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  1. Is it a KAP 140 autopilot? You should be able to adjust the baro pressure for the autopilot.
  2. Oh you guys missed that ridiculous quote from another member? Bummer haha.
  3. What’s FS2020? i think you mean MSFS or you aren’t credible.
  4. I got the Beta today, no alpha access before this though. i5-2500K OC'd @ 4ghz, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970. Guess we'll see how it goes!
  5. Ah, missed that. still, even if it is a subscription, most people are paying for one somewhere anyways
  6. People keep saying that, and no mention at all of that in the release, so I doubt it. where do you see “post launch service”?
  7. They literally said they implemented runway slopes according to charts.
  8. Every time people have said “Microsoft won’t be able to do this, so there’s room for aftermarket” there’s been a video showing people to be wrong. Or very close to wrong. it’s weird that people don’t want the default game to be amazing. I’d love to buy the game and not spend another penny on it.
  9. Good. Imagine not having to pay $100 just so the ground textures look kinda real. Or $50 for an airport. I'm hoping that the base game is just perfectly usable. Maybe the days of weather and big sweeping terrain add-ons are done.
  10. GA is implemented. I’m not in the alpha, but a friend is, and he followed our PC-12 that we were flying in real life on the sim, from Toronto to Quebec. The PC-12 was modelled in game, flew our route, our altitude, and with our weather. It seems like it’s really well implemented.
  11. Aircraft can be worn without being dirty. Not too many planes get their interiors repainted often....
  12. Because he was talking about adapting an FSX model to FS2020 and nothing that was made for FSX will look anything like that 748.
  13. If the 748 is anything to go by, I wouldn't spend a penny on anything that was in FSX. The bar has been raised. Time for people to meet it.
  14. Five at least. A pitcher-catcher duo in baseball is called a Battery.
  15. People read NOTAMS in real life? News to me haha. Honestly, anything resembling real water physics would be great. How airplanes interact with the water is the #1 difference in flying a seaplane and no game has even come close. I'd love to be able to spin a Twin Otter around on it's axis like you can in real life.
  16. The part I'm anticipating most about FS2020 is that you won't have to spend an extra penny to enjoy these flights, and they'll look just as good or better than in P3D.
  17. LOL are you word not allowed kidding me? Feel bad for the “beleaguered” developers who may not be able to develop for a base sim that does everything better than they can? Step it up, or fall behind. Easy as that. I’m sure as hell not spending another penny on P3D or XP11 till this is out. Once it is, we can see what kind of aftermarket support it may or may not develop
  18. To be perfectly frank, have fun in the past. That's like the GA guys who still fly with VORs and NDBs, and don't have a GPS in the airplane.
  19. I will say looking at that 748 that PMDG has their work cut out on modelling, because that stock one looks better than their offering. They're going to need to upgrade it to come to FS2020.
  20. Just to poke my head in for fun, but airplane’s crosswind limits aren’t a legal limit. A 172 will land just fine (and safely!) in more than a 16 knot xwind or whatever the demonstrated limit is. The same applies for anything else.
  21. If you really want, you can go to the controls menu and select the FSX key bindings, then it’s very similar.
  22. The Maddog does it too. It’s a nice little touch on these airplanes.
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