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  1. Am I the only one hoping it’s a DC-3? They do own one, after all...
  2. FishermanIvan

    Break Temperature Not Working

    I've definitely had brakes overheat after landing on short runways, and had to wait till they cool before departing again. So it does work, but maybe something on your end is screwy.
  3. FishermanIvan

    Regarding the TFDi 717...

    I remember reading a real world story about a Concorde pilot who hand flew a whole flight once... I’ll have to try and find that. Most airline pilots I know.... how much they hand fly depends on the day. Miserable weathe, it’s AP in pretty quickly so they can focus on other stuff. Nice day? Hand fly it quite a bit, sometimes to cruise where they set the AP.
  4. Is your INIT REF page done as well, with a cruising altitude put in?
  5. FishermanIvan

    Autothrottles hunt

    It's in IAS mode at cruise.
  6. FishermanIvan

    Pause at TOD?

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. FishermanIvan

    Regarding the TFDi 717...

    Watch any 717 video on YouTube and there is a lot of Betty in the cockpit.
  8. Anyone else get this at cruise? Throttles move around and hunt for airspeed during cruise.
  9. FishermanIvan

    Regional Jet Choices in P3DV4

    Both the 717 and MD-82 are worth every penny. Comes down to what you wanna fly.
  10. FishermanIvan

    Crew comms?

    I suppose it would make sense if i had actually turned the lights ON when they asked, ya? I didn't do that lol.
  11. I can do the PA/Light test, but nothing else, no prep for takeoff/landing or anything. I'm probably missing a switch somewhere...
  12. Any chance this can be implemented in the future? It’s a great feature when I get caught up doing stuff around the house and come back to P3D, it’s nice to be at or near TOD with the sim paused ready to finish the flight.
  13. FishermanIvan


    Same thing here.
  14. FishermanIvan

    Interior lighting

    Disregard, upped the VC textures to high and it looks much better now!
  15. Anyone else think the text backlighting makes everything look a bit fuzzy? Or is it just the 2048 textures?