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  1. I suppose it would make sense if i had actually turned the lights ON when they asked, ya? I didn't do that lol.
  2. I can do the PA/Light test, but nothing else, no prep for takeoff/landing or anything. I'm probably missing a switch somewhere...
  3. Any chance this can be implemented in the future? It’s a great feature when I get caught up doing stuff around the house and come back to P3D, it’s nice to be at or near TOD with the sim paused ready to finish the flight.
  4. Same thing here.
  5. Disregard, upped the VC textures to high and it looks much better now!
  6. Anyone else think the text backlighting makes everything look a bit fuzzy? Or is it just the 2048 textures?
  7. Also same here haha. I loaded it up at KEYW with real light at low and true glass disabled and I’m at 25-30 in the VC now
  8. Same here, with a GTX 970
  9. The 717 has a 5 foot callout as well.
  10. Unisntall client, content. Download new client, content. Reinstall client, content. Done.
  11. No, I was just wondering where you saw that, that’s all. No need to be a word not allowed.
  12. Where did they say the 20th for the Maddog?
  13. You're good to go.
  14. Getting the same problem, on a Client/Content reinstall to 4.2. Just thought you'd like to know. For now, I'll do what Kyle suggested.
  15. This thread is hilarious. For years now, actual YEARS, people have been moaning about no rain effects in the NGX and 777. TFDi gets them going on the 717, then PMDG does this, which looks great. I mean, it’s exaclty what people have been asking for. The response? Eeehhhhh. *******. Some people just word not allowed about everything, I guess.