11. Well I had a day of Cities: Skylines set aside for today. Guess not!
  12. KLGA looks pretty amazing.
  13. Well, the lower the ANP, the more accurate it is. So .08 is good.
  14. Isn't it just a reference of how accurate the nav system is? RNP being Required Navigation Performance (or something like that) and ANP being ACTUAL Navigation Performance. If the ANP is higher than the RNP, then you have an issue, and your LNAV/VNAV and RNAV approaches might not be accurate. Or I'm completely wrong lol.
  15. It's happening in P3DV4, and it did in V3.4 as well. I honestly haven't tried it in other aircraft, just the 747. I would assume VAS isn't a think any more in V4? Just for reference, I've got 16gb of RAM and a GTX970, so I would (no expert) THINK that there's enough memory for it. Usually if I leave the TFDi 717 paused overnight, it ######'s itself and crashes P3D, so it's hard to test with anything else.